Introducing the ZOMG, Candy! rating system

My friend Karsten is a big food blog reader and suggested that I give my ZOMG, Candy! reviews something gimmicky, like a ratings system. This was shortly after I was inspired by the dark sponge to invent the ZOMG! rating for truly superb candies, so I’ve decided to take Karsten’s advice and expand that designation into a full rating system.

O – short for Oh. Tepid at best; surprisingly bad at worst. Candy that is unremarkable and not worth eating more of, or candy that is too terrible to try again.

OM – short for Oh My. Good enough to elicit a minor exclaimation. A treat that is worth revisiting.

OMG – short for Oh My God/Goodness. Good enough to invoke a deity/virtuousness. Candy that is worth revisiting, many times over.

ZOMG! – short for Z-Oh My God! As explained on, ZOMG is the more enthusiastic form of OMG that arises when one is so excited that one accidentally hits the Z key along with the Shift key. Reserved for the best of the best, candy that is good enough to eat every day but too good to ruin the specialness of by actually eating every day.

By next Monday, I will have gone back and rated all previously reviewed candies. I can’t do it now because I write my posts in advance, and y’all would get confused if those ratings suddenly popped up with no explanation.

I welcome any comments about this rating system that you may have. Too confusing? Too silly? Too unnecessary?