Brenda Gantt

Who Is Brenda Gantt and How Did She Become So Popular

You might have heard those fantastic stories of people who lived their life like ordinary people but became highly successful in their old age. The leading example is Colonel Sanders from KFC. However, now we have another example, Brenda Gantt.

It wouldn’t be wrong to claim Gantt’s popularity as an overnight success. Other digital creators take years of consistency but fail to succeed; Gantt did it in just a few months.

She used to sell sweet biscuits and cookies at her physical store, but the business wasn’t going well during the pandemic. So, with the help of her grandchildren, she decided to teach her skills on social media. Her video instantly got viral on Facebook and received over a million views within two weeks.

Gantt believed that her friends and customers might like the video and that she would receive some publicity. However, it never went as expected, but it went much better. Her fame might be new, but her skills and experience are pretty old, which made her loved by millions.

This article unfolds all details about Brenda Gantt, her personal life, her cookbooks, her net worth, and all other exciting yet undiscussed facts. If you were looking for one good source to find all details about her, then you have it. Read till the end and enlighten yourself with all updated information.

Who is Brenda Gantt?

Brenda Gannt lived as a school teacher, but now she is a chef and popular social media personality. She is well-known for her cooking videos showcasing tutorials for preparing sweet biscuits and cookies. Gantt released her first cookbook, “It’s Gonna Be Good, Y’all”, in late 2021.

Her journey as a digital content creator started in the 2020’s spring in America. When the whole world was experiencing the peak of Covid-19 and was forced to stay inside the home, like others, her small business was also affected, so she decided to make video tutorials with no intention of getting viral or pursuing it full-time.

However, it went the other way, and one of her videos got viral overnight. Millions of users watched her video worldwide, and she was bombarded with comments from people she had never heard about. Indeed, it was the rise of a new-age creator.

Brenda didn’t let the charm fade because people were already bored at home. She continued uploading videos on Facebook and was blessed with excellent engagement. She has millions of followers who engage frequently, and Gantt is now famous.

The chef says her tech-savvy son-in-law helped her a lot in the process. From uploading the first video to maintaining consistency, he was always there to help.

Apart from videos, Gantt has also launched two cookbooks, which we discussed in the article below.

Brenda Gantt

Brenda Gantt husband

Her husband’s name was George Patton Gantt. He was a native of Andalusia, Alabama, and completed his studies at Livingston University. He served as a US marine cop and was honorably discharged from duty.

After completing his studies, George started working in law enforcement as an Alabama Beverage Control Board officer. He worked there for 25 years and retired as the chief and director of the company.

During his retirement, he maintained two businesses named Sweetgum Bottom Antiques and Hickory Ridge Lodge. Also, the couple jointly owned and ran a company called The Cottle House Bed and Breakfast.

George followed similar religion to his wife, Christianity. He was also known for serving at the Bethany Baptist Church for thirty years.

The couple lived happily for over five decades, but unfortunately, George had to leave before his wife. He passed away in 2018 at the age of 72.

Children and grandchildren

As mentioned, Gantt’s son-in-law helped her upload videos and maintained her account. But she also got two real children with her late husband. She has a daughter Hannah Gantt and a son Dallas Gantt.

Her children are now grownups and have their respective families. We decided to dig deeper into them, and here is the complete information.

Her son Dallas Gannt follows his father’s path and serves law enforcement as an officer in the Tuscaloosa Police Department. He now has a family; Dallas is married to Anna Gantt, and the couple has two children. His daughter is Isabella Gantt, and his son is William Gantt.

Likewise, Hannah Gantt is also married to Walt Merrell. Her husband works for a reputed post as an Alabama District Attorney. The couple has three daughters: Cape Merrell, Banks Merrell, and Bay Merrell.

None of the Gantt’s grandkids is married yet, and their actual age is unknown to the world.

Brenda Gantt cookbook

Noticing her widespread popularity and people in love with her cooking recipes, Gantt decided to launch her cookbook in 2021. She currently owns two books. Let’s know about each one of them, one by one:

1. It’s Gonna Be Good Y’all

She launched her first book in 2021 with absolutely no experience in publishing. Indeed, she worked as a teacher for her life and was familiar with writing but crafting a book is a different experience. Gantt did it, and thankfully, it worked!

She named her book “It’s Gonna Be Good, Y’all.” The book is her first published collection and includes a wide variety of recipes and stories close to her heart. Collectively, the book offers hundred dishes for breakfast, dinner, desserts, and snacks.

Each recipe makes you feel close to her. She is well-known for creating recipe videos for cookies and biscuits but never tried other food items on her channel. But her cookbook allows you to check the options you might have been looking for.

Some of her cookbook’s popular recipes include Fried Okra, Chocolate Fudge Pie, Chicken and Dumplings, Squash Alabama, Tomato Gravy, etc.

The book is an excellent collection of all vegetarian and non-vegetarian food items. With fantastic recipes, you also find an array of Gantt’s personal stories, photos of her everyday recipes for the videos, and plenty of helpful instructions that make cooking a piece of cake.

If you are looking for that specific Alabamian taste in your food, indeed the book is worth investing in.

