8 Questions asked the most about garage door repair

Many homeowners face common garage door questions on how to fix track or sensors, change worn out springs or get rid of the grinding noise. Quality garage door repairs and replacements depend on the issue and owners’ repairing capabilities. Unfortunately, some cases may also cost a fortune, especially issues concerning electronic devices.

The good news is you can always find DIY tips on how to fix the garage door or get professional services for garage door repair in Maryland like STIGarageDoor. Let’s check 8 frequently asked questions with the solutions about garage door repair that face homeowners.

1. Why should you replace the garage door?

We have collected the main questions from various related and third-party sources. It helps to provide a broader point of view and possible solutions to the queries people have. One of the most popular questions concerns the replacement of garage doors.

Garage door replacements are rare. Most companies offer a warranty period of 10-20 years and maintenance during the warranty time. Sure, you might have to deal with repairs from time to time. With the right maintenance, you can have a perfectly functioning door for even 30 years.

On average, the door goes up and down about 1000-2000 times per year. It causes wear and tears on the way. However, you can prevent it by spraying lubricants regularly and maintaining cleanliness, changing items and details.

Fixing broken things could be also annoying, especially if problems come on a regular basis or the repair could not save a garage door. Therefore, it’s time to think on changing one and put a quality product. A new replacement may cost you from 1,500$ to 4000$ depending on the model.

2. What is the cost of repairing the garage door?

Another common question concerns the cost of repairs. The cost usually depends on the extent of the damage. It can lie between $125 and $300. It includes the material and the labor hours. The quality of the parts matter. For example, a high-quality spring might cost you $290. On the other hand, you might find springs for $90.

Many people would like to save labor money and do the repair themselves. Our advice: If you come from a professional background, there is no problem. In any other cases, incomplete or faulty repair might worsen the issue. You will end up paying double.

3. What characteristics justify garage door replacement?

Consider a replacement if the door makes a terrible noise while closing or opening. The door might be vibrating as well. The main reasons might be:

  • broken bolts,
  • damaged hinges,
  • scattered tension on the tracks.

You might also think about a new door if there was an intruder or raccoon attack. If you have had this door for over 40 years and now are seeing problems with opening and closing, this is another time you should get a replacement.

4. What is better: replacement or repair?

The simple answer to this would be a garage door repair. For obvious reasons, the repair is cheaper and time-saving. When you start door replacement, you might have an open garage for some time. Some garage door owners don’t find that comfortable.

Technically speaking, the extent of damage decides whether you need a temporary fix or to change the whole system. If you have a problem with bolts, bearings, springs, sensors and rolls, you can individually replace them. However, the door suffered high extent damage because of bad weather or robbers, replacing would be better.

5. Why is it getting difficult to open the garage door?

You might have an object hindering the sensor, a dirty lens or a bad LED. Sensors play a crucial role in receiving the signal from your remote and forwarding it to the opening motor. Also, wear and tear might hinder the opening as well.

Check the sensor, clean the tracks and examine the area for objects. When the automated door detects a small stone, it can stop the process. Yeap, just a small stone can stop the process. The door would also stop when there is a pet while the door is closing to avoid accidents.

6. Does the opener require regular maintenance?

Yes, regular maintenance is the best way to prevent heavy repairs and replacements. Here are a few things to do:

  • Offering regular company services
  • Providing regular lubrication 
  • Cleaning tracks
  • Cleaning sensors
  • Covering sensors during bad weather

7. What is the cost of replacing key parts such as springs and rolls of the garage door system?

Springs can cost anywhere between $90 and $300. You might pay $85 to $200 for garage rollers. Naturally, you can find cheaper and low-quality variants of independent parts. Or you can get half-priced offers on online platforms.

We recommend getting good quality material to avoid repetitive repairs. That way, you can stay tension-free. To know what springs or rollers you need, you can check the model number or get information from your garage door company.

8. Why is my garage door shaking while closing?

There might be a problem with the bolts, bearings or pulleys. The pulleys are made of cast iron and are heavy and robust. However, the constant rubbing of iron might cause friction and lead to erratic behavior. Vigorous vibrations are not common for garage doors. You would like to check the mentioned parts or call for a service in the worst scenario.

Final thoughts

Those are the common queries from garage door owners. In any case, maintenance is the best way to prevent hefty repairs. We would recommend you to follow the service guide as provided by your garage door company. Most companies provide 2 or 3 free services after buying the automated system.

You can get the professional services when you need or mentioned in the guide. Also, follow the cleaning and lubricating rules. Calling for help instead of repairing springs or pulleys yourself is always better. A professional team would examine the situation and with your permission, perform quality repair which may cost you less in the long-run.