Boxing Workout

Maintain Your Health With a Professional Boxing Workout Routine

Coronavirus restrictions have limited gyms, social gatherings and the virus itself is seemingly making an impact on general health. But have you considered bobbing and weaving your life into better health with a change in your workout routine???

The Difference between Boxing and Boxing Workouts?

When we first think about boxing, it’s normal to start envisioning the legends such as Mohammed Ali, Rocky Marciano, and Mike Tyson, but fear not ? as you don’t have to take a punch in the face to receive the benefits of a boxing workout.?

Boxing isn’t solely a combat sport anymore, as boxing fitness classes (sometimes known as boxercise) can help people who want to stay healthy through boxing without the punches to the skull. So, without the head trauma, broken noses and sore hands, you can gain the health benefits from boxing without the injuries when joining a boxing class.?

Traditional boxing styles would have two people step into a boxing ring and test their abilities against each other through a sparring match; And don’t worry -?you can box with braces as long as you wear a suitable mouthguard. ?boxing workouts can eradicate the physical contact but keep the exercise routine in place; this can involve shadow boxing or merely punching a bag. The other types of activities involved strength conditioning, stretching, and combination practise versus the punching bag. Unless you’re looking to become the next boxing champion of the world, simple boxing exercise routines could be the one for you.?

Boxing Workout

The Benefits of Boxing Workouts?

There’s no scientific evidence that boxing workouts are superior to any other form of exercise. Still, the health benefits have been studied for over a century, and the visual results speak for themselves. You’ll rarely put your eyes on an unfit, out of shape boxer.?

Strength ? Your arms swinging affects your arm and shoulder muscle, and if taught your hips correctly will receive a workout too. While a boxing stance is a crouching position and knees bent, this is strengthening your core muscles.?

After all that punching, footwork and jumping you’d be surprised at how much strength is required and used to accomplish boxing exercises, a professional heavy bag would typically weigh between 100 ? 150lbs and after a round of hitting the sack. Your upper body, lower body and core strengths have all been engaged. One hundred punches later, the endorphins will release your stress, and although you feel the burn, the smiles won’t leave your face.?

Improved Cardiovascular ? Boring to some, I know? but protecting your cardiovascular system can not only burn calories, maintain your weight and make you look pretty damn good, it will help your body defend heart disease and future illnesses.?

Cardio workouts are designed to put a medium amount of stress on your heart and lungs, challenging those organs in the long-run are only strengthening their capabilities to withstand a higher level of physical activity.?

Stress Relief ? One of the leading problems amongst worldwide human health is the mental aspect. Stress and depression takes the lives of thousands every day, a common occurrence linked to these issues is a considerable lack of physical activity.

Because boxing will transition from a high-intensity workout into moderate drills, it leaves very little room to worry about anything else. On top of this, your brain’s chemical reaction will help defend some of life’s every day worries.???

Boxing isn’t a cure for depression, but its mental health benefits were put on the big stage when Heavyweight Boxing Champion Tyson Fury soon to face Deontay Wilder battled through his demons in front of the world. Fury would fall out of the boxing world, become overweight and suicidal. His return to high-intensity boxing training ultimately gave his mental health a U-turn. He’s now an ambassador for mental health, supporting and encouraging those who’re in a similar position that he was.

Boxing Workout

Body Composition & Confidence?

As boxing mainly consists of muscle-building drills and bursts of cardio-based training moves, it can dramatically decrease a person’s fat mass while growing muscle. With multiple variations of movement, years of boxing exercise can leave you defined and chiselled.?

Most importantly, boxing exercise will always stem-back to mental health?all the benefits point towards a happier life and a confident one.?