Emily’s Milk Chocolate Cocoa Dusted Pecan Halves

I’ve worked with Emily’s Chocolates several times before, and since they make solid, decent chocolate, I’m always happy to try their products. After a few shipping snafus, I finally received a generous sample box of their holiday goodies. Even though it’s now March, no worries; their holiday/seasonal wares are still available on their website.

While I’d already reviewed the cherry hazelnut and cranberry almond mixes, I’d never before tried the milk chocolate cocoa dusted pecans or the milk chocolate covered graham crackers. I’ll cover the former today; you’ll get the latter on Wednesday.

Calling these guys “milk chocolate cocoa dusted pecan halves” are quite a mouthful, so from now on, they shall just be pecan halves. But they are far more than pecan halves. They are whole pecan halves (is that oxymoronic?) evenly coated in a thin layer of high quality milk chocolate and dusted in unsweetened cocoa powder. So simple, yet somehow so good!

I can’t figure out why these were so addictive. Pecans are a mild nut, and these halves are unroasted, so they’re extra mild. Yet there’s something about their grainy crunch that, when combined with Emily’s high quality milk chocolate coating, makes these guys extremely poppable and addictive. I wish I had more. Just goes to show, simplicty can be sumptuous. A ZOMG!