Brenda Gantt

2. Linger Around the Table Y’all

Gantt recently launched her new cookbook, which is said to be better than the previous one. This one got better ratings because Gantt is now experienced in writing books and delivering her thoughts, stories, and instructions in written format.

Her new cookbook showcases her life as a small-town girl who loves to follow her tradition and utilize the best available resources. She says the book will help you to make the most out of what you already have.

Indeed, it’s a cookbook, but it also includes many stories about her personal life, the importance of nurturing friendships, hobbies, and the basic small things that keep you going.

In a few pages, Gantt shares her stories of inviting her college friends’ home to celebrate Christmas, hosting neighbors for a small party, cooking Alabama Fire Crackers and beef stews, and a lot of happening stories that grab your attention and give you a feel and ideas to enjoy by yourself.

Besides food stories, the book also includes glimpses of her stories about dancing, sewing, gardening, and drawing. This book also contains one hundred recipes and would be perfect for people looking for new cooking ideas with information on how and where to use them.

Some popular recipes from Gantt’s new book include Macaroni Salad, Chicken Hot Pie, Poor Man’s Caviar, Mason Jar Trifle, Ambrosia, Brenda Gannt biscuits, etc.

This book is said to be a companion of Gantt’s first release, and people who loved her first book will indeed find this one interesting. This version also includes 100 recipes by Gantt but allows you to connect better with her and get to know many more unknown details about her personal life.

How Brenda Gantt became so popular?

Success came to Gantt most unimaginably. She uploaded her first video with the help of her son-in-law with a motive to share it with friends and family to check their reactions. She never planned to get viral or write cookbooks.

However, things turned in her favour, and over a million users watched the video within two weeks. People liked her recipes and her way of explaining. She became popular!

Gantt didn’t stop creating videos after initial success. She continued to craft videos that people loved – the consistency and the ability to learn and improve with each video made her start a name in the food blogging industry, and she touched new heights.

Her popularity and business grew more with the launch of two cookbooks. These books are full of positive reviews where people praise her for their unique selection of recipes, good explanation, and the touch of personal stories that allow them to connect with the creator easily.

How much is Brenda Gantt worth

Gantt wouldn’t have imagined that she would be so popular in her 70s that people would search for her net worth on Google. But it’s true, and citing the popularity, most people are now interested to know “How much the creator owns?”

In reality, no official or trusted sources have revealed her net worth. Multiple websites on the Internet claim unimaginable net worth. You get all sorts of answers for $500 thousand to $10 million.

These websites don’t verify the source of information; the answers are far from satisfactory.

So, how much is Brenda Gantt net worth?

We cannot provide you with an actual number, but it can be anywhere between $500 thousand to $ 1 million.

The claim of $10 million is indigestible because she just started as a Facebook creator in 2020, and business isn’t all about making money; it comes with certain expenses as well.

Brenda Gantt

How many followers does Brenda Gantt have? Is she still popular?

Her popularity is debatable!

Indeed, Gantt’s books are doing pretty well and are piled up with positive reviews from satisfied readers, but her social media accounts are not doing as great as we expected. Here is what you must know.

Gantt started her journey on Facebook; earlier reports reveal that she had over 2.5 million followers on her Facebook page. But as of now, her Facebook page is inactive. Upon searching for “Brenda Gantt,” we found multiple groups; of course, they aren’t hers. She is now inactive on Facebook.

We checked her Instagram profile to find more details, and luckily, it worked. She has 220K followers on Instagram, but her last post was on 3rd September.

You can find her active on YouTube sharing both vertical and horizontal videos. She has 107K followers on YouTube as of now.

There is no information about why she is currently inactive on social media, but we hope that she might return soon and amaze us with her fantastic recipes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the most asked questions about Brenda Gantt on Google. If you don’t find your question listed below, please leave it in the comments.

1. Does Brenda Gantt has a physical store?

Yes, with her husband, Gantt owned a small food outlet, The Cottle House Bed & Breakfast. Unfortunately, her husband left the world in 2018, but Brenda continues the business independently.

2. Is Brenda Gantt planning to another cookbook?

She has already released two cookbooks and received a welcoming response from readers. Citing the popularity, she might release other books, but we don’t have any official confirmation.

3. When Brenda Gantt started her Facebook page?

Gantt started her Facebook page in 2020 when the world suffered from a global pandemic. She was also facing losses in business, but her viral videos helped her to recover.

4. Which religion does Brenda Gant follows?

Gantt follows Christianity by birth. Every Sunday, she attends a church at Bethany Baptist in Andalusia.

5. Where does Brenda Gantt live?

Gantt currently lives in Alabama. Before becoming an Internet sensation, she worked as a teacher; she retired from work and accompanied her husband to run a business in Andalusia, Alabama.

6. How many kids and grandkids does Brenda Gantt have?

Gantt is a mother of two kids – Dallas Gantt and Hannah Gantt. Also, she is a grandmother of five – Isabella Gantt, Willian Gantt, Cape Merrell, Banks Merrell, and Bay Merrell.

Final thoughts

If you want to start cooking with Brenda Gantt, follow her recipes from her social media platforms and interact with her through comments. You can also take cues from the Brenda Gantt cookbook that simply wants to make you start baking.