Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe to Make at Home

Who doesn’t like fresh baked homemade cookies? And when it has chocolate chips, doesn’t it become your favorite? But to make the best chocolate chip cookies, you need to be precise. For that, we have beautifully curated the list of ingredients, process to make it, and even some tips to make them correctly. So, before you unfold the mystery to the secret chocolate cookies recipes, we tell you some nutritional facts and health benefits of chocolate.

Chocolate is the key to make the cookies so yummy you must know how it benefits your health apart from giving your taste buds that pleasure! Before you make the world’s best cookies fresh at home, learn how chocolate benefits your health!

Health Benefits of Chocolate

Before we tell you how to make the best chocolate chip cookies, here we’ve got for you some fantastic nutrition facts and health benefits of chocolate. Since chocolate chips are the main ingredient in these types of cookies, you must know how you’ll benefit from it.

Chocolate contains a lot of nutrients and is extremely good for your health overall. It is made from the cocoa seeds and loaded with antioxidants, which no other source can provide you. So, before you know about the absolute best chocolate chip cookies, identify the benefits of chocolate. The list below will tell you everything about it:

High in Nutrition

A slab of dark chocolate is very rich in cocoa that makes it very nutritious. Also, it contains a fair amount of minerals and soluble fiber too. The 100 grams chocolate bar has around 80% of cocoa in it. But you would be consuming high amounts of calories and sugar also. So, moderate consumption is highly recommended.

Dark chocolate is rich in monosaturated, saturated, and has low amounts of polyunsaturated fats too. Of course, there is a trace of theobromine and caffeine in dark chocolate, but the stimulants are way lesser than coffee. So, it can’t keep you awake.

Chocolates are rich in copper, fiber, potassium, iron, magnesium, manganese, and many more minerals.

chocolates vs coffee

Rich in Antioxidants

Do you know what ORAC means? Well, the full-form is oxygen radical absorbance capacity, which calculates the antioxidant activities in the food.

Researchers say that the antioxidant content in cocoa beans that were collected fresh contains the most ORAC in comparison to all foods.

Seeing this high-score in cocoa beans makes it very obvious that chocolates contain the same too. All the compounds present in chocolate are active biologically and acts as antioxidants. Among all the others, the major ones are flavonols, catechins, and polyphenols.

Regulates Blood Flow and Maintains Pressure Levels

You already know that chocolate contains flavanols that keep the artery linings stimulated to produce a fair amount of nitric oxide responsible for keeping your arteries relaxed. Further, reducing the extreme force of blood flow, hence keeping the blood pressure levels in control.

Bottom of Form

Increases Good Cholesterol and Reduces Bad Cholesterol

Studies have shown excellent results in reducing harmful cholesterol levels in men and increasing the good one. The study was conducted on men having high cholesterol to have a significant reduction.

You must keep a check on the increase of bad cholesterol as it reacts with the free radicals and destroys numerous tissues. So, you can easily control the oxidation of LDL by having moderate amounts of chocolate, or it’s cookies. Moreover, dark chocolate comes with another advantage of increasing insulin sensitivity. That is very good to control diabetes and heart ailments.

Controls the Risk of Heart Ailments

Do you know that the primary reason for heart problems? It is because of the accumulation of bad cholesterol in your arteries. And you know for sure by now that dark chocolate can help you in controlling that. So, it is evident that chocolates can help you reduce heart issues.

Protects Skin from Sun Damage

Chocolates are suitable for your skin as well! If you’re looking for glowing and supple skin, dark chocolate can do it for you. All the compounds that are bio actively present in chocolate help in doing so. It gives you improved blood flow and keeps the skin hydrated and dense. Also, it protects your skin from getting damaged. So, just before you’re planning a vacation at the beach, you know what to consume!

Improves Cognitive Health

Besides having great skin and looks, who doesn’t like to be intelligent? Well, chocolate can do that for you too. Flavanols improve the good flow of blood that reaches well to your brain cells. So, it improves mental health and keeps your brain alert.

Studies even approve the consumption of chocolate regularly by older people to improve brain health. More so, it helps you have a great fluency verbally and reduces brain illnesses. All the stimulating content in chocolate helps in improving brain health within a short period.

As we finish telling you the health benefits of chocolate, we’re quickly going to tell you how you can make the best cookies (chocolate chips, of course!) ever.

Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

How to Make the Best Chocolate Chip Cookies?

To make the cookies in the best way, we have got you everything you need to know about it. From the ingredients, the entire process, and some quick and easy tips as well. So, take a deep breath and scroll down to know the answer to your long-awaited question.

Ingredients to Make Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

The list below has got you the best ingredients, and you must now change any of them. If you want to make the chocolate chip cookies tasty, don’t think or alternating any of the ingredients below. Stick to the proportions and method as guided.

