Half Moon Cay: Everything you should know

Half Moon Cay is one of the islands that are part of the archipelago of the Bahamas. It is a small island that is situated at least 100 miles southeast of Nassau. There are at most 50 acres that have been developed into a beast resort, and the rest of the area is still a wildlife habitat. Half Moon Cay excursions usually involve global cruise ships. Besides, Half Moon Cat is usually rated as one of the best private islands. This article discusses the Half Moon Cay.   

Getting to Half Moon Cay

As mentioned earlier, Half Moon Cay Bahamas is one of the most popular cruise line private islands. Therefore, the best way to reach the island is for you to book a cruise that uses this exclusive Bahamian port. You should note that the water that is around Half Moon Cay is pretty shallow to prevent docking. Hence, you may have to tender to go ashore. Most cruisers tend to take tender boats to reach Half Moon Cay, and this can often take about twenty minutes.  When you reach the island, it’s a good idea to walk around. If you get tired of walking or even fail to walk long distances, then you can use complimentary trams that move between the Welcome Center and the Food Pavilion.  You should also note that Half Moon Cay is at least 2.5 miles of sandy and soft beachfront. Perhaps, this is the best private island beach that makes for the right beach day. In most cases, they include access to the prime beachfront during your stop at this island. Therefore, you may have to bring towels from your ship.  You can also have a quieter spot with some tree-shaded areas by heading further down the beach. The best way is to get off your ship early so that you can get the best beach spot. Also, you can decide to rent a clamshell to cover yourself from the sun. 

Food and drinks

The good news is that there is complimentary lunch at the Food Pavilion. This is an open-air buffet that offers all the beach BBQ favorites, such as hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, fish tacos, non-alcoholic drinks, tropical salads, and desserts. You can also take your plate and go to your spot on the beach. And, if you want to have an upgraded lunch, then you may have to try the Lobster Shack. Take note that you can find this menu for a great price. The menu includes items, such as lobster rolls, lobster, and chowder. The entire lobster with Caribbean rice and beans is quite affordable.  Thankfully, Half Moon Cay Bahamas has many bars where you can go to quench your thirst. One of the best bars on the island is called Captain Morgan which is at least half way down the beach. This bar is shaped just like a pirate ship. Also, this open-air bar is close to the Food Pavilion. Even better, the bar has some shade and offers an island drink menu that is popular with many visitors.