arroz caldo recipe

Arroz Caldo Recipe Filipino for the Perfect Comfort Food

Arroz Caldo recipe is a type of soup recipe from the Philippines. It is quite delicious and can act as the perfect comfort food.

Whenever you are sick, this Arroz Caldo recipe has the wonderful ability to make you feel better and recover faster. So you see that this article might come in quite handy in the future. This is why you need to read the full article about the Arroz Caldo recipes and try making this for dinner today!

There are many versions of this Arroz Caldo recipe. You, too, are free to create some new versions and share them with us! But first, you need to know the traditional version.

No matter what you decide to use or prepare the Arroz Caldo recipe, the taste won’t change that much. So that is a relief!

There is also a new twist at the end of the article. But that is a secret for now!

Arroz Caldo filipino recipe

Let’s take a look at the traditional Arroz Caldo recipe:

What you will need for the recipe

For Arroz Caldo recipe Filipino, you will need chicken, of course, along with glutinous rice, medium-grain rice, garlic, vegetable oil, fish sauce, ginger, onion, full boiled eggs, Kalamansi, and sesame oil.


For starters, take a medium-sized vessel and then put both the glutinous rice and medium grain rice in that. Put some chilled water into it so that the rice gets soaked well enough.

Give the whole thing some time to get tender. Meanwhile, you take a pan and put the chicken into it with enough water. When the whole thing starts boiling, you need to lower the heat.

Notice the color of the water carefully. If you see the broth getting quite cleaner, you will know that the chicken is ready. Then separate the chicken from the broth and save it for later usage.

Add some vegetable oil and garlic into a pan. Keep the heat moderate. Then it would help if you continued stirring for five minutes.

When the garlic starts changing colors, transfer it on a paper towel to absorb the oil. Then put some onion into the same pan and give it five minutes to prepare completely. After the onions are ready, include the minced garlic and ginger to do the same.

Now turn your focus on the rice which you saved for later usage. Eliminate the water from the rice and include it in the pan and the onions. Whip the rice with the onions, and after some time, the rice will get covered with it.

Now it’s time to include the fish sauce and plenty of chicken broth you made earlier. When it starts boiling, lower the heat. You must give it at least 20 minutes to prepare completely.

You can adjust the thickness of the soup by adding some more broth. But that entirely depends on you.

Sprinkle some salt and chili flakes to enhance the taste. Then it’s time to introduce the chicken finally. Discard the bones and all to do the final serving.

Pour the main soup all over the chicken chunks and include some more chicken. Drizzle some roasted garlic and spring onion all over the recipe. Lastly, garnish it with fully boiled eggs cut in half, Calamansi, and sesame oil.

arroz caldo recipe

Caldo de pollo con arroz recipe

Now it’s finally time to reveal the secret. Here’s a new recipe for you.

This section will tell you about the Caldo de Pollo con Arroz recipe. This one is a Mexican recipe, unlike the traditional Arroz Caldo recipe. If you ever go to Mexico, you will see this recipe prepared in each house.

This one is tasty and healthy enough, just like the Arroz Caldo recipe. So if you don’t want to eat Arroz Caldo, you can go for this one.

There are so many variants of this particular recipe. But here we are providing you with the one who thought is best for you. Check it out before you switch your mind to cook something else instead!

The more you include vegetables in this recipe, the better. So we are giving you options here. But it would help if you kept it in mind that in this case, the spotlight is on how you prepare the chicken stalk.

What you will need for the recipe

First, you will need unprepared white rice, onions, tomatoes, black pepper, garlic, vegetable oil, water, avocado, green peas, carrots, celery, chicken stalk, Monterey Jack cheese, chicken bouillon, chicken breast, and Chipotle Mexican peppers.


Put some water and rice in a large pan along with water. Let it boil in moderate heat for 20 to 25 minutes. Check if the rice has become tender or not.

Then it’s time to prepare the tomatoes just like you did with rice. After five to eight minutes, the tomatoes will be ready, and then you need to eliminate the remaining water.

It would help if you blended the onion, garlic, black pepper, and Chipotle pepper. Make sure that the texture is smooth enough. This is important to create the sauce later.

Put some vegetable oil in a pan and keep the heat moderate. Include the celery and carrot and start sauteing. Then include the sauce you prepared earlier.

Now it’s time to include the chicken bouillon and chicken stalk. Then cook for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Put the chicken breasts and green peas into it to prepare for another three minutes.

So now your Caldo de Pollo con Arroz recipe is ready. Garnish the dish with Monterey Jack cheese and sliced avocado.

arroz caldo recipe

Final thoughts

Now that it’s time to end this article about the Arroz Caldo recipe finally, here are our final thoughts.

Arroz Caldo is easy to prepare, as you already noticed throughout this article. Not to mention that it is also quite a flavourful recipe if that’s what you need right now. So don’t hesitate to go for this one if you are craving something lite yet healthy!