lady fingers recipe

Lady Fingers Recipe to Bake Classic English Desserts

Lady fingers recipe will introduce you to preparing the classic British cookie, loved by locals and visitors alike. If you are in Britain or plan to visit it sometime, you will encounter these sponge fingers called boudoir fingers.

Here we will first discuss what ladyfingers are and why they are special. So to begin, let me clarify that spongy cakes that look like cookies given in the picture below are ladyfingers. They derive their name as they look like womens’ fingers!

lady fingers recipe
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Lady fingers as a versatile dessert option

You can eat these lady fingers anytime you want. They are awesome snacks for tea time or when added to desserts. There are several kinds of desserts when you plan to include lady fingers. You may have heard about the special Italian dessert Tiramisu; it is incomplete without lady fingers.

What makes the lady fingers recipe special is their utter versatility. You can use them nearly in most recipes according to your choice.

Throughout this article about the lady fingers recipe, we will provide you with all the necessary details. Also, we will tell you how to make some of your known recipes using lady fingers.

Well, we know what is going on inside your mind. You might wonder that making a lady fingers recipe is tough, but that is not true!

Most bakers like to bake lady fingers because they are easy to make. You cannot find that kind of complexity in any of these recipes.

Lady fingers originated in Italy like many more delicious dishes. Italians call the ladyfingers Savoiardi.

The outcome of a lady fingers recipe entirely depends on the overall baking time. Sometimes they are crunchy enough to chew on happily, and sometimes they turn out arid. Regardless, they are unbelievably tasty!

You have so many great options to choose from when choosing cookies. So why should you try preparing lady fingers? Is it worth something or just another exhausting dessert recipe?

You know it’s okay to worry about something like that. Of course, you have to wonder why you should invest your valuable time on lady fingers. But here we are providing you with some good reasons you absolutely can’t ignore!

Let’s think about the scenario where you are new to this baking area. You have zero knowledge or experience in baking a cookie.

In that case, a simple lady fingers recipe could be your savior. If you somehow manage to create any mishap while making this recipe, you can quickly cover up and still make them taste good!

Lady fingers recipe

Now we have already spent enough time giving you the introduction. It is finally time to jump into the main discussion.

We have written down some amazing recipes using lady fingers in the next section. Check out all of those before you go to the next section!

At the beginning of this article, we told you about Tiramisu dessert and its total dependence on lady fingers. But for discussion all about that, we have written down an entire section just for you.

So in this section, we are saving Tiramisu for now. Let’s look at some of the other recipes using lady fingers:

Raspberry Bavarian Cake

Raspberry Bavarian Cake is that kind of recipe you can rely on. Though it would be somewhat luxurious to you, this is quite a simple dish.

This is a French dessert made with plenty of lady fingers and frozen raspberries, and Bavarian cream that makes it special. Also, they use raspberry syrup to get a more enhanced taste.

Eggnog Ladyfinger Dessert

We all know what eggnog is. But did you know that it can also be made with lady fingers? Well, it is absolutely possible.

You just need to adjust the overall amount of eggnog and cranberries carefully. This recipe is appropriate for enjoying on any special day. The best part of this is that they are not that hard to prepare.

Chocolate Mousse Cake

Chocolate Mousse Cake is a special lady fingers dessert bound to taste like heaven! Even if you don’t do a lot of baking in your everyday life, you can easily prepare this dish. That’s because you won’t have to bake at all!

Like eggnog, this particular dish is also appreciated on any special day. But to make it right, you have to select some of the sponge-like lady fingers. Otherwise, the whole process could go wrong.

?Chocolate Mousse Cake


Now an absolutely special dessert for you and this you definitely cannot resist. Semifreddo is that kind of dessert prepared with dark chocolate, fresh cream, milk, and some lady fingers. You won’t need to cook it all, and this is why it needs so little time to be fully prepared.


There are quite a few variations you can prepare using lady fingers when it comes to cheesecake. You can prepare a lemon ladyfinger cheesecake without baking at all. Ladyfinger cheesecake Charlotte is another very popular recipe.

Strawberry Ladyfinger Dessert

This particular recipe is quite simple to make. Then again, you just can’t ignore its appeal. It would help if you had a springform pan to prepare this recipe and vanilla pudding, cream cheese, ladyfinger, and strawberries.

lady fingers recipe

Pineapple Breeze Torte

This particular recipe is more than perfect when it is Christmas time. You will be left mesmerized by its heavenly creamy filling. This recipe calls for some cream cheese, vanilla pudding, sugar, cornstarch, pineapple, and not to mention some ladyfingers.

