Best Drinks for Hydration

Best Drinks for Hydration to Make Healthy Drinks for Summers

Do you want to know what are the best drinks for hydration? Well, the easier it may seem, the answer is a little tricky! You can have a variety of options when you talk about hydrating drinks. Indeed, water is always the best choice you can make to keep yourself hydrated. But there many more drinks that can keep your body hydrated and provide your body with the perfect nutrients too. So, here we are going to focus on the best drinks to keep yourself hydrated and healthy. Hang in there and you?ll be in for a surprise!

Best Drinks for Hydration

What can be better when you are giving your body water and nutrients both? More so, if you are someone who sweats a lot during exercise or else ways supplying your body with both water and nutrients are important.

So, let?s not waste any more time and quickly check out some of the best drinks for hydration below:


Are there any doubts that water counts one of the best drinks for hydration? One of the most simple ways to keep yourself hydrated and healthy is to drink lots and lots of water. It is an easy way to supply your body with the correct amount of hydration that your body needs.

If you have busy schedules and forget to drink water, keep a water bottle ready at your hand always. As you go about your entire day keep taking simple sips and give your body the perfect hydration. Moreover, you will not have to dedicate a special time to sit and drink a glass of water. When you do that you might have to select a specific time to drink water and make one special effort to do so. So, keeping a bottle of water with you always and sipping on it will allow you to introduce hydration in your hectic day. Without even making any special effort for it.

When we are talking about water, we are focusing on both sparkling and still water. You can suit your choice for this one!

Lemon Water

If you want to know what the best drink for dehydration besides water is, lemon water can be a great option. But you need to have it in the morning just after you get out of bed to reap its maximum benefits. It is touted as the best drink besides water because it doesn?t make any alterations to your water. Wondering why? Well, apart from adding vitamin c powder some nutrients, and a little sour taste to your water, lemon water doesn?t provide you with too many health benefits. It keeps the benefits of drinking water intact without making any alterations to it. Moreover, it gives your water a beautiful flavor and taste without causing harm to your body. That many artificial sweeteners and flavoring agents give. So, next you?re bored of having plain water, add a spoon of lemon juice to give your beautiful morning a refreshing start!

Infused Water

If you want to make the best hydration drink mix then go for infused water. It is absolutely easy to make and very tasty to drink. All you have to do select a fruit that is your favorite. Let?s say strawberries. Then choose a herb or some veggies you like. Toss it all in a jug and fill it up with water to the brim. Then just add in a few ice cubes and let the flavors of the fruit, herbs and veggies get infused into the water in a few hours. You can even try making this overnight to save time and for the best infusion.

Then drink it down throughout the day enjoy the benefits of one of the best drinks for hydration. You can opt for an endless blend of fruits veggies and herbs. Some of can be a combination of lime, cucumber, and mint or pineapple, coconut and lime, or blackberries, orange and ginger. Or some strawberry slices, lime and mint. And if you want to keep it really simple slice up some oranges and toss it into the water.

You can?t compare the hydration level regular water provides your body, but you can enjoy the infused water as a beverage. However, you may notice a few people enjoying sips of infused water right through the day. That can be because of the natural flavors that infused water possesses which keeps the tastebuds active!

Water containing Electrolytes

Hydrating drinks with electrolytes are one of the best drinks for hydration. You can choose the electrolytes such as potassium and sodium to hydrate yourself. Why we are specifying on the electrolytes is because it helps your body to lose out the water at a much lower rate. It allows your body to hold onto the water content, that doesn?t let you get dehydrated.

You need to supply your body with electrolytes if you?re a person who loses a lot of water by sweating. That?s because when you start losing water through sweating, your body has an electrolytic imbalance. So, you must introduce lots of electrolytes in your system to avoid getting dehydrated.

Are you someone who doesn?t like a salty flavor? Well, then you must start off drinking the electrolyte water in very small amounts. This will allow your body to get adjusted to the salty taste. And it can be a high possibility of you ending up loving the taste of the salty electrolyte drink.

Electrolyte water is the best tonic to treat yourself if you are sick and lost too much water from your body. But consuming a lot of electrolytes is harmful for you. That is because of the high sodium content in electrolytes. So, keep a check on the amount you have!

Sports Drinks

Some of the best sports drink for dehydration can also be a great choice for many. It is also an electrolyte water-based drink that contains some added flavors. You will find these sports drinks to have a minimal amount of coloring and flavoring agents with a controlled amounts of sugar present in it too.

If you are dehydrated consuming sugar isn?t really a bad idea. That is because just like salts present in electrolytes sugar also helps you in yourself hydrated. But if you are a diet freak then you can have the ones that have a low sugar content.

