Annual Health Check-Up

Why Annual Health Check-Up is Important?

In most of the cases, we consider visiting a doctor only when things go haywire or take a serious turn, like an unplanned hospitalization, isn’t it? Be it the case of a tetanus shot, a nagging back pain or a long standing dental appointment in one of the best hospitals in Hyderabad. Annual Health Check-Up-

Usually, we opt to go for painkillers and home remedies and hope that it will go of its own. We approach for help only when it starts interfering our day to day life. However, most of the systemic conditions, be it hypertension or diabetes, detected at an early stage can be controlled with basic diet modifications and lifestyle changes. 

Health negligence is one of the main key reasons for most of the life-threatening or critical diseases. So, if you are also someone who is sailing in the same boat and has been ignoring health for quite sometime now then it’s time that you listen to your body. 

As we already know that it is difficult to treat or cure a health condition in its advanced stage. Thus, it is better to nip an ailment in the bud before it gets serious. Going for a general health check up near me is the best way to find out whether or not you are suffering from a disease. These screenings would help in the diagnosis of any ailment at the onset thereby making the treatment procedure easier for the doctors.

 Health Check – Up Importance- Annual Health Check-Up

Prevent health issues – Systemic conditioniabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure, cancer, HIV/AIDS, anemia and coronary arterys like d diseases are ascertained by doing blood tests. It is only through blood tests that doctors are able to determine whether or not the major organs like the heart, kidneys, liver, and thyroid are functioning properly. When you go for an annual check-up, blood tests are conducted thereby making you one step ahead and in charge of your health.

Lower health care costs – A huge hospital bill is one of the dreaded things for people around the world in today’s time and age. By taking preventive measures like going for a health screening once a year, unexpected or sudden expenses on healthcare can be curbed to a great extent. A person would be able to keep his ailments in check with a timely diagnosis. General health check-ups have prevented many from going under the knife and aggravated health conditions.

Identifies Diseases Related to Stress – Modern lifestyle and hectic work schedule are the two most important reasons for stress. And unfortunately, stress brings with itself a boatload of diseases that include alth check-up every yearhigh blood pressure, hypertension, obesity, asthma, depression, Alzheimer’s, mental disorders and gastrointestinal issues. When people take the time to go for he, they ensure that none of the ailments get to a point beyond their primary stage.

Eliminates further growth of disease – Cancer is a disease where if you identify it later, it can be hard to diagnose. Doing a regular body check-up can help doctors diagnose a disease before it poses high risk.

Reduces the risk of complication during treatment – Once you are diagnosed with a health condition at an early stage, the complexity and risk involved are less when compared to diagnosing at a very late stage. A regular check-up can help in recovering your body from any health concerns.

Increases life span – By doing a regular check-up of your body and health, you can be assured of how healthy you are. By taking the preventive advice from the doctor and following the doctor’s prescriptions can increase your lifespan as well.

Regular health check up tests can vary depending on age, gender, family history, and overall health. Many of us, including our previous generation, hesitate to do a routine medical check-up. But through a preventive health check-up, you realize that you are healthy, which in turn offers peace of mind.

Routine medical examination and tests can help find problems before they start. They also can help find problems early, when your chances for treatment and cure are better. Which exams and screenings you need depends on your age, health and family history, and lifestyle choices such as what you eat, how active you are, and whether you smoke.

You must always enquire about the health check up cost before going for the test. 

Tips to Prepare for a Annual Health Check-Up

Your medical examination provides a great opportunity to discuss what to do and not to do for your future health and well-being. For patients who like to glean the most benefit from their annual checkups, there are few tips to help you prepare for it, such as:-

Schedule an Appointment

The first step is to schedule an appointment for your physical with your primary care physician. If you don’t already have a PCP, which insurance companies sometimes term a “health care provider,” you can call your health insurance company for a list of providers in your area.

Fasting Before Test

When making your medical test appointment, be sure to ask whether you will need to fast before your tests. While most patients won’t have to, those with certain health conditions may need to, especially if your doctor plans to have some labs taken at your physical.

List of Medications

You must put together a list of medications that you are currently taking (including herbal supplements, vitamins and over-the-counter medications, as well as prescription medications.)  You will also need to be prepared to list other medical care providers that are prescribing medications for you such as specialists.

Bring Results of Medical Tests

If you have had any medical tests conducted since your last physical, please be sure to bring in a copy of the results. Additionally, if you have seen any specialists please bring their names and contact information with you.

Carry a Current List of your Immunizations

It is essential to make sure that you have a list of your immunizations because this is a key element of your overall healthcare and it should be updated. 

Be assured that Your Wellness Visit is Confidential

Your healthcare provider may ask detailed questions in an effort to review your body’s systems from head to toe. Patients often struggle to mention “intimate” or “difficult” matters, such as urinary incontinence, erectile dysfunction, and domestic violence for various reasons. It’s your physician’s job to keep you healthy; and he/she won’t find your concerns embarrassing, even if you do.

So, if you have been ignoring your health so far, it is crucial to focus on the importance of regular health check up.

 Book an appointment at a nearby hospital for an annual Whole Body Health Checkup right away.