Best Sports Betting Tips Social Accounts  


The online sports betting sphere is booming like never before. Predictions are that by 2024, more than forty US states will have legalized wagering on sports, and the number of offshore platforms facilitating internet gambling will have grown past the three thousand mark.

To say that there is an overabundance of betting platforms would be an understatement. According to top NFL sportsbook reviews, there are at least a few dozen high-quality internationally regulated picks concerning American football alone. So choosing a site to bet on the NFL is no easy matter, and neither is selecting one to use for soccer and NBA wagering.

With online gambling gaining so much traction swiftly, hundreds, if not thousands betting tipster services have emerged, covering virtually every sport imaginable, from horse racing to table tennis. Many of these have been around for a minute. But only recently rose to prominence due to this pastime attaining a vaster user pool than ever. They boast stunning alleged bet-winning percentages and claim to have access to information that’s not widely available.

What many newbie gamblers don’t know is that they can find similar, if not higher-level quality, advice on popular social media platforms for free. Tipsters ply their trade on these networks, earning a living through affiliate commissions by suggesting to gambling enthusiasts where to bet on NFL games online, plus contests from other top sports leagues. Here is a list of what many in the know consider the ten best such accounts.  

1. Peter King

Undoubtedly, Peter King is one of the most respected and prolific NFL writers, providing his thoughts each week, exclusively for, via his popular Monday morning NFL column. Many call him the Grand Poobah of NFL writers, as he has been active in this sphere for over three decades. His Twitter handle is @peter_king, an account citing 1.8 million followers, launched in 2009.

2. James Murphy

James Murphy, better known under his Twitter moniker, Football Tips (176 K+ followers), is one of the best soccer tipsters and a preeminent authority on international sports betting. He is a PaddyPower contributor and an adamant promoter of responsible betting. Murphy heavily recommends anyone who believes they are developing impulse control issues regarding this hobby reach out to the UK-based charity Gamble Aware.

3. John Schuhmann

Schumann is a New Jersey-based NBA writer who provides his advanced knowledge of basketball stats to readers. He does not supply tips per se on social media, but the analytical data he posts on his Twitter (@johnschuhmann, 85K followers) help bettors make more educated guesses. Schumann also has in-depth articles on that deliver math-based analyses of players’ contributions to the offense and defense of their teams.

4. Scott Kellen

SixthSenseNFL is one of Twitter’s most underrated and handy NFL-oriented accounts (@SixthSenseNFL). It is run by Professional handicapper Scott Kellen who joined the platform in the summer of 2014. So far, Kellen has not managed to attain much of a fan base, boasting a following of only two thousand. Yet, he is the only two-time champion of the Golden Nugget Football Showdown, so his advice should never fall on deaf ears.

5. Mark Stinchcombe

Stinchcombe is a frequent contributor to the award-winning Matchbook betting podcast, a show that has claimed the honor of The Best Betting Podcast on the Smart Betting Club Awards for three years. He is a soccer odds compiler for bookmakers, who has a degree in game programming and works with top-end gambling platforms like BetUS and Betfair. Mark is active on Twitter (@markstinchcombe), where Stinchcombe has six thousand followers, active since 2010, but the best way to get his tips is through his blog or his appearances on the Betfair podcast.

6. David Payne Purdum

Purdum joined the ESPN family in 2014, but he has been covering the gambling industry full-time since 2008. His past works have included coverage of New Jersey’s court battles with the sports leagues and the profiling of famous sports bettor Billy Walters. On Twitter, Purdum is active under the handle @DavidPurdum, a profile with eighty-four thousand followers, up since April 2009. David now writes about betting for ESPN Chalk, primarily focusing on NFL wagering.

7. Andy Robson

Andy’s Football Tips (@AndyRobsonTips) is a soccer-based account that sprung up on Twitter in early 2015 and so far has amassed an audience of almost half a million wagering fanatics. It offers free tips backed by cited data. For those wondering, this is not a profile run by one individual. Instead, it is an account with a staff of multiple people working