Health Benefits of Turmeric and Side Effects to Prevent Overuse

Health Benefits of Turmeric and Side Effects to Prevent Overuse

Turmeric has gradually turned into a superfood and a go-to for many of your health problems. You can also call this spice the golden spice or the Indian saffron. It is a plant that grows quite tall and is found all across the globe. You will find turmeric to be a common spice that almost all household kitchen cabinets have. Apart from the yellowish-tint and excellent flavor, turmeric comes in with a lot of health benefits too. And this is what we are going to focus on in this blog. We will go through in detail the health benefits of turmeric, some possible side effects, and how you can consume it.

What is Turmeric?

The tall plant of turmeric grows well in Central America and most parts of Asia. But the ones you use in your kitchen are the grounded roots of the turmeric plant. Moreover, the bright yellowish tint turmeric possesses is because they are chemically processed. Additionally, this encourages many people to use turmeric powder as a dye too. You will also find this turmeric to be an essential inclusion in curry powder. Moreover, numerous medicines, capsules, tea, powder, and other similar products have turmeric as crucial ingredients.

Do you question yourself, why is turmeric such a superfood? Well, it is because of the curcumin content present in turmeric. You will find this to have powerful biological properties. It is because of the presence of curcumin that there are so many health benefits of turmeric.

An ancient form of treatment followed in India, known as Ayurveda, recommends you to have turmeric for several ailments. Some of the reasons why turmeric is used for are inflammation, pain, colds, and more. Even in Western nations, it is used in various health issues. Now, do you what to see in detail what the health benefits of turmeric are? Hang in there, and you will get it all here!

Health Benefits of Turmeric

Health Benefits of Turmeric

Here we have a list of health benefits of turmeric and why it is a must to include it to your diet. The following health benefits of turmeric are:

Reduces Depression

You will find turmeric containing many compounds that are good for your health. And the most common one being curcumin. You will notice that the effects of curcumin on reducing depression have left many scientists amazed. Even more, the use of turmeric as antidepressant supplements have shown positive results. However, the contradictions remain, and further study is required.

Controls Blood Sugar Levels

The presence of curcumin helps in fighting against inflammation. This further keeps the levels of blood sugar quite healthy. You can also use turmeric to improve type 2 diabetes levels normal and prevent its occurrence.

Cures Viral Infections

If you have a cold, then you will see the magical benefits of turmeric tea. It helps you fight off the viruses that cause the flu. However, there is a demand for proven studies in this regard too. But you can very well see the health benefits of turmeric and ginger tea during a cold.

Reduces Menstrual Spasms

You will find a study recently claiming the immense benefits of consuming curcumin supplements to reduce symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome. So, when you are having menstrual pains, you know what to do.

Controls Cholesterol Levels

According to a study, turmeric showed tremendous results in lowering the levels of bad cholesterol. However, another study contradicted the results. But there is an ongoing study that turmeric can protect your heart. More so, the study showed immense results in protecting bypass surgery patients against heart attacks.

Helps in Alzheimer’s Disease

You must know that people with Alzheimer’s often come in for chronic inflammation. So, since turmeric is naturally anti-inflammatory, consuming turmeric powder or as supplements may help Alzheimer patients. If you think it can fight off the disease or not? Well, that still requires study and research, but it can help people having Alzheimer’s.

Helps in Arthritis

You will find numerous traditional medicines to use turmeric as a treatment for pains, inflammation, and muscle stiffness. It gives muscles immense relaxation and relief. So, whenever you have any cramps or muscle pain, you know what you need to have.

Reduces the Chances of Cancer

In numerous experiments done on animals, have successful results in reducing the growth of cancer cells. It has positively boosted the detoxifying enzymes to work efficiently, and many more such effects. However, you can have turmeric to reduce the chances of having cancer. But it might not be a good idea for cancer patients to have turmeric. That is because there might be a chance of interference with the chemotherapy drugs they consume.

Helps to Reduce Irritable Bowel Syndrome

You will find researches show excellent results on a test done on 207 adults in reducing IBS. Turmeric has shown excellent results in treating abdominal pains, which is a prevalent symptom of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Studies are being done to show the results of turmeric in treating ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s.

Reduces Headaches

You must be already aware of the ginger tea benefits in regards to headaches. But do you know, turmeric is another magical natural remedy too? Yes! You can have turmeric to reduce migraines for the natural anti-inflammatory properties present in it.

Reduces Acne

Turmeric benefits for skin are very useful and have been a go-to skin problem solution for ages. Traditionally, when we lacked access to expensive chemical-based creams and lotions, turmeric was a home remedy for many. You will still find numerous journals say that the turmeric powder paste is a great mask to remove pimples. More so, having a piece of turmeric root in an empty stomach works wonderfully to keep your skin supple.

Boosts Immunity

You must have read numerous blogs, newspapers, and TV channels telling you the only way to fight COVID is to boost immunity. So, turmeric is another natural remedy you can consume to boost up your immunity. For the antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiviral properties present in turmeric, it acts as such a great immunity booster. So, it would help if you had turmeric root in moderate amounts to reap the maximum of its benefits.

