airport activities for kids

Airport Activities for Kids While Waiting for a Flight

Maybe your flight has been delayed or the wait is longer than expected. It would be bad enough waiting by yourself or with another adult, but you have kids to look after and they are probably already cranky from waiting around. This will give you some ideas on airport activities for kids occupied while you wait for the flight. Be sure to consider an EU flight delay claim if your flight was delayed and you’re at a European airport.

Airport activities for kids: Scavenger Hunt for kids

Make a list of common items found at an airport and have your kids find them. You can have them go on their own if they are older, go as a whole family, or even split into teams with each parent supervising separate children. Make sure the challenge is enough to keep your children engaged, but not so hard that they get frustrated. You want them to find all the items in a reasonable amount of time.

Kids Clubs or Playgrounds

Many airports now have clubs and playgrounds that your children can enjoy. Bring your kids there and let them use up all that extra energy they have. They’ll have fun and you’ll be able to relax.

Not only that, but you’ll have time to start an EU flight delay claim if your flight was delayed. As stated by Travel Refund, “EU261 is legislation that was passed in the European Union in 2004 that allows passengers to claim compensation for delayed or cancelled flights.”

Airport activities for kids: I Spy Game

The “I Spy” game is more common in cars because you’re passing so many landmarks and vehicles that it’s easy to find things. You can play this exact same game in the airport while waiting. You can pick out specific items that you see that your children have to guess. For example, you can tell them that you see something red and they have to find it. This can be a red suitcase, someone’s red coat, a red phone and so on.

If your children are just learning the alphabet, then you can also have them look for letters. This can be found on terminals, advertisements around the airport, business names and so much more.

Mix and Match Meal for kids

You’re all getting hungry and it’s still a few more hours until the plane comes. Normally you’re in charge of picking what to eat, but this time give your kids some power and let them mix and match meals from the different restaurants. For example, let them get a sandwich from one place, sides from another and dessert from a third restaurant. It gives them some control, makes for an interesting meal and is a fun way to sample all the different restaurants at the airport.

Watch Flights Take Off

This should be fun for any child, especially if it’s their first time at an airport. Most airports have an observation deck where you can see the planes taking off. Go over and let them see what it looks like.

Airport activities for kids: Tablet or Phone

As a last-ditch effort, you can hand over a tablet or phone and let them play their favourite apps. Many airports also have complimentary tablets that you can give your child.


Keeping your children occupied can be tough, but these fun games and activities can keep them engaged until the flight is finally here. This will also make time pass faster for you as well, so try to have fun at the same time.