A Guide for Students Who Are Bad at Tests

Tests have always been an integral part of every person’s life. From academic assessments in schools and colleges to driving and job-related exams – you will always have to overcome some trials at different stages of your life. But the truth is that this seemingly habitual thing is never as easy as it seems.

According to the UCLA Center for Mental Health in School, exam anxiety is one of the very common conditions in people. Starting from kindergarten, an estimated 40%-60% of students suffer from significant anxiety that gets in the way of them performing up to their best ability. Needless to say, this condition can literally ruin your experience through school and college and even affect your future professional life. So the earlier you learn to cope with this, the better.

But how can you do this? In the case of standard academic matters, such as essays, research papers, dissertations, and other tasks, everything’s pretty simple. If you can’t handle something, you can get professional help. For example, you can pay for dissertation here and get a guaranteed high grade. But when it comes to exams, you are one on one with this challenge. But this guide will help you overcome it!


How to Overcome Exam Anxiety?

As stated by professionals, most often, this type of anxiety is caused by a number of reasons, including:

  • Not enough prep time;
  • Fear of failure;
  • Bad test experiences in the past.

Regardless of your reasons, all these causes can add additional pressure and interfere with your performance. But there are a few ways to overcome this.

First and foremost, tackling this condition requires solid self-care. That is, you must sleep and eat well before the test. Be sure to get at least seven hours of sleep and have something nutritious for breakfast. This will help you fuel your body and brain with more energy and reduce stress levels.

Secondly, there is a psychological aspect to this matter. In order to reduce anxiety, you must find a positive mental attitude and retain it. That’s where meditations, sports, and calming breathing techniques should help.

Lastly, if you need to get rid of anxiety, the only way to do this is to reduce external stress factors. Namely, you must arrive for your exam in advance to reduce the stress of being late. And, of course, you must be well prepared to stay confident that you can handle this challenge.

6 Tips to Nail Any Test With Ease

So you already know how to reduce anxiety that interferes with your performance. Although this is a big step to success, that’s not all.

Now, let us give you a few study tips that will help you nail any test like a pro:

Prepare in Advance

This should go without saying. Still, many students tend to neglect this rule in their lives. When it comes to passing tests, it’s crucial to get ready for them early on. No matter how hard you try, you physically can’t fit weeks of studying into a single cramming section. So plan your time wisely and prepare bit by bit every day instead.

Find a Study Buddy

Study buddies can help your academic success in multiple ways. First of all, they create a stronger support system that you can rely on when things get tough in school. And secondly, studying together with someone else should help you retain the motivation to do your best.

Besides, when it comes to preparing for exams, your study buddies can help you figure out topics you didn’t grasp earlier and make up for your own knowledge gaps. So start preparing for your exams in advance. And find yourself a companion who will get ready with you!

Read Carefully

In many cases, students underperform on their exams due to a simple reason – they don’t read (and understand) what’s being asked. So the very first tip for nailing your tests is to take your time to read every question carefully to ensure that you understand the task.


Study the Test Construction

One of the reasons you might be afraid of taking tests is that this is always a step into the unknown. Indeed, when you come for the exam, you never know what exact questions you will need to answer. And this can be terrifying.

To mitigate this feeling, you need to understand the test construction better. Find out what types of questions and tasks will be there. Also, be sure to clarify what topics will be covered. This knowledge will help you feel confident and nail your exams like a pro.

Take Practice Tests

This is the part most students hate. Indeed, when you suffer from exam anxiety, you can feel rather challenged even when taking a practice exam that won’t affect your grade. But this is the approach that works the best. Taking practice exams helps in multiple ways. Namely, it helps:

  • Prepare mentally and reduce stress;
  • Identify your weak spots;
  • Understand how to read prompts and questions the right way;
  • Understand how to filter out incorrect answers, etc.

Pro tip: After taking practice exams, you can even come to your teacher and tell them what you struggled with the most and ask for additional topic clarifications.

Get Rid of Distractions

When you are in school or college, you always have to deal with a wealth of assignments simultaneously. Even when an important exam is just around the corner, you won’t be freed from other homework tasks, which can make it rather hard to dedicate enough time to test prep. But there is a simple solution.

Turn to the best paper writing services before day X and delegate other tasks to professionals. This will help you reduce the load and pressure. And you will be able to prepare well.

The Bottom Line

Taking tests always seems complicated and stressful. It’s natural. But there are many ways to overcome this feeling and achieve excellent results.

Use the tips from this guide to overcome anxiety and prepare for your exams like a pro!