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Veg Protein Sources to Eat Clean and Stay Healthy

Today we would discuss non-veg versus veg protein sources. When we make choices, we take into account both quality and quantity. This is because, protein impacts both mind and body!

Protein repairs body tissues besides providing energy. But, did you know it affects mood and helps in cognitive functions? Lack of proteins may impair cognitive behaviors too. When we consume protein, it breaks into simpler amino acids. Amino acids are believed to be fundamental building blocks for our system. An amino acid contains tryptophan that supports mood by releasing serotonin. The release of serotonin may even reduce depressive symptoms.

You can easily include animal proteins like poultry, fish, in your diet. But millions are also adopting plant-based proteins these days. Let?s discuss this.

Protein benefits in general

We need to get going, no matter what! To keep going, we have to feel vivacious. Proteins provide that threshold energy to keep us going. Here?s a word of caution too. Too many proteins may adversely impact folks dealing with diabetes, kidney ailments, and other medical conditions. The crux of the story is to keep the optimum quantity in mind. Now let us cast some light on protein benefits on our health:

  • Proteins help the immune system to function correctly; it takes care of heart health, respiratory tract, and helps in speedy recovery post exercises.
  • Proteins are crucial for the growth & development of your child
  • Reduces chances of cardiovascular attacks
  • Proteins sharpen our memory functions
  • Proteins enhance resistance to depression, stress and anxiety
  • They can help maintain apt body weight; this is because it curbs our appetite.
  • It makes us feel fuller for long hours. It fuels the body with the right amount of energy.

High versus low-quality proteins

Proteins could even be industrially raised. But, they can be organic too. There?s a thin line between the two kinds. Use your judiciousness to choose from. These days there?s a lot of awareness among folks about what not to choose.

Salt loaded proteins can do you more harm than good. It can shoot up the blood pressure levels, thereby giving way to other health-related problems.

Processed foods may also contain carcinogens that make people vulnerable to cancer.

Eat sufficient proteins but choose healthily, and you?re good to go!

Ways to increase protein-intake

Go for fresh seafood for non-veg protein sources. Try replacing carbs with proteins. Take good care of the quality of the foods that you ingest.

Diminish the number of chips, pastries, pasta, and pizza. Instead, go for nuts, beans, low-fat dairy, soy, tofu, and peas. These are all veg protein sources. If you?re ailing with weight issues, this very move can benefit you to the core.

Snacking is a vital part of our meals. You can gobble grilled chicken, Greek yogurt, and baked beans. Even larger portions of these might never hurt you. Buy fresh and cook fresh. This will reduce the chances of disorders. When opting for canned-beans, do remember to check the sodium content. Go for unsalted nuts if possible.

Vegetarian Proteins

Why must we choose vegetarian proteins? This is because they remain loaded with fiber and minerals. They improve assimilation, absorption & digestion. They reduce the signs and symptoms of bloating and gas.

Let?s jot down the best veg protein sources:


Chickpeas, black beans, kidney beans, golden peas, lentils, soy are excellent sources of vegetarian protein. Opt for fresh versions to avoid health hazards. Keep the portion in check as we discussed before.

Whole grains

Millet, quinoa, oat whole wheat & rice are whole grains. They make for excellent vegetarian protein meals.

Seeds and nuts

Chia seeds, peanuts, pistachios, sesame seeds, and almond are good veg protein sources. Almond milk is slowly replacing cow milk across barista chains. Many people discard cow milk owing to ethical reasons. But low-fat high-protein almond milk will boost your health tremendously. But, it is a tad costlier when compared to cow milk.


Many opt for vegan protein supplements as well. This is an easy and quick way to meet protein requirements. Just mix the vegan powder with warm milk or water and gulp it down. They contain amino acids in loads and are entirely free of gluten. Hence, it is a real win-win situation.

Veg protein sources are for ones who dread non-veg meals, no matter the reason. Follow this guide to get the maximum benefit.

Non veg protein sources

Here are some non-veg protein sources to alternate with the veg ones:

Meat (chicken)

Lean meat is low in calories and provides us with ample proteins. There are easy ways for how you can cook chicken. A chicken platter may be served in so many delicious ways. Chicken salad, chicken stew & chicken sandwiches are low in calories and yummy on the tummy. Frozen chicken is something that I would not suggest to health-conscious people. Nonetheless, it may be the only option for some office goers. Do make a choice wisely.


This is also an excellent low-calorie option to binge on. Grab a bite of turkey-sandwich, and you feel fuller for the entire day. Could there be anything better than this? No right? Again, make a wise decision based on the choices that you have.


Tuna, salmon sardine are readily available in the market. These days you may even order them online. They even have a long shelf life. So, stop worrying about them going bad too soon. Team up your tuna and sardine with microgreens and make grilled sandwiches with them.


Shrimp is something that tickles our taste buds like no other. Add shrimps to noodles, and pasta to taste a sumptuous meal. It is an excellent protein source to deck your kitchenette with.

Vegetarian protein meals

Shakes and smoothies are popular choices that youngsters make these days. They?re easy to prepare and just ready to gulp down quickly.

Be it oat-chia smoothie or strawberry-yogurt variety, they tickle our taste buds to the core. These vegetarian meals fuel our bodies efficiently.

An endnote

Both veg protein sources and their non veg counterparts have their benefits. Some discard non-veg for ethical reasons while others choose them to up the taste-factor. Here, we aren?t questioning food choices. The purpose of this blog is to educate people about healthy protein choices. Hope this helps, Kudos.