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Essential Things You Need to Know When Applying for A Medical Marijuana Card

Individuals can use medical marijuana to prevent seizures in epileptic children and relieve chronic pain experienced by cancer patients. Legalizing marijuana has been a topic of debate hotly contested by politicians and officials. Legalizing medical marijuana is permitted only with a doctor’s prescription specifically for this drug in certain states. Medical marijuana has many benefits, but for individuals to abide by the law, there are several things you need to know before applying for a card.

What Exactly Is Medical Marijuana?

Medical marijuana is cannabis used as a medical treatment. Doctors prescribe different types of medical marijuana for various conditions. For example, you can find medical marijuana used to relieve chronic pain in a tincture form which individuals consume orally. Other forms of medical marijuana include oils, pills, and edibles where the “medicine” is mixed into foods for easier ingestion or swallowed whole. You can also purchase various types of “shatter” marijuana oil. “Shatter” includes THC, the main ingredient in medical marijuana.

Why Do You Need a Medical Marijuana Card?

A medical marijuana card allows you to possess, purchase or grow marijuana legally following the laws in your state. To qualify for a medical marijuana card, you will need to be issued a prescription by an authorized physician. When attempting to obtain a card for the first time, doctors will ask for a medical history and have you fill out forms regarding your health. If you receive the approval for a card, you will get the permission to purchase or possess marijuana as prescribed by your physician.

What Are the Legal Requirements to Apply for A Medical Marijuana Card?

To apply for a medical marijuana card, for instance, a Pennsylvania marijuana card, you must fill out an application from your local Department of Medicinal Marijuana Enforcement office. You will also need to provide certain documents to prove you are legally allowed to apply. These documents include your driver’s license or identification card, social security card, and state-issued identification. The office of Medicinal Marijuana Enforcement will also require you to carry a prescription from an authorized physician stating your need for marijuana.

If a doctor prescribes marijuana for you, they will provide a certification stating this and their signature. If you have never received a prescription for marijuana before, you must bring your medical history to the evaluation. Once in possession of all of the required documents, take them to the Department of Medicinal Marijuana Enforcement office for your application. If you are approved, you will be issued a card.

Old vs. New Applications

According to facts surrounding the issue, there are two types of applications that you can use. One is a standard application used by people who have never had a medical marijuana card before. The other is an abbreviated application used by people who have already had one but are applying for a new one. These applications include basic questions and will ask for your social security number.

You will also be required to agree to the medically valid reason for using marijuana, which many doctors note as chronic pain. The only difference between the two applications is how you answer the question regarding how much marijuana you can grow. The standard application allows you to grow up to six marijuana plants if you have never had a card before. If you already have a card and are applying for a new one, you will only be allowed to grow three marijuana plants.


The medical use of marijuana may be legal in your state. By taking a little time to learn the ins and outs of applying for a medical marijuana card, you may find yourself able to understand better the process and benefits of using cannabis as a legitimate treatment.