Spanish Mella’s Ladyfinger Dessert

It needs eggs, granulated sugar, milk, cornstarch, ladyfingers, Graham crackers, lemon rind, sugar, and butter. This, too, is quite a simple recipe, and it doesn’t demand that much of your time. So definitely, you can try this one and tell us how it turned out.

Tiramisu lady fingers recipe

Finally, we are about to address the elephant in the room, Tiramisu. You can see plenty of ladyfingers in a Tiramisu recipe everywhere you go. You can’t think about Tiramisu without ladyfingers, as we told you earlier.

This section is all about the Tiramisu ladyfingers recipe, and you need to read it till the end. But first, let’s dig deep into what a Tiramisu is.

Tirasamu is a dessert straight from northeast Italy and has coffee topped over. One of the main components of Tiramisu is Savoiardi which is another name for lady fingers. We assure you that you just can’t forget it once you taste it.

Tiramisu means ‘pick me up,’ which does justice to the name. You will know that when you taste the recipe.

A traditional tiramisu dessert is prepared with mascarpone cheese and a lady’s fingers. So first, we will tell you how to prepare this recipe.


Traditional Italian Tiramisu Dessert

To prepare a traditional Tiramisu dessert, you need to collect some components. You will need packaged ladyfingers, egg yolks, white sugar, kosher salt, mascarpone cheese, cocoa powder, espresso, dark rum, and dark chocolate. But the last two are optional.

To make a traditional tiramisu with a lady’s fingers, take a big vessel where you have to do some whisking with the egg yolks and white sugar. Use a blender so that the whole process goes smoothly. It will take two to three minutes to complete the beating process.

Then include the Mascarpone cheese into this batter and mix again for a minute. Now set it aside and shift your focus on the ladyfingers.

Take the ladyfingers and submerge them all into the espresso. Then set them on a casserole plate. But do not submerge the lady’s fingers into espresso for more than two seconds.

Now pour some Mascarpone cheese on every ladyfingers. Create a layer by putting the ladyfingers and the cream like Mascarpone cheese.

Then close the whole casserole plate with a wrapper and put it into the refrigerator in airtight condition. Put them there for eight to twelve hours, and they are just about ready to enjoy.

Drizzle some cocoa powder on the recipe before serving. To get the ultimate taste, we recommend consuming it the next day.

But this recipe is the traditional one, as we said before. There are so many Tiramisu recipes based on ladyfingers that do not fall into a category.

Examples are Frozen Tiramisu, Chestnut Tiramisu, Sugar Pumpkin Tiramisu, Tiramisu Cups, and Trattoria La Palazzina’s Tiramisu, Irish Coffee Tiramisu, and many more.

English trifle recipe with lady’s fingers

Now that you know how to prepare Tiramisu using ladyfingers, it’s time to shift the focus to something else. Here is another traditional recipe just for you.

Tiramisu is an Italian dessert that we have already discussed in detail. But there is another very famous dessert, not from Italy but Britain. You know it as an English trifle.

If you don’t know anything about trifles, it is a huge parfait with several layers like fruit, jam, cake, cream, or pudding.

Layering is also important for authentic English trifle recipes with ladyfingers. Here it would be best if you dipped the ladyfingers into fresh cream, berries, sherry, and vanilla pudding.

So let’s see how you can make a delicious and authentic English trifle recipe with ladyfinger.


First of all, you will need some packaged ladyfingers, vanilla pudding, strawberries, raspberries, milk, sherry wine, butter, heavy cream, almonds, and sugar.


First, you need to prepare the custard for the main recipe. For that, mix a large amount of vanilla extract with chilled milk. Continuously whip the mixture to get the desired thickness and then place it in the refrigerator.

Then you need to create the cream by including some vanilla extract, heavy cream, and sugar. Again continuously whip it until you get the desired thickness, and then leave it as it is.

Now take a plate and start the layering. First, place one or two ladyfingers on the plate and pour some sherry wine on them. Then include some raspberries and strawberries on them too.

Then use the custard you prepared earlier and pour it on the berries. You can decorate this whole thing as you want. You can include some more berries according to your preference.

Now you have to increase the layering by including some more cream to cover all the berries. Then drizzle some almond slices in the end.

The most important thing about a traditional trifle recipe is that you must give it some time to rest. You won’t get a better taste if you decide to eat the dish instantly. So prepare the recipe when you have some time beforehand.

Final thoughts

Well, it is now time to end this article here finally. But as always, we just can’t get away without sharing our final thoughts with you.

You know that its versatility makes a lady’s fingers recipe special. But apart from that, another good thing is that you can preserve them for a long if you know the right way to do it. Then you just need to do the whole defrosting process right, and then you are good to go!

So next time someone tells you to make a ladyfingers recipe, you know how to go about the process. Make sure you follow the instructions as given. It will help you bake the spongy delights carefully and meticulously.