Health Benefits of Garlic

Health Benefits of Garlic and Why You Should Consume it in Moderation

Garlic is one of the yummiest seasonings to add to your meals. It can change the complete taste of your dishes and make them more palatable. If you love Chinese and Indian food, you will love to add lots of garlic in your recipes. But do you know that it comes with numerous benefits that boost wellness? Here we will explore the health benefits of garlic to understand why you should add it to your diet.

Our ancestors used the garlic herb since 5000 years ago not only for its aroma and taste but for the numerous health benefits it provides us. This wondrous herb isfull of nutrientsthat help our body maintain wellness. Scroll down, and you’ll know some interesting unknown facts about garlic benefits.

Health Benefits of Garlic

You must be consuming garlic in your meals without even knowing how it helps your body. It is an excellent spice that comes with so many benefits. Are you wondering what benefits? Well, you won’t be unaware any longer. The list below will tell you all the health benefits and how miraculously it works in your body.

Prevents Heart Ailments

Having a healthy heart has become one of the most challenging things in today’s world. No, we are not talking about breakups, but about different health conditions that deteriorate heart health.

Having a daily dose of garlic in your diet can help you keep your blood pressure levels regular and even control the bad cholesterol levels.

Garlic isfilled with antioxidantsand contains a compound known as Allicin. This compound helps you keep your blood pressure levels regular and maintain a healthy heart.

Prevents Chances of Cancer

You already know that garlic has antioxidant properties. It protects your body from many infections like fungal diseases, which is a significant cause of cancer.

Garlic can prevent you from breast, colon, prostate, collateral, and many more cancer types. Moreover, garlic is an excellent immunity-boosting food that can help you fight off the cancer cells.

Provides Antibacterial Property Benefits

Our ancestors knew very well about garlic health benefits, and for that, they used it for numerous health issues. Garlic contains antibacterial properties. These properties present in garlic help you from bacterial, parasitic, and fungal infections. Moreover, if you want to treat your teeth, garlic mouthwash can be a great solution to fight off bacteria that cause a cavity. You may not like the odor it leaves in your mouth, but the benefits it provides your teeth are incomparable. So, now you know what you need to do when you have a cavity in your mouth!

Health Benefits of Garlic

Cures Flu and Common Cold

Now you’ll know why your grandma would give you garlic when you had a cold! Garlic also contains antiviral and antimicrobial properties. These fight off the viruses that causes a common cold. If you have a cough and cold, consume some garlic. You can pop a few cloves in your tea, but drink it sip by sip. It will clear a blocked nose and relieve you from a sore throat too. You can try options like tea orsoupto feel the warmth of garlic.

To make the most of both the health and taste benefits of garlic, fry the garlic lightly and pour it over chicken soup. It will bring out a beautiful flavor and also cure your cold instantly!

Cleanses Your Blood

Do you know that one of the reasons you get acne is the toxins in your blood? So, if you want hydrating and acne-free skin, start having garlic. It will purify your blood and remove the toxins present in it. Moreover, eliminating toxins in your body is essential to keep away from other health problems too.

You can add a clove of garlic in a warm water glass and drink it at once. After having this for a few days, keep a bottle of garlic-soaked water handy and drink it sip by sip throughout the day. It will clean out the toxins from your body and keep your body healthy.

Controls Blood Pressure Levels

Not having a normalized flow of blood can lead to numerous health hazards. One of the best health benefits of garlic is that it can help you have normal blood flow. It keeps the blood pressure levels regular and prevents you from cardiovascular ailments like stroke and heart attacks. So, to remain healthy, all you need to do is start having garlic cloves regularly.

Provides Anti-Ageing Benefits

The uses of garlic to protect your skin are immense. It has antioxidative properties that help to fight off the free radicals that are significant causes of aging. Moreover, it also acts as an anti-stress agent. This allows the body to calm down and relax, which is also a reason that can lead to aging. So, to reap the uses of garlic, start having them today!

Keeps Hair Healthy

You are already aware that garlic contains antimicrobial properties. These help in killing bacteria and other germs that cause scalp damage. Further, causing hindrance in the growth of hair.

More so, garlic is a huge vitamin C source that can help you keep good and healthy hair. It helps in boosting the production of collagen that can further lead to the growth of hair. Even the presence of selenium in garlic promotes the blood flow so that your hair gets the best nourishment. Finally, garlic also helps remove dandruff and prevents the scalp from clogging, which can be a significant reason for losing hair.

