Sour Patch Kids Original

Sour Patch Kids – An Unnecessary Review

Sour Patch Kids An almost perfect candy. Conclusion: Highly recommend Sour Patch Kids Flavors: Raspberry, Lime, Berry, Lemon, Orange It’s time for another review. This one is an actual classic; no need for debate. It’s Sour Patch Kids, the candy that debatably started my entire addiction to sugar and sour candies in the first place. There’s honestly not too much…

Queen Anne Cordial Cherries

Queen Anne Cordial Cherries A holiday classic from Queen Anne. Conclusion: Recommend only if you ate one from ages 5-13 Flavors: Here, I’ve reviewed the MILK CHOCOLATE only. I’ve never had the dark chocolate, but it is out there. I’ve even seen new cordial blueberries in stores lately. I haven’t had those either, but if you…


Mike and Ike Shredders A rare miss by the Mike and Ike brand. Conclusion: Would not recommend Flavors: Fruit Punch, Sour Wildberry

Zours - sour Mike and Ike

Mike and Ike Zours [Review]

Zours are a must for any sour-lover. I decided to dedicate my first post to my favorite candy: Zours. I love all sour candies, so I picked these up at a grocery store a few years back, and immediately fell in love.  They pack a good sour kick, with some wonderful flavors. I can’t really think of the…

Chocolate antioxidants boost memory

The NY Times has a nice summary of a new neuroscience study finding that drinking a mixture high in chocolate antioxidants improved memory in older adults (aged 50 to 69).   It sounds like awesome news for chocolate lovers – our chocolate habits are good for our brains! – except that you’d have to eat 7…

Halloween Giveaway from Mike & Ike

This Halloween, Mike & Ike have some fun holiday-themed candy mixes: Mummy’s Mix is lemon, orange, grape, lime, and raspberry, and Vampire Variety is cherry, raspberry, grape, watermelon, and fruit punch. If you’ve never had Mike & Ikes before, they’re sort of like cylindrical jelly beans. I’ve reviewed (and enjoyed) their Lemonade Blends in the past….