Escape To The Sea For a True Getaway

This summer tens of thousands of disgruntled British holidaymakers have queued up for hours on end at sweaty airport security gates only to spend the next 4 hours bouncing around on a budget airline plane.

Next time you go on holiday, why not forego the airport chaos and trade in your annual two weeks in Lanzarote for a once in a lifetime sailing experience around the Mediterranean? Think that’s out of your budget? Well think again.

Thanks to companies such as, who are using an AirBnb style approach to boat hire, it’s now cheaper than ever before to hire a private yacht or boat with your own captain. Interested? Read on to find out everything you need to know about booking your own seafaring holiday adventure.

Why boating?

Holidays spent lounging on the deck of a yacht were once the sole domain of super-rich oligarchs and A-list celebrities. Now, for the reasons mentioned above, sailing and boating holidays are becoming more and more affordable.

That’s just one reason you should consider a boating holiday, but what are the other benefits of a vacation spent sailing the seven seas? Well first of all there is added excitement of being at sea and deciding where you go and when.

There aren’t the same limitations that you would get on a ‘normal’ holiday and there are no barriers to letting your curiosity get the better of you and spending an afternoon or even a few days exploring.

Hire a boat to take you around the Greek coast and one day you can follow the beaten path and explore ancient temples with everyone else. Then the next day you can point your captain in the direction of a jutting island on the horizon where you can spend the afternoon relaxing on a near deserted beach.

Finally there’s the peace and tranquillity to consider. Lying on the top deck of a boat in a still and calm sea is one of the most peaceful and calming experiences that life has to offer.

(Build your own adventure with a boating holiday.)

Where to sail?

Companies like BorrowaBoat are offering a range of boats in 65 countries around the globe from right here in the UK to Greece, Italy and Croatia in the Mediterranean and then as far afield as the Bahamas and Panama.

In terms of cost, the most economical options are close to home for Brits, although there is good value to be found in Asia in holiday destinations such as Thailand. If you’re looking for inspiration though, why not try out these three hugely popular boating destinations for size:

Greece: The home of modern democracy is also a country with a rich coastal history and culture. The country boasts 6,000 islands and islets, of which only 227 are inhabited. There are the large tourist hubs of Corfu and Kos to try out as well as some hidden gems away off the beaten track such as Armathia and Gramvousa.

Panama: If you’ve ever taken part in a pub quiz, you’ll most likely know that this Central American country is famous for the huge canal that bisects it. One hidden gem about the country though is a cluster of 378 islands known as the San Blas Islands in the Caribbean Sea between Panama and Colombia.

(Take a peek at the San Blas Islands, Central America’s best kept secret.)

Italy: There is much more to Italy than Rome and Tuscany and plenty of amazing places that can be explored by boat. The eastern coast of the country has a treasure trove of lesser known places to moor for the day and explore. Start your journey in Pescara sampling some of the most succulent seafood in Europe before meandering down the wild Abruzzo coast.

Beyond Memories

Spending a week or a fortnight on a boating holiday is more than just the memories you will create, it’s also about recharging your batteries and coming back mentally recharged. We’ve all heard people saying that they feel like they need a holiday after their holiday to recover from all the travelling.

A boating holiday is the complete opposite. There’s no hassle, no stress and just pure serenity. You make your own rules, you follow your own schedule and above all else your prioritise relaxation. 

There’s also a growing catalogue of evidence suggesting that time spent out at sea has a number of physiological and psychological benefits. Just sitting out on deck, breathing in the fresh air has been shown to reduce the heart rate and reduce the amount of cortisol – a major stress hormone – produced in the body.

So what are you waiting for? Log off SkyScanner, forget about airport transfers and stop trawling through AirBnB looking for a bargain that’s not too far out of the city centre. Log onto BorrowaBoat and find yourself a vessel that’s going to take you to holiday nirvana.