IT Solutions Development Company

IT Solutions Development Company

Choosing the right information technology outsource agency? as IT Solutions Development Company is a significant challenge for anyone wishing to succeed in their digital transition and continue their activity on the internet. In this blog, you will know about IT Solutions Development Company.

Our team of IT developers develops strong and sustainable technical architectures in stable and proven technologies, widely used worldwide and, most of the time, open-source.

Specific development needs are studied by our teams of specialists. diceus is mainly oriented towards open source technologies.

However, we have concentrated know-how and are working on our own projects. We can therefore assess your requests and advise you as well as possible. We favor the technologies for PHP, particularly the Zend and Symfony 2 frameworks, and resolutely turn towards the future.

Having a professional website built is about doing better online business. Conversion has priority at our web agency. We, therefore, deliver a unique end result that fits perfectly with your company strategy and your corporate identity.

In addition, we also ensure that your website is ‘responsive. This means that your website will adapt and will always be legible on all types of devices.

Certain types of sites require custom web development.

When our customers tell us they want to find a service provider capable of developing a platform that will handle the load and absorb large volumes of traffic and/or data, we generally direct them to “specific dev.”

Diceus combines complete know-how with a vision geared towards innovation, performance, and constant guidance for high-quality communication with our contacts.

Our development company supports many business profiles from various business sectors. IT Solutions Development Company-

Custom Web Development/Web Application

Whatever the nature of your projects, you will undoubtedly need one or more web application (s). The creation of web and mobile applications has become one of the main levers for successful digitization (with other poles such as software development or website development).

Our agency will work with you according to your needs and in a personalized way, from the design phase to the final deployment phase, a fast, intuitive, and efficient web application.

Whether it is for monitoring sales representatives, HR management, medical, performance management, or even for use in the field, the field of operation of a web application could not be more comprehensive. Want to stand out from the crowd? Contact us now and make an appointment to jointly determine your priorities and build a web application that suits you.

More and more companies are launching and digitizing their processes. By calling on DICEUS for all your web development projects, you choose a trusted partner and a team to work with over the long term. We made any type of web platform.

Our dedicated team of developers combines technical skills specific with a pragmatic and creative vision for impeccable web development.

Each of our developments is endowed with unique functionalities meeting the specificity of your needs.

Custom Mobile App Development

50% of the time spent on multimedia tools is spent on mobile applications. This percentage would even climb to 66% among 18-24-year-olds. This is to say if their place in the daily life of users continues to grow and occupy an increasingly important part. According to the same study, 87% of the time spent on a smartphone is spent on a mobile application. Mobile applications have risen for several years and are more convenient and enjoyable to use by Android and iOS smartphones and tablets than websites. This trend should even increase over time.

?In the United States, a country that often acts as a pioneer, each smartphone owner uses 35 different applications per month. These figures really make you confused, but above all, they demonstrate the importance that mobile applications have taken in our lives and their immense potential. The icing on the cake: mobile applications have the particularity of having a very highly engaged audience type. It would be a disgrace if your company did not benefit from it!

Social networks, music, multimedia, games, messaging, or browsing? the fields of application for applications are innumerable.

The new generations have brought new practices and habits. Companies must provide answers to be well perceived and stay in step with an increasingly competitive market. Now essential, mobile applications must be practical, ergonomic, and offer advanced features to their users. Our team specializing in developing the latest mobile applications will provide you with a mobile application that corresponds to your project. While giving it solid added value.

Custom Software Development

Software development is one of the central poles of any IT development company worthy of the name. Whatever the nature of the project, tailor-made software will, in many cases, be an asset for you and your business. Read more about Software development team: structures, approaches, and characteristics.

There are dozens of reasons why it pays to turn to software development by professional developers; here are just a few:

No software currently available on the market satisfies you completely (lack or excess of features, dubious ergonomics, tedious installation, etc.)

To stay up to date, you would like to regularly evolve your software according to your needs and constraints.

You already have software for your company, but you would like to modify it to meet current standards in terms of performance and ergonomics or to add/remove features.

A very (too) high cost for software that does not fully meet your expectations

As you can see, software development can be done according to several parameters. Of course, this list is not exhaustive. Still, it summarizes the crucial points that most often lead companies to call on our team of IT developers.

You will also have a choice regarding the functions that we will implement in your software. For example, you may need a document storage device, electronic signature, a real-time geolocation system, user rights management (customers, employees, control, etc.), and automatic sending. Emails or many others. We could go on for a long time because the list of possibilities is so long. Depending on your wishes, we can help you design your own software or, if you have already defined your needs, we can do it for you, considering each of your specificities.

You will have understood IT Solutions Development Company: software development has an infinite number of applications. Do you want to develop your growth and improve your management and business management with software at the cutting edge of technology? Contact us. Our team of IT engineers will accompany you throughout the process to offer you efficient and straightforward software while respecting the constraints imposed by your structure and/or your activity.