Goat Farm Near Me

Goat Farm Near Me That Can Help Start Meat Business

Do you plan to start a goat meat selling business anytime soon? If your location is Kolkata, I will help you find the best farm to help you set up your business. West Bengal happens to be a wonderful place for people who want to start their business. It is the ideal location that can cater to all your requirements. So, start scrolling down, and I will guide you through the best goat farm near me that provides you with the best breed of meat!

Goat farm near me

Here are some best choices I have made while searching for the best goat farms across West Bengal. So, if you want to set up your business here, check out which goat farm near me suits your requirement best:

Khans Royal Farm

Black Bengal is the breed, and the average weight of each goat is 20 kg. They are usually black. However, you can also find them in grey, white, and brown.

The adult black Bengal goat weighs from 30 kg to 35 kg, whereas the female goat weighs from 20 kg to 25 kg.

Moreover, male goats gain maturity way faster than female goats. Also, female goats can get pregnant two times a year. You will find them giving birth to four to five goats after each delivery.

Besides, this breed is exceptionally environmentally friendly, and its body can fight against diseases at ease. The meat quality is potent and can compete against many farms available.


The cost of one goat is Rs. 5000. However, you would have to make a minimum order of 30 goats.

Address: Kolkata

goat vs sheep

Kbir Farm

You will find this goat farm near me keeping a pure Indian breed, which is the white jamnapari. These goats are high in demand because they grow fast, and they produce milk fast too.

The weight of an adult buck is 60 kg to 85 kg, whereas the weight of an adult doe is 45 kg to 60 kg.

A new-born weighs around three to four kilograms. However, within a year, they weigh almost 20 kg.

Also, the average growth of male kids is 60 grams per day, and for females, it is 48 grams a day.

They are the best for dairy. The quantity of average daily milk is 2.5 kg to 3 kg. Moreover, during lactation, it goes up to 250 kg to 3000 kg, and the fat percentage is 3.5.

In addition, triplets and quadruplets are very common among this breed, which means more profit.

Not only can they adjust to every environment, but they are also prone to fewer infections and diseases.


Twenty containers of milk will cost you Rs. 50,000. The cost of one goat is Rs. 5,500.

Address: Kidderpore

Asfaque Goat Farm

Sirohi goat is an Indian breed goat farm near me. They are medium or large in size and red in color, with a conical body.

The adult male goats weigh around 50 kg – 55 kg and 85 cm in height, whereas female goats are 23 kg – 25 kg and 70 cm in height.

Furthermore, they are dual-purpose animals, which means both meat and milk. Besides, farmers want to rear them as they can gain weight and lactate without any high-quality rearing situations.

They can also resist most diseases and adapt to any weather conditions, especially hot environments.

Although they are mainly reared in the Aravalli Hills in Rajashthan, but you can find them in many states of India.

However, one of the downsides is that 90 percent of goats give birth to a single child or twins.

Also, lactation might last for 90 days, and on average, they give 1 kg – 1.25 kg milk daily.


One goat costs Rs. 8,000 but the minimum order should be 20 goats.

Address: Shyamnagar

Sanjevani Goats

Kalyan Koley is the owner of this farm, and they primarily provide elite black Bengal bucks.

Moreover, this goat farm near me does progeny tests which means you can be sure they are diseases free. Also, the Indian Veterinary Research Institute conducts a health check-up every year on this farm.

They are also the first to introduce the frozen semen technique, which has more conception rate.


One goat costs Rs. 7,000 but the minimum order should be 25 goats.

Address: Hooghly

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Prani Khamar

They are not only goat farms but also keep other domestic animals such as ducks and chickens.

They have four types of goat breed such as Sirohi, Kota, black Bengal, totapuri, and gujri.


One goat costs Rs. 8,500 but the minimum order should be 20 goats.

Address: Hooghly


If you are looking for a goat, buy online, then Pashubajaar can be a great choice. They sell a lot of different varieties of breeds.

Mainly, they have six types of goat breeds such as jamunapari, beetal, barbani, sirohi, gaddi, and oasmanabadi.

All their goats are vaccinated, and they sell them for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.

You can see, the price of goat in Kolkata varies from farm to farm, breed, and the quality of the goats. Thus, if you plan to buy a lot of them, you should check at least five different farms before purchasing.

How to Maintain A Goat Farm?

As you have a variety of options, so settling for the best goat farm near me should not be a problem for you. But if you have other plans, and wish to start a farm yourself, here are few things to keep in mind!

First of all, it is a very profitable business. Thus, in the last couple of years, there are many goat farming businesses coming up. You can raise goats under both intensive or semi-intensive conditions.

The high demand is because of the potential good amount of profits goat farms can give you. So, not only farmers but many more people are getting into this business.

The goat provides more than one service, and currently, it is a very profitable business. Also, commercial farming enterprise contributes to the country’s nutrition and economy, which is a major factor in India’s growth.

