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14 Best Bread For Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

No sandwich can match the satisfaction level of a cheesy, crispy, and comforting grilled cheese sandwich. Also, not all breads are created equal when it comes to creating the perfect grilled cheese experience.  In this article, we will explore various breads, revealing the best bread for grilled cheese options to take your sandwich to new heights of deliciousness.

Whether you’re looking for a sophisticated, complex twist or simply want to elevate the simplicity of grilled cheese, the bread you choose will play a pivotal role in turning an average sandwich into something extraordinary.

What is the importance of Bread?

We love adding delightful extras like sweet and savory jams, honey, and fresh fruit slices to our sandwiches. But remember, the bread you choose is just as crucial as the cheese, and even a simple grilled cheese sandwich can be a masterpiece with the right ingredients.

Don’t underestimate the impact of each component, even in a two-ingredient sandwich. They all contribute to the final result. That’s why picking the perfect bread to take your sandwich to the next level is essential.

Let’s quickly explore details about what bread is best for grilled cheese sandwich without wasting much time.

Tips to choose the best bread for grilled cheese

Here are some tips that will make the bread selection process easy:

  • Opt for durable bread that maintains its structure during grilling. A reliable choice would be whole wheat or sourdough bread, as these varieties possess a denser texture that can withstand the grill’s heat.
  • Seek out bread that offers a slight chewiness, enhancing the gratifying texture of your grilled cheese sandwich.
  • Avoid excessively dry or moist bread. Dry bread becomes brittle and crumbly when grilled, while overly moist bread can become soggy.
  • Consider the bread’s flavor profile. Opt for a bread that complements the cheese and other ingredients, enhancing the overall taste of your grilled cheese sandwich.
  • Embrace experimentation by exploring various bread types. With numerous options available, don’t hesitate to try something new for your grilled cheese creation.

14 Best Bread For Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Here are the types of bread to choose and the reasons why they are perfect:

1. Pullman bread

Pullman bread, known for its square shape and fluffy texture, is a specific type of sandwich. It obtains its distinct qualities from being baked in a special loaf pan equipped with a lid. This pan give the bread its unique shape and texture.

While Pullman bread is commonly employed for sandwich-making, it is also delightful when savored independently or utilized in other recipes like French toast or bread pudding.

The beauty of using Pullman bread for a sandwich is its uniform slices and soft and yielding texture. The cheddar cheese melts as the heat works its magic, enveloping the succulent tomato and savory bacon in a symphony of flavors.

Each bite becomes an exquisite harmony of contrasting elements, which can only be achieved when the perfect bread is combined with the finest ingredients.

Pullman bread

2. Artisan bread

Artisan bread is crafted using top-quality ingredients and a lengthy fermentation process, resulting in a delectable flavor, chewy texture, and stunning crust.

If you want to take your grilled cheese to the next level, creating your own artisan bread is the ultimate choice. The unparalleled texture, flavor, and overall experience of a grilled cheese sandwich made with artisan bread will leave you craving more.

best cheese for grilled cheese

3. English muffins

This is one of the best bread for grilled cheese sandwiches but also a versatile option that extends beyond breakfast, making it suitable for lunch or dinner.

English muffins withstand heat admirably and readily absorb the butter or oil used in cooking. Additionally, an English muffin’s unique nooks and crannies create the ideal environment for melting cheese and achieving that delightful gooeyness.

By opting for it, you can embrace a scrumptious and effortless approach to relishing timeless comfort food.

English muffins

4. Sourdough

It is made from a fermented mixture of flour and water and boasts a distinctive tangy flavor. Alongside its chewy texture and grilling resilience, it is a preferred choice for creating grilled cheese sandwiches.

Opting for sourdough bread results in a delectable and fulfilling meal. The tangy notes beautifully complement the creamy melted cheese. This recipe harmoniously combines mild and extra sharp cheddar cheese, resulting in a grilled cheese sandwich that is rich in flavor and wonderfully cheesy.


6. Pumpernickel

The bread is crafted with rye flour, molasses, and brown sugar and boasts a deep brown color, soft texture, and a touch of sweetness. Its robust flavor makes it a best bread for grilled cheese sandwiches.

Try adding sliced cornichons and whole-grain mustard for a delightful twist. The cornichons in the bread contribute a salty and briny flavor, while the whole-grain mustard adds a hint of heat. Alternatively, thin slices of tart apple are a popular addition, infusing the sandwich with a pleasant balance of sweetness and acidity.

best cheese for grilled cheese

7. Multigrain

Multigrain bread is considered the best bread for grilled cheese sandwiches due to its resilience on the grill and its robust flavor that harmoniously complements cheese.

A popular variation involves adding mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, and basil to your sandwich. The mozzarella melts splendidly, imparting a creamy texture. The tomatoes contribute acidity and sweetness, while the basil infuses a refreshing, herbaceous taste.

Another well-liked option is to include blue cheese and fig jam. The blue cheese provides a pungent and salty flavor, while the fig jam adds a delightful touch of fruitiness.

best cheese for grilled cheese

8. Pretzel Buns

While it may seem unexpected initially, we assure you that this unconventional choice will leave you with no regrets. The unique qualities of a pretzel bun, characterized by its firm yet the doughy texture and delightful saltiness, create a harmonious interplay with creamy, gooey cheeses.