Fights Against Free Radicals

It would help if you were well-aware that the root-cause for numerous diseases is the effect of oxidative stress and access to free radicals. So, the presence of antioxidative properties in turmeric helps you to fight off these health issues. You will notice that curcumin is the main reason why turmeric can neutralize free radicals. Moreover, the ingredient also helps in boosting the antioxidative enzymes.

Improves Cognitive Health

Again, curcumin comes to the rescue here! It helps in activating the hormones in the brains that help new hormones to grow. You will find people who have a cognitive decline due to age, benefiting from having turmeric.

Helps in Digestion

When you consume turmeric, you are allowing the production of acid and enzymatic reactions to occur. This makes it easier for you to digest food in your gut. So, it is quite evident that turmeric helps in digestion as well.

Side Effects of Turmeric

 Although turmeric has so many positive effects on your health, it does come in with some negative sides. But when we are talking about the side effects, we are mainly focusing on excessive consumption of turmeric. It shows mostly these effects when consumed in the form of supplements. Moderate use in cooking or a half-inch root consumption will possibly show great results.

So, let us check out the severe side effects of turmeric when consumed excessively. Here are the following:

Chances of Heavy Bleeding

You will find turmeric to act as a blood thinner that slows down the process of blood clots. So, if you have vast amounts of turmeric, bleeding can be challenging to stop. More so, it also affects the drugs you consume in blood disorders. So, remember to stop having turmeric when you have bleeding problems.

Increases Gastrointestinal Problems

You will find that cooked turmeric is good for digestion. But when you consume huge amounts of turmeric supplements, you will have indigestion and heartburn. So, when you have turmeric supplements, be careful about the measures you consume.

Increases the Risk of Gallbladder Issues

You will find that turmeric has huge amounts of oxalate present in it. This is the content that increases the chances of you having gallstones. Moreover, studies show significant problems in the contraction of the gallbladder when turmeric supplements were taken.

Excessive Lowering of Blood Pressure Levels

You already know that turmeric helps to reduce blood pressure. So, if you consume very high amounts of it, there are chances of your blood pressure going very low. It is important to keep a check of it to avoid excessive lowering of blood pressure.

Increases the Chances of Kidney Stones

Just like the problem, you may face with oxalate and gallstones; kidney stones can be the same. If you consume high amounts of turmeric, there are chances of you developing kidney stones. Moreover, you must avoid the consumption of turmeric if you have kidney issues.

Risks for Breastfeeding Women and Pregnancy

You can have turmeric in your meals as a spice when you are pregnant. But you must not have turmeric supplements during pregnancy and after delivery too. Active compounds are neither good for you or your baby. So, keep a check when you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Increases Diarrhea and Nausea

You must be careful when you have turmeric supplements. That is because diarrhea and nausea are common symptoms of turmeric. It causes a lot of problems in your gastrointestinal tract and leads to these problems.

Chances of Allergic Reactions

If you have allergic reactions, then having turmeric is not a very good idea. You may have skin allergies or other reactions that can show severe side effects. It is seen that some people come in for urticaria and dermatitis when in touch with turmeric. So, be sure if you are allergic or not.

Can lead to Infertility

Turmeric benefits for men can be effective only if consumed in moderate amounts. This is because turmeric supplements can lead to the drop in sperm production, hence, leading to infertility.

Can have Iron Deficiency

You will find a few studies stating that consuming turmeric can lead to iron deficiency. It is said so because the compounds present in turmeric can bind against iron. Thus, not allowing your body to absorb iron through other foods.


How to Consume Turmeric?

Apart from a few side effects of turmeric supplements, cooked turmeric powder has potential benefits. You can easily make many recipes and have turmeric as the main spice in it. So, we have made a list of recipes in which you can use turmeric.

Here are the following methods to use turmeric:

  • You can easily make numerous rice recipes and add turmeric in it, such as paella, fried rice, and more.
  • In any flavored smoothie, turmeric can give it a great flavor.
  • In making Frittatas, you can add turmeric.
  • Indian curries demand an active use of turmeric in it. You can try out any meat or fish recipes and be sure to add turmeric.
  • Lentil soups also need turmeric to be present in them.
  • Try out making the turmeric latte or golden milk. It tastes scrumptious.
  • You can use turmeric powder to marinate meat or fish. You must add this spice as it takes away the raw smell present in fishes and meats.
  • Sprinkle some over the vegetables, just before you roast or bake them.
  • Zesting your salad is a great idea for the dressing. So, you can be sure to include turmeric there too.
  • When you are making a chicken curry salad, it can be a great idea to use turmeric.
  • Lastly, you can always steep some turmeric root and enjoy the health benefits of turmeric and ginger tea. Having this is one the easiest way to enjoy the goodness completely!

Final Thoughts

You are sure by now about the spectacular health benefits of turmeric. So, you can consume this wondrous spice in so many different ways mentioned above. It will boost your immunity and relieve you from pains, cognitive health, depression, and so much more. However, the side effects of turmeric should also be kept in mind and must not be consumed excessively.

You must consult your doctor before consuming turmeric supplements after surgery, pregnancy, or any other time. Just by overusing them all by yourself might cause harm to your body. But you can always have cooked turmeric and enjoy the magic spell it does to your health!