Microsoft Edge 98

Microsoft Edge 98 for Windows 10 and 11 Has Been Released

Microsoft’s Edge web browser has been updated to version Microsoft Edge 98 and it can be said that it includes a lot of intriguing features that can help users enhance their productivity. The main change brought by the new version of Edge is the support for the so-called Edge bar using which accessing the Internet, searching, and multitasking have never been quicker or more comfortable.

Microsoft has been testing this feature for over a year and it will now finally see the light of day and become available to users. The goal of the Edge Bar is to make surfing the Internet and making opening web pages on Windows 10 and Windows 11 easier than ever. In actuality, it’s a ‘floating’ widget that will allow visitors to quickly find their favorite website. The screen’s right side is where the Edge bar will be affixed initially and on the user desktops, it will show as a bar.

Similar to the News and Interests widgets, the default panel of the Edge bar will offer the ability to get personalized news. It can also be set to include new news from technology, stock trading, sports, entertainment, the gambling industry (whose prominent casinos are listed by the link), or other popular topics. Additional settings for hiding stories are available with the Edge bar, as well as using the “like” and “dislike” buttons to view and select specific topics.

Because it’s a floating widget, it can be positioned anywhere on the screen using the drag-and-drop technique, and it will remain in the selected location each time the device is turned on again. The Bing search bar is also a part of its panel where you can easily search the web without having to open a web browser. 

The users can add their own tabs within the Edge bar thanks to its ability to customize. For example, a user can add fresh content that they frequently want to access by hitting on the icon marked as “+”. The user will specify the URL or name of the tab when adding new content – in that place, the “Add a new tab” interface will pop up. By default, the Bing, Outlook, and LinkedIn tabs are available, while Yahoo and Gmail can also be added here.

Singled Out Most Important Features of the Edge Bar

  • EASIER MULTITASKING – because the Edge bar enables quick access to online browsing, tailored news and content, and productivity tools without having to leave your computer desktop, users can find what they need in a flash.
  • OTHER WEB VIEWERS OR APPLICATIONS AREN’T REQUIRED – whether you want to send an email, read the news, or do a high-speed Internet search, the Edge bar provides all of this information in one convenient location.
  • CUSTOMIZATION WITH EASE – Edge bar is a floating widget that can be placed on any portion of the screen, including as a tool for getting more information while the user is working on another program.
  • CUSTOM-MADE NEWS – You may tailor news, acquire the most up-to-date information, and filter content based on the needs of each user using the edge bar.

How Can Edge Bar Be Tested?

For this feature, the procedure is simple. You need to open the Edge and click on the menu with the display of three dots in the upper right corner. After that, go to the “More tools” menu and click on “Launch Edge bar”.

Another feature of the Edge 98 is that it is appropriate for users who have created several profiles on the Edge. They can now create a list of sites that will automatically transfer them to a specific profile. If you, as a user, don’t wish to use a distinct profile for a college website, you can enable the settings to automatically update and adjust the user profile as soon as you arrive at that site.

Microsoft has also included a new security mode to Edge 98, which, according to Microsoft, adds an extra degree of safety for users. The current information doesn’t specifically explain what constitutes an additional layer of protection and we hope that in the coming period it will be clearer what exactly the changes are. Since Microsoft Edge allows users to select “Strict mode”, which adds further security and prevents users from seeing certain pages, we consider that this security patch is just enough not to disrupt Internet browsing or online productivity.

Another change that will interest users is the new design of the scroll bar inside Edge that’s actually taken from the scroll bar on Windows 11. The change is in the fact that the scroll bar inside Edge at the top overlaps with the content of the website instead of seizing a part of it. This experimental feature can be enabled within the edge://flags category.

Version 98 of the highly popular Microsoft online browser, which includes the Edge bar, introduces one of the most useful advances in terms of fundamental computer work to date. The Edge bar’s superb design and current availability will undoubtedly appeal to multitasking enthusiasts. Watching the news, searching the Internet, and sending emails have never been easier when we’re doing something else.

On the other hand, Perhaps as a result of the Edge bar’s implementation, the Bing search engine has become even more accessible to users and we wouldn’t be surprised if some of them simply transfer their searches to it instead of Google. Microsoft has really done a good job with the Edge 98 and in the future, the numbers will show how many users have accepted the Edge bar and changed their web browsing and surfing habits.