Transport Bird in Car

How to Transport a Bird in a Car

Traveling with a bird in a car is not an easy task because like people, birds can also get stressed, car-sick, and feel sad about leaving a familiar space. Nevertheless, you may have no option than to move your bird when traveling. Whether you intend going on a short yet trip, interstate, or intrastate move, an essential ingredient you will need to keep in mind is the comfort of your bird, as it will guarantee a stress-free move. Read on to learn how to transport a bird in a car.?

Tips for Safe and Secure Move with a Bird

  • Before the Move Ensure Your Car?s Temperature Level is Comfortable and Cool?

One similar trait of a bird and a human is they react easily to environmental changes. When on a road trip with your bird, you want to ensure a steady temperature level. A comfy temperature level will neither be too cold nor too hot. Here are some of the best hacks to keep a comfortable temperature level in your car.??

  • In humid weather, ensure you cool the car before sitting your bird in it?
  • Avoid placing your pet directly under the sun rays.?
  • Never forget to keep your pet comfortable during the hot summer.
  • Keep your pet far from HVAC units like the air conditioner and heat vent.?
  • If your car does not have an air conditioner, wrap an ice pack in a towel then position it inside the travel pen. Alternatively, placing a damp towel in the carrier could be handy.?
  • Prepare Your Birds Carrier

Before dressing the carrier, it is essential you know that pet carriers come in different types, from the backpack travel pen, soft-sided cages, and solid acrylic carriers, to the plastics, flat metal cages, and dog crates. Although these travel cages may work perfectly for your bird, they differ in size, purpose and suit different bird species.?

So, make sure to purchase carriers several weeks before the trip to enable your pets familiarize themselves with their new home.?

  • Get a Quiet, Dark Container

On short trips to the vet, get a dark and quiet container like a cardboard box with punched holes or a small covered carrier with good ventilation. Also, ensure to place something with a familiar scent in it like its old beddings. The familiar small will keep your bird at ease.??

  • Get Chatty on the Ride to Reduce Your Bird?s Anxiety

On a trip, you want to keep a relaxing atmosphere by conversing with your bird. This is because, like people, birds feel safe around someone or something that seems familiar, in this case, your voice. Doing so will help you easily detect when your bird is frustrated or anxious.?

  • Keep Your Bird Well-fed and Hydrated?

When packing your bird?s essentials, endeavor to pack its food and a bottle of water to keep your pet hydrated at all times. In most cases, one bottle may not be enough, so you want to remember to pack an extra container of water to serve the purpose when you need to refill the bird?s bowl.?

  • Place the Carrier in a Safe Corner Within the Vehicle

During the drive, the travel pen could be hurled around. So, strap the crate safely in your vehicle preferably, on the floor. Do this by stationing a seat belt over the carrier to keep it protected.?

Apart from this, remember to avoid placing the cage in a closed-off area. Although birds like quiet and dark containers, like many people, they can get conflicting messages in a space they cannot see.?

How to Choose a Moving Company for Stress-free Bird Transportation??

If you plan to move your pet, but find the job pretty tasking, consider hiring professional packers and movers. Moving companies provide you with a stress-free means of getting your pets to their destination whether within the state, cross-country, or a long-distance move. However, you want to choose the one you can trust. So, how do you go about this? Simply:

  • Get Referrals from Loved ones: start by asking close relations of reliable pet transportation services. If you do not get any helpful references, find a real estate agent to do the job. You could also personally surf the net and get quotes from movers. Then, carefully go through their customer reviews and get that transportation company for your stress-free move.?
  • Never Settle for First Estimates: while searching for a moving company, you want to remember to get quotes from more than one moving agency. This will help you decide on the quality of services they render and how low their transportation cost is.?
  • Pick a Licensed and Insured Transportation Company: In the United States, every transportation company has a licensed DOT number issued by the U.S Department of Transportation, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. So, you want to make sure to check that the movers are licensed before hiring them. With recent advancements in technology, you can even sit at the comfort of your home and verify this through the FMCSA?s website. If you find that the company is not licensed, do not worry as you can find a list of locally licensed moving services through the FMCSA’S database.?
  • Check with the Better Business Bureau for Business Ratings: you also want to know the track record of any moving company you set your eyes on. The good news is that with the BBB, you easily find out if your choice transportation agency has a good rating or is accredited. If the movers fall short of this, consider looking for another agency.?
  • Verify the Contact Information of Movers: check if the business has a legitimate listed address on your phone book or online that matches the address on their business card.?
  • Ask if They Accommodate Pets: most transportation companies rule against pets. So, before the move, you want to ask the moving company if they allow pets.?