Garlic Side Effects

As we finish the list of all the health benefits of garlic, let us check out some of the side effects. Since there are side effects, we must use the ingredient in moderation:

Oral Consumption

Researches have shown positive results in consuming garlic orally, but few garlic side effects might cause problems for some people. It is seen that when you consume garlic orally in the raw form, it may cause diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, gas, body and mouth odor, and very rarely, burning sensation in the stomach or mouth. Moreover, you can also notice other allergic reactions. So, before consuming raw garlic, be sure you do not have these problems. You can consult your doctor and perform some blood tests to be sure of these issues.

Skin Allergies

You already know that the skin benefits of garlic are immense. But it is best if you can use garlic-based products rather than applying the raw form. You can choose pastes, gels, lotions, or mouthwashes. But it is best to avoid using garlic in the natural state as it may lead to skin allergies and other irritations.

Breastfeeding and Pregnancy

You can reap all the health benefits of garlic by consuming it in the cooked form. But having it raw orally might aggravate heartburn and other gas issues, which is quite common during pregnancy. Moreover, when you are breastfeeding, it might cause problems in the child too. So, avoid having raw garlic and, ifconsumed in foods, have it in controlled amounts. Too much of garlic consumption can cause problems for both the child and mother.

Bleeding Problems

If you have blood-thinning medicines, do not have garlic in the raw form. It will increase the chances of bleeding.


Since garlic can keep blood sugar levels in control, consuming too much garlic can cause problems for diabetes people. So, if you have diabetes, have garlic in moderate amounts to reap its benefits.

Digestion or Stomach Problems

People who suffer from gastrointestinal problems may aggravate their issue by consuming huge amounts of raw garlic. If you’re someone who suffers from such ailments, do consult your doctor before consuming raw garlic.

Lowers blood pressure

You are already aware that garlic benefits your blood pressure levels. But people having existing blood pressure level problems should be cautious when consuming garlic. That is because it can make blood pressure levels very low, which can lead to fatal issues. So, be very careful when including raw garlic or garlic supplements to your daily diet.


People undergoing surgeries should be careful with blood pressure levels. So, if you have planned surgery, control the garlic’s consumption at least two weeks before the operation.

How to eat garlic?

Now that you know so much about the powerful herb, garlic, don’t you want to know some exciting ways to include them in your diet? You already know that having raw garlic might cause health problems for many people. So, here we have some interesting ways to include them in your diet.

With all of us having to boost our immunity because of the virus, it is essential to include garlic in your diet daily. So, let us check out how to eat garlic and boost your immunity:


You can make salsa at home and include garlic as the main ingredient in it. All you need to do is get some tomatoes, raw garlic, and some onions. Blend it well and drizzle over some olive oil, salt, and pepper. A fantastic homemade salsa will be ready to accompany your dining dishes.

Salad Dressing

You can use raw garlic or roasted garlic and add it to your salad. It will give your salad a lovely crunchy and robust flavor. If you don’t want the dominant flavor of garlic, you can go for a salsa that can be a great salad dressing. All you need is some parsley, kefir, lemon juice, and garlic (of, course!). It will give your salad that faint beautiful flavor that’ll also reap you the maximum health benefits of garlic.

Garlic Butter Toast

If you’re wondering how to eat garlic in the morning, then butter toast will do it for you! All you have to do is some chopped garlic, bread slices, and butter. Toast the bread, spread out the butter evenly, and sprinkle the chopped garlic. Voila! Your super butter garlic toast is going to be an excellent start for the day!

Health Benefits of Garlic


Avocados always give a smooth and flavorful taste. But if you want a little twist and potent flavoring agent, go for garlic! Add a generous amount of garliccloves in your guacamoleand give the taste you were missing!

Mashed Potatoes

Are you wondering why mashed potatoes are on the list? Well, if you haven’t tried this one, then you must give it a try! All you need is boiled potatoes, butter, a tiny bit of milk, and some chopped garlic cloves. Mix it all well and have it along with some beef steak. You’re going to have dinner to cherish!

Lemon-Garlic-Honey Tea

Are you still wondering how to eat garlic in the morning? Well, here’s another easy way to have it. All you need is to bring a cup of water to boil and turn off the heat. Add some lemon slices and four cloves of garlic. Cover it and let the juices of the two ingredients infuse into the warm water. Then after about seven minutes, strain the tea through a sieve. Add about a teaspoon of honey and drink it warm. If you have a sore throat or cough, be sure to get cured in no time.

Final Thoughts

As we conclude our blog today, you indeed have enough reasons to include garlic in your diet daily. But to reap the maximum of the health benefits of garlic, consume it in moderate amounts and preferably in cooked form. If you like having it raw, make sure you keep your doctor informed. You can quickly go for the different ways to have garlic mentioned above. Do follow them meticulously and let garlic do the spell in your health!