So, let us check out what the ingredients to make the best chocolate chip cookies are:

Unsalted Butter

Butter is a significant factor when you are thinking of baking. And we are focusing on the unsalted one as salted butter might make the cookies salty rather than making them sweet! As we will eventually put in salt in it, the unsalted butter will do just great.

Granulated White Sugar

Go for the granulated white sugar to make your cookie dough mix well. You can always try using the organic ones as it is perfect for your health.

Light Brown sugar

Apart from the use of white granulated sugar, you require light brown sugar. It enriches the flavor and texture both in the cookies.

All-purpose Flour

If you want the chocolate cookies to have, the best results choose the unbleached all-purpose flour. And if you’re interested in making them healthier, the gluten-free flour should be grand!

Sea Salt

We focus on unsalted butter because you would eventually have to add sea salt to the cookies. A small amount of salt always increases the taste of a sweet dish. But be aware of not adding too much. The best way is you have a taste of it and adjust it suitably to your palate.


Eggs are another essential factor in making chocolate chip cookies. It binds the cookies well.

Baking Soda

When it comes to baking, baking soda is a must inclusion. So, don’t forget that!

Vanilla Extract

Vanilla essence is another significant factor in making cookies. It would help if you had a tiny bit of it, but the flavors are dominated well in the cookies.

Chocolate Chips or Chunks

The most crucial ingredient is chocolate chips. But you can even add chocolate chunks or shredded chocolate. The more you add, the more it turns tastier.

Process to Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies

When you are ready with all the ingredients above, follow the procedure below. If you meticulously go through the guide below, your cookies will turn out wonderfully tasty.

So, your chewy chocolate chip cookies recipe is as follows:

Step 1

Take a bowl and slowly pour in half a cup of melted unsalted butter. Use a stand mixer, or if you’re using a hand mixer, the bigger the bowl, the better it’ll be. Then gradually start pouring the ingredients. First, add 1/3 cup of white granulated sugar and ½ cup of light brown sugar. Then begin mixing them slowly at a low speed. Mix until it becomes smooth, only then add the egg and one teaspoon of vanilla essence. Now, gradually increase the speed of the hand mixer.

Step 2

Now, add in ½ a teaspoon of baking soda, and half teaspoon of sea salt. Then gradually start adding the all-purpose flour into the batter. Make sure it the batter is very smooth and now comes in the favorite part! Scrap out the sides of the batter and add in 2 cups of chocolate chips. Mix it with a spatula now. Do not use the mixer!

Step 3

Use parchment paper or a silicone baking mat now. Then nicely use a scooping spoon and make small doughs. Place them at equal distances to fit them all in. Although, the spacing doesn’t matter much as now as this is a chilling cookie dough recipe. And it needs to be chilled before baking. Now, you need to place a plastic wrap and allow it to chill for a minimum of 2 hours.

Step 4

Now preheat the oven at 350-degree F. Then place the chilled doughs at equal distances on another line of cookie sheet using either silicone baking mat or parchment paper.

Step 5

Once you’ve placed those well apart (approximately at a distance of 2 inches), the baking tray is placed into the preheated oven. Allow it to bake for about 15 minutes, but keep checking if the edges have got a light golden tint to it. You can also check the top of the dough if it has lost the sheen, be sure your cookies are ready.

Allow it to cool on the tray for around 12 minutes and only then lift them. Your absolute best chocolate chip cookies are going to be ready by then!

Now you know how to make the best chocolate chip cookies! But we have some more things you must know that’ll help make the chocolate chip cookies tasty and the best!

how to make the best chocolate chips cookies

Tips to Make Chocolate Chip Cookies Tasty

Here are some of the tips that’ll enhance the chocolate cookies recipe in the best way. Scroll down, and you’ll know them all!

Use Melted Butter

It would help if you specifically focused on using melted butter. If you think of baking the cookies in the evening, remember to take it out from the refrigerator in the morning itself. As it softens, microwave it to melt it completely. Taking it out of the freezer and using it won’t a wise thing to do.

Correct Measurement of Flour

Always remember to keep the measuring cup handy while you bake. You must measure all the dry and wet ingredients using this cup. Also, remember to use a knife to level the top of the cup. Only perfection can fetch you the best cookies.

Adds Lots of Chocolate Chips

Adding lots of Chocolate Chips will fetch you the best cookies ever! So, add lots of them!

Don’t Over-Bake

You must not over-bake the cookies, or else it’ll turn very hard. Always use the chewy chocolate chip recipe above to make the best cookies!

Don’t use out Date Baking Powder

When you’re thinking of baking, do not use the baking powder that is out of date. Remember to check what the label reads before adding it to your dough.

Final Thoughts

Finally, we can conclude by saying that the mystery in making the best chocolate chip cookies has been revealed. But remember that chocolate is very high in calories and you must consume them moderately. If you have them in limited amounts, only then you’ll benefit your health. Also, follow all the tips and tricks above to make your favorite cookies. And do let us know how the cookies eventually turned out to be!