How to Move on Post Breakup? 10 Amazing Tips?

As much as it is beautiful falling in love, it’s equally devastating when it ends in heartbreak. A heartbreak inflicts a complex psychological injury on us, and moving on from it is a painful process.

It absolutely shakes the core of our hearts, but one sure thing is that you are very much capable of healing and moving on from it. At one point in our lives, we all are likely to go through a breakup.

But as much as daunting this process might seem, it’s equally worth it to go through this in order to rediscover yourself. In this journey, you will realize that the graph of healing isn’t linear. You might face setbacks. But with every blow, a stronger version of your personality emerges if you don’t surrender to the pain. 

So, let’s dive into ten amazing tips to move on and find yourself again:

  1. Acceptance is the key

Before trying to get on with your life, you need to resonate with this one line: “It’s over.” Unless you accept this, you will keep running in circles and make this more difficult for yourself.

Understand that they will not come back. Don’t hit the pause button on your life in lieu of “waiting for them,” and begin with the journey of moving on to better thing.

  1. Break all connections with your ex

Unfollow him from social media platforms and block his/her contact and even delete the number. The more you have access to get in touch with your ex, the more you will try to get back with them.

  1. Limit yourself to talking about your ex

It’s very healthy and cathartic to vent out about what you are feeling and cry it out. But, once you have gotten it all out, limit the number of people you talk to about this.

In this inner circle also, try limiting talking about your ex as well. As important as it is to let out the inner feelings, it’s also important to know when to stop.

  1. Don’t indulge in blaming others

As tempting as it might feel to get into a blame game and hold your ex or any third-party responsible for the breakup, resist the urge.

Blaming others will put more light on the negativity and blind you to see what good came out of the breakup and the lessons you learned.

  1. Prioritize what’s important to you

Make a priorities ladder and see what other things you are putting at stake by not focusing on yourself and your other important goals.

You need to remind yourself that you are you, with or without them, and that’s your power. Redefine your priorities, that is you and start working on them.

  1. Find hobbies

One of the best ways to get back to yourself is to get back to your old hobbies or maybe explore new ones. This will make this journey more enriching and will keep giving you newer perspectives in life.

  1. Journal your thoughts

Don’t judge yourself based on the thoughts you have. Instead, be more accepting and empathetic towards yourself or start journaling whatever you’re thinking. Soon enough, you will start loving yourself more and seeing yourself in a better light.

  1. Start socializing again

Meeting new people or getting in touch with some of your old pals will help you make newer and happier memories. Also, in this journey, if you wish to seek temporary companionship, you can contact a reputed modeling agency for their services. 

  1. Start exercising

Exercising is energy and mood-booster, so it’s one of the best ways to keep yourself happy and fit. You can also go for walks in a park or exercise in the lap of nature.

  1. Go easy on yourself

Lastly, take things at your own pace and don’t compare your life with others. This will make you feel empty and devoid of a life source. Don’t be harsh on yourself because you need the most amount of help, love, and support from yourself.

Over to you…

This journey is quite a long one, and it’s okay to have breakdowns in between. It’s also okay to feel tired. But, keep looking forward, follow these tips, and eventually, everything will be alright, I promise.