School Technology: Finding the Right Education-Based App

Back-to-School Technology: Finding the Right Education-Based App

Nearly every major platform has been adapted to be kid-friendly — even Facebook developed a kid-friendly version of their Messenger app, safe for kids to enjoy while still allowing parents to monitor the content. Nowadays, creating apps for kids is a thriving market and offers seemingly endless possibilities — especially when it comes to education.

The list of kid-friendly apps is growing with every passing year. Depending on the age group, you’ll find everything from ABCs and colours to basic coding for teens. 

We’re putting a spotlight on three popular apps in the space and breaking down what you need to know to develop your own by partnering with the right app developer so that you can get your idea to market faster.

The Most Talked About Educational Apps 

Brainpop has been a staple in educational learning for over 20 years. One of their features — Brainpop Jr. Movie of the Week — provides kids global access to educational videos ranging from social studies, arts, and technology, among many others. It offers a free version that includes their movie of the week, and the subscription service provides access to their full library. Its general age range is six to nine-years-old but they also offer a version for advanced age groups.

Reading has gone digital and Epic! is one of the leading apps for children ages two to twelve. It allows parents to take their child’s favorite books wherever they go in a more compact and convenient setting. The app includes a read-to-me feature for kids still learning to read and houses over 35 thousand books in its e-library.

High school students have the most access to their mobile devices, which is why the number of education-based apps designed for their age group continues to grow. Duolingo is recognized as one of the most useful tools for this age group. The app holds over 30 languages and provides word identification and oral exercise tools for any student looking to sharpen their learning-language skills.

Becoming an Educational App Developer

Creating an app specifically for the education sector is about enhancing communication between the student, teachers, and parents. It’s important for a company looking to build the next trending app to find a developer who will work as a partner, rather than simply a provider — involving you in every step of the process.

Designing a top-performing education app requires an understanding of the market and the current trends in order to build an app that reflects the desired user experience. The right developer will offer a lean process with as few man-hours as possible. This creates competitive pricing and a streamlined development process — with an emphasis on risk reduction and optimized performance. 

As businesses look to partner with developers to create their own space within educational apps, there are important elements to consider at every stage of the process. Ensuring you’re creating a user-friendly interface, a streamlined UI/UX design, and continuous testing will guarantee a smooth rollout and offer your target audience a completely unique experience.

Follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way.