How to boost a poor mobile signal in the warehouse

Spaces like warehouses always have challenges when it comes to mobile signals. You may find that it takes time for data to load or calls drop in the middle of an important discussion. This can be frustrating for obvious reasons including reduced productivity. The good news is that there is a solution to this problem.

All you need is to boost a poor mobile signal in the warehouse according to UCtel. This means a great signal at all times of the day. Work will continue running smoothly allowing you to become more productive. A booster can improve the signal to the point that it extends to all parts of a warehouse. So how exactly does it work and why should you improve the signal? Let’s continue reading to find out!


When examining the data by age group, as of 2021, a staggering 88% of adults in the UK were proud owners of smartphones and an impressive 96% of individuals between 16 and 24 possessed a smartphone. So it is important to have a good signal when using phones. However, lots of people face problems as bad signals. This is usually because of the building material used. Concrete will low down the transmission of a signal from a tower to your phone.


Another reason is the location of warehouses. Most warehouses are kept on the outskirts of a city, far from cell towers. The further the tower, the slower the signal. By the time the signal reaches your phone, it would be very weak.


Other potential causes of weak signal include:

  • nearby buildings
  • network congestion
  • heavy machinery
  • trees or mountains


Regardless of the network provider, most warehouses face this problem. If that is the case then you need to boost poor mobile signals in the warehouse. Using one comes with so many advantages.

1. Better calls

If you are tired of calls dropping then your network needs to change. With a booster, you get fewer dropped calls. Also, the quality of calls improves. You can communicate with suppliers and customers without any interruption. Every call will be clear.

2. Fast internet

I’m today’s world, you can’t afford to work without the Internet. That is because digital files are easier to access. However, you need a constant internet connection to always access files. Also, you may have to communicate via email which requires an internet connection.


A signal booster helps you have a good internet connection at all times. That way you can access important files without any delays.

3. Quick installation

Boosters are easy to install. All that you need is a team of professionals to do it. Once they set it up, you will have a good connection all the time. Another advantage of using a booster is that it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. If there are any breakdowns, a team can quickly fix them. That allows you to get back to work with minimal interruptions.

4. Cost effective

There are various types of boosters, each with distinct features. The prices also vary, which is beneficial as it allows you to find something suitable for your requirements. For example, larger warehouses may require a stronger booster to cover a wider area. The option to purchase items according to individual needs can help reduce costs.

How to improve a signal

There are various ways of improving the cell signal in a warehouse. The first option is by moving closer to a tower. Finding zones with strong networks

 may be useful. The only challenge with this is that the signal may only work when you are close to the window near a cell tower.


Another option is to keep track of when there is a lot of congestion on a network. With more than 71.8 million mobile connections in the UK, congestion is a huge challenge. This will slow down your signal and lead to more calls dropping. You can make calls at a time when it is less busy. The problem with this solution is that it may be difficult to send important files. If you need to access a file, you have to wait till the congestion clears. This is inconvenient and counterproductive.


The third and best option is to use a signal booster. A cell phone booster can improve the network significantly. It consists of three key elements:

  • outside antenna
  • signal booster
  • inside antenna


The antenna placed outside is responsible for capturing the signal. This weak signal comes from distant towers. It will pick the strongest network from different towers. The antenna then transfers this to the booster. This amplifies the weak signal before transferring it back to an internal antenna. The internal antenna sends the now strong signal to mobile devices improving connectivity.


When getting a booster, it is recommended to get the right professionals to do the work. Without proper installation, you may still experience weak mobile signal. A professional team should visit your warehouse before making the installation. It gives them an idea about the best place to put a booster so that they get maximum coverage.


Also, by working with a professional, you can focus on more important tasks such as running a business. Make sure that it is compliant with the local legal requirements. This will help you avoid any legal issues that may arise.


Another thing to consider is your network provider. Carriers usually have different frequency bands, so not all boosters may be compatible. Ask if the booster will work well with your current network before paying. The best option is to choose one that covers multiple carriers.

Final thoughts

A warehouse is a place where you are likely to experience weak signals. This is because of the location away from cell towers, the building material used, and the terrain. Having a poor signal is a disadvantage because it slows you down. Business calls are interrupted which slows down productivity.


If you are experiencing network interruptions then try to boost a poor mobile signal in the warehouses. This will guarantee you continuous communication between your workers and business partners. Make better decisions faster and improve profits. When installing a mobile signal booster, make sure you hire a professional team. They will help you find a booster that is compatible with your network frequency.