High protein foods vegan

High Protein Foods Vegan Items for Ones Looking to Shift

There is a subtle difference between veganism & vegetarianism. But do you want to know the similarity? Both diets require ample amounts of proteins to meet daily calorie requirements. There are downsides to each of them, but the health benefits are also quite bankable. High protein foods vegan would include nuts, seeds, grains, dark chocolate, fruits, and veggies. The primary idea is to avoid everything sourced from animals like dairy, honey & egg.

Vegans are confined to limited choices and are prone to deficiencies as well. So, they should include lots of proteins in their diet plan.

Now, coming to vegetarianism, it?s based on the idea of avoiding meat. Vegetarians do include dairy and honey in their dietary regimen.

Both vegetarianism & veganism focus on plant-based products, and protein-requirement in both cases remain high.

High protein foods vegan

High protein foods vegan become imperative as the vegan community has only limited choices. These days athletes opt for vegan diets very often. Some discard animal-sourced proteins owing to ethical reasons. Yet others have been doing so based on taste and preferences.

Vegetarianism is not as restrictive as vegetarianism. It is thus more comfortable for a vegetarian to go for more balanced diet plans. Nonetheless, let?s discuss high protein foods vegan.

Besides vital vitamins, minerals, and calcium, vegans need to make proteins their primary focus! Why so? This is because it is their primary source of energy. Let?s explore plant-based non-dairy proteins to dive deep into veganism:


This super-food is often called as bean-curd as well. It is an excellent source of protein for the vegan community. It imparts a very distinctive flavor to dishes it is added to.?Tofu can be added to grilled sandwiches?and can be the best substitute for meat. This can be the most versatile addition to a vegan?s diet plan. Tofu can even be added to ramen, stew, and salads. These soy products are tasty and are a storehouse of iron and calcium.


Lentils remain very high in proteins. They?ve protein, fiber, and other micronutrients like potassium and iron. Cooked lentil will give you around ten grams of protein per serving. Lentils can be added to lunch & supper. They make great soups, salads, curries, and rice platters to enhance the number of proteins.


Cooked chickpea is a great protein-resource. Chickpea is a versatile option that can be served both cold and hot. Roasted chickpea will tickle your taste buds besides providing the macronutrient protein. Chickpea hummus can be the best substitute for margarine & butter. Moreover, you can add it to grilled sandwiches with ease.


Peanuts are?protein-dense snack-able options?that have healthy fats. They?re proven to improve our heart-health as well. Millennials like peanut butter in their toasts & sandwiches.


Almonds have protein in adequate amounts. Thus, almond milk is also replacing cow-milk across popular barista-chains. This silky-textured protein-rich milk is oft fortified with vitamins externally.

Now that we?ve discussed high protein foods vegan let?s explore vegetarian protein sources in the next segment.

High protein vegetarian grocery list

There are some staples to include in high protein grocery lists:


Be it black beans, kidney beans, or canned beans, and each forms an integral part of vegetarian proteins. The cooking process is also not very complicated. Canned beans go very well in salads. Just one morsel would be enough to satisfy hunger. If you?re a vegetarian, be sure to stock your kitchenette with baked beans or other varieties of beans.

Quinoa and Brown-Rice

Quinoa is protein-rich and can be served in multiple ways. They can be presented in salads and can be transformed into frittatas.

On the other hand, Brown rice can be the best base for burritos, can be stuffed in peppers, and can be cooked plain to serve with lentils.

I would be rooting for the last option here.


Avocados can be the best protein staple in the vegetarian grocery list. One may very well add sliced avocados to a grain bowl. What if you need more zest? I would suggest guacamole to top your toast with. Guacamole can be the best dip for French fries or can be enjoyed alone.

Chis seeds

Chia seeds would make for excellent smoothies. Oatmeal chia smoothie, coupled with bananas, is an excellent source of protein for athletes. Thus, chia seeds should be a priority in the grocery list of vegetarians. Chia pudding can be healthful besides being tasteful. Add some cinnamon & maple syrup to enjoy this protein-rich delicacy.


Brussels sprouts, kale chips have high protein-content. Also, you can enjoy it as much because these veggies will never have side effects. These low-fat, high protein vegetarian groceries will keep your health quotient high.

Decoding a high protein vegetarian diet plan

Try some innovative recipes to obtain ample proteins from your daily meals. These are great both for vegans and vegetarians. Scroll down to know more:

Chocolate oatmeal topped with berries

It is not that bad an idea to start the day with chocolates. It is a great mood-booster, after all. Combine oatmeal and almond-milk in equal portion. Bring the concoction to a boil. Now simmer. Add a teaspoon of cocoa powder to the concoction. Now, add some maple syrup for that sweet taste. Top with raspberries.

Chili-mango salad & bean-curd

This one?s genuinely tangy. This wholesome meal will let you feel fuller for an entire day. Sweet mango, zesty lime with some chilies does the magic. Add cucumbers for crunch. To top it all, add protein-dense quinoa & lots of bean-curd. Enjoy this through lunch & supper.

Zucchini stuffed parmesan

It is no secret that parmesan is a protein resource. Try stuffing tasteful zucchini with loads of shredded parmesan. One can bake or pan-fry it as per taste preference.

High-protein and fat vegetarian diet

High protein and fat vegetarian diets are oft low in carbs. More and more youngsters are opting for this. Proteins play a pivotal role in this diet-plan. One can include walnuts, almonds, macadamia nuts, and soy products to increase protein & fat intake. And, these foods efficiently help you to skimp on carbs. Try these vegetarian options to avoid meat & poultry.

Final thoughts

In this blog, we discussed veganism and vegetarianism at length. Now that you know your options spread the word. This guide will make things simpler for you. Take the route you prefer. Kudos!