Imagine sinking your teeth into a grilled cheese sandwich where the chewy pretzel bun becomes the canvas for a melty symphony of flavors.

The contrasting textures and flavors of the pretzel bun and the oozing cheese create a delectable culinary experience that is both intriguing and utterly satisfying. Don’t avoid this unconventional pairing; embrace the unexpected and allow your taste buds to revel in the magic.

Pretzel Buns

9. Brioche bread

While it may not be the most readily available option, trust us when we say it’s worth the effort. This bread boasts a soft and tender texture that transforms into a delectable combination of crunchiness on the outside and softness on the inside when grilled to perfection.

What makes Brioche bread the best bread for grilled cheese is its subtly sweet taste, which pairs beautifully with the saltiness of the cheese. The outcome is a delightful symphony of flavors that will enchant your taste buds and leave you yearning for another bite.

So, don’t hesitate to seek Brioche bread for your next grilled cheese adventure. Its unmatched texture and delightful flavor profile will elevate your sandwich to new heights of deliciousness.


10. Deli Rye

The caraway seeds used to prepare this bread offer a distinctive fragrance, adding an extra dimension to the overall experience. Each bite reveals the perfect harmony of flavors, where the creamy cheese, savory meats, and tangy sauerkraut dance together in delicious unison.

The combination of textures, from the crusty bread to the melting cheese and the tender fillings, creates a gratifying sensation with every mouthful.

Deli Rye

11. Baguette

Transform day-old baguettes into gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches! Start by slicing the baguette horizontally down the middle, creating two halves. Place them on a griddle with the cut side facing outwards, allowing for a perfect crispy and golden-brown exterior.

For the filling, melt some creamy Camembert cheese and pair it with your choice of jam or Alpine cheese. Enhance the flavors by adding caramelized onions between the layers of cheese.

Once assembled, grill the sandwich until the cheese is ooey-gooey and the bread is beautifully toasted. Enjoy this delightful twist on classic comfort food!


12. Challah

It is a bread soaked in Jewish tradition, crafted from a harmonious blend of eggs, water, flour, sugar, and yeast. Its renowned braided appearance and subtly sweet taste have earned it a special place in various culinary creations, including the timeless grilled cheese sandwich.

The bread’s tender and airy interior pairs beautifully with the delightful crispness it acquires when grilled. This texture allows the bread to hold against the melted cheese, ensuring a satisfying sandwich that remains wonderfully crisp without becoming soggy.

The bread’s gentle sweetness introduces a subtle hint of sweetness that balances out the savory saltiness of the cheese. The result is a well-rounded symphony of flavors that tantalizes the taste buds and brings perfect harmony to each bite.


13. Rye Bread

Rye bread perfectly matches grilled cheese sandwiches, offering a unique flavor and texture that pairs perfectly with melted cheese. Made from rye flour, it has a distinct nutty and slightly sweet taste, adding depth to each bite. Its denser texture prevents sogginess and provides a satisfying crunch.

Thicker slices of rye bread enhance the sandwich experience with a hearty mouthfeel and added crunch. Including seeds like caraway adds an extra layer of texture and flavor.

Rye Bread

14. Ciabatta

Ciabatta, an Italian bread resembling a softer baguette, features a semi-hard crust and a soft, airy interior due to its higher water content.

This bread strikes a wonderful balance, offering the sturdiness to support a variety of toppings while maintaining a soft texture that won’t scrape the roof of your mouth.

Unquestionably, ciabatta bread is one of the best bread for grilled cheese sandwiches. Stack mozzarella, tomato, basil, and balsamic glaze to create a classic Caprese variation. For an extra touch of flavor, consider adding some savory prosciutto.

best cheese for grilled cheese

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the best bread for grilled cheese sandwich?

Several excellent options include Pullman bread, artisan bread, sourdough, English muffins, and multigrain. The best one depends on your personal preference. We have mentioned their details above.

2. Can I use pretzel buns for a grilled cheese sandwich?

Yes, pretzel buns can create a unique and delicious experience with their firm texture and saltiness.

3. Which bread suits a tangy flavor in a grilled cheese sandwich?

Sourdough bread is an excellent choice as it has a distinct tangy flavor that complements the cheese.

4. What kind of bread can add a strong flavor?

Pumpernickel bread can bring a string flavor to your grilled cheese with its rye flour, molasses, and brown sugar.

5. What bread works well for a crispy exterior?

Baguette is a great option for achieving a crispy golden-brown exterior in your grilled cheese sandwich.

6. Can I use gluten-free bread for a grilled cheese sandwich?

Yes, there are gluten-free bread options available that can be used for a delicious grilled cheese sandwich.

7. Is it necessary to butter the bread before grilling?

While it’s unnecessary, buttering the bread can help create a crispy and golden-brown crust on the sandwich.

8. Can I use different types of cheese?

Absolutely! Grilled cheese sandwiches can be made with various kinds of cheese, allowing you to experiment and create unique flavor combinations.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best bread is crucial for a great culinary experience. The options mentioned in this article offer a range of flavors and textures will give you variety.

From Pullman bread and artisan bread to English muffins and sourdough, each choice brings unique qualities. Pumpernickel, multigrain, and pretzel buns offer robust flavors and intriguing textures. Pullman loaf, brioche bread, deli rye, and baguette provide their delightful twists.

Remember to experiment and have fun with different breads to create your perfect masterpiece.