Since it is multi-functional, one goat can produce many products such as meat, manure, milk, fiber, and more. Besides, from milk, you can get milk powder, milk cream, goat butter, etc.

Moreover, goat meat is prevalent in the country and has high nutritious value and taste. Also, you can use goat’s wool for different purposes in the clothing industry.

Goat Farming – Advantages:

Before you visit any goat farm near me or indulge in making one yourself, check out the advantages it provides:

Easily digestible and healthy

Goat products like meat and milk are easily digestible and nutritious and a good source of income for the farmers who are poor and landless.

Furthermore, they contribute towards the national as well as rural income. The milk and meat are also cholesterol-free.

They are used for the making of a variety of foods. Goats can produce meat, milk, manure, and skin at the same time.

Less investment and easy maintenance

Goats are small animals; hence even young kids can look after and maintain them.

To be a successful farmer, you just need to maintain some simple tasks such as milking, caring, and feeding them.

Moreover, you do not need any special requirements, labor, or equipment to do these tasks. Also, the return on investment is outstanding.

Since it is generally a profitable business, getting a loan from banks is very much easy.

Do not need a big space

Since they are small animals, they do not need a big place for housing. They can even share a place with other cattle and livestock animals.

In addition, they are a good fit for mixed farming, which includes different domestic animals.

Good breeders

Not only are they lovable and friendly animals, but they are excellent breeders.

They reach their maturity within 7 to 12 months and can give birth in a concise amount of time. In addition to this, some breeds give birth to quadruplets in each kidding.

Low risk

Even when a goat farm is in a drought area, there is minimal risk. You can milk goats as frequently as it is needed. Unfortunately, it is not seen in other domestic animals.

Hence it also prevents the cost of milk storage boxes and refrigerators.

Same price in the marketplace

Both the female and male goats have the same price and value in the markets.

Also, eating goat meat and farming has no religious taboo. Hence, anyone can work in a commercial goat farm without any worry.

Moreover, goat meat is costly and has high demand both in India and in the international markets. Once your business grows, you can even export goat meat for higher profits.

Less prone to infections and good adaptability

Goats can adapt to almost every climate, from harsh summer months to winter seasons.

Moreover, some cities have harsh weather conditions daily, and the temperature rises and down frequently. Goats can even adapt to these environmental conditions.

Also, goats can tolerate the most scorching weather than other domestic animals. Plus, they are less likely to catch any virus or infections, unlike other livestock.

Excellent milk producers

Goat’s milk is also known as “foster mother of human” due to its quality.

Hence it the best type of milk for humans for consumption in comparison to any other domestic animal’s milk. Also, it is inexpensive, easy to digest, and highly nutritious.

It is to be noted that they rarely cause any allergic problems, whether they are a baby or someone old.

Furthermore, it is used as a medicine in Ayurvedic products for people dealing with cough, asthma, diabetes, etc.

Natural Fertilizer

Its manure is high in quality and is used as a natural fertilizer for agriculture. Hence, it will also help maximize agricultural production.

Things to remember before you start a business:

Check out some quicks tips to remember before you begin your business venture:


The most important thing is to find the correct location for your farm. However, most goats survive in warm places.

Also, they live together with a minimum of 15 goats. Hence individual farming is not effective.

Goats can live in a small area. However, a large place is better where they can roam freely. Also, this will help the goats get resistant to infections, viruses, and sicknesses.

Besides, it is best to have a farm far away from the city life as the pollution is harmful to the goats.

As they eat grass every day, they must get their food source in an area not far from the farming land.


Goats have a lot of different breeds; some grows faster whereas other produce more milk. Therefore, it depends on you what kind of breed you choose to rear.

Also, you can keep multiple breeds to harvest both milk and meat. But the investment will be a lot more.

But it would help if you remembered that different breeds mean various types of management and care. It is better to talk to an expert who will guide and make the best decision for you.


Many common diseases such as goat pox, foot infection, bacterial infections such as brucellosis and anthrax, mouth infection, and PPR are dangerous for the animal.

They need to be vaccinated as soon as they are born or within five months of age.

Entire expenses and profit

The profit and expenses are depending on the business. Moreover, with proper planning and good management, you can make your goat farming business extremely profitable.

Small business needs fewer investments, so the profit is like a regular income. However, large business needs more money and a lot of other material costs.

For beginners, one should start with a small-scale business.


It would be best if you always took care of your goats properly. They should never eat contaminated water and rotten food.

Also, keep their farming house clean as much as possible. Try to clean them daily.

It should be noted, kids, pregnant does, and breeding bucks should be kept with utmost care. After birth, the kid and mother should be kept together for at least six weeks.

Final Thoughts

Now you know which goat farm near me is the best, how to start a goat business, risks and advantages. However, it is best you keep in mind that each business has its own risk. But with good care and proper management, there will be better production hence more profit.

Moreover, goat farming can be a significantly lesser risk, highly profitable business because they are fast-growing and can be used in multiple ways.

So, start your business soon, and do let us know how your venture is coming along!