When we are focusing on the presence of flavoring agents, then you must understand that these sports drinks taste yum! It can be better than many other drinks for hydration. But be sure not to go overboard with them!


Are you thinking is milk good for dehydration or not? Well, to your surprise it is! Moreover, it can be much better in terms of nutrition because of the nutrient composition present in milk.

Milk contains a great combination of sugar, fat, and protein that instigates your body to slow the process of getting your stomach empty. And the presence of salt in milk allows the body to retain the fluid your body possesses.

You will find out that skimmed milk is also one of the best drinks for hydration. That is because the water content present in it is very high and with the presence of nutrients and fat, you?ll be able to absorb the most water. Nevertheless, you can also have whole milk to keep yourself hydrated.

Milkshakes and Smoothies

Since you already know milk is good for hydration, why not take advantage of its properties? To give your tastebuds and body something new to get hydrated, try out smoothies and milkshakes! Just by adding a spoon of cocoa powder or any flavoring powder, you can give your milk a lovely taste.

If you?re worrying about the rehydrating properties of milk, then you don?t have to do that! By giving your milk a taste with the flavoring agents it does not take the hydrating properties of milk away from it. So, to make your hydrating process a little more enjoyable try making milkshakes and smoothies!

Coconut Water

Coconut water is touted as the best drink for hydration as it contains both- electrolyte water and sports drink. It has a good amount of natural sugars and electrolytes too. But the only and major difference is that coconut water is a product that is naturally found unlike artificial flavor induced sport drinks.

Also, the nutrient balance is quite different from any best sports drink for hydration. That is because coconut water is quite low in sodium. It depends on the natural making of fructose and glucose. Which is different from what you get from the sports drinks as they rely on corn syrup to get the fructose. So, you can easily say that coconut water is a much healthier option than many sports drinks.

Vegetable Juice

Vegetable juice can also be the best hydration mix to keep your body hydrated. But it?ll be the best option to make the juice yourself to avoid any added flavoring agents into it. That is because many juices bought at the store might have an inclusion of fruit juice in it. Usually, people do this to bring out a good flavor in the vegetable juice.

But the homemade option is the best because you won?t be adding any fruit juice in it. And also, the presence of added sugar might not help you in hydration. Another advantage of making your vegetable juice at home is you select whichever veggie is your favorite. A very good hydrating veggie juice is cucumber. It has a high water content in it that can help you gain water and a lot of nutrients too. Another very powerful and hydrating veggie can be beetroot. Apart from giving your body a good amount of water, its nutrient content will be highly beneficial for you.

Aloe Vera Water

Considering aloe vera as a super veggie is the new trend. It does have a lot of benefits but there are contradictions on the topic too. Nonetheless, you can always create an infused aloe vera water drink to keep yourself hydrated.

It has numerous benefits and can show immense results in terms of health benefits. Although, you can buy an aloe vera juice readily available but we do not recommend that. It is extremely thick and not a great option when you are thinking about hydration. Moreover, the store-bought juice will not be as great as many other hydrating drinks on our list. So, the best way to fetch the hydrating benefits is to cut a few chunks of the aloe vera and toss it to some water to make an infused beverage.

Iced and Hot Tea

Tea also has a beverage hydration index and you can have to rehydrate yourself. If you?re are wondering how? It is because the major ingredient in tea is water. And the tea leaves are just like any other flavoring agent you use to make your beverage tasty.

We specifically focus on the herbal teas that are all free of caffeine. It means your body is not getting the supply of diuretic effect that caffeine gives. More so, the absence of caffeine makes your hydrating beverage drinkable throughout the day, without affecting your sleep.

Although, green, black and all the other teas contain caffeine, they can also keep you hydrated. Even though, caffeine lets your body dehydrate but your body is still getting a lot more water than you are losing from your body.

Soda and Orange Juice

Sugar-containing drinks aren?t the best option for hydration but it stays in your stomach for long in comparison to plain water. Your body dilutes all the excess sugar that sugary beverages have in their small intestine. Which allows you to get a much lower hydration than many other rehydrating drinks.

But when you have no option handy, you can have orange juice and soda as it does contain some amount of water in it. So, if you have no choice and feel dehydrations this drink will just fine for you. But remember that you must not overdo it with sugary drinks when it comes to hydration.

Final Thoughts

So, if you get bored of simply drinking plain water, above are some of the best options you can try. You cannot substitute the goodness plain water gives you but there isn?t any harm in trying out other options too. So, to meet you?re the bodily demand for drinking water, we?ve got you all the best drinks for hydration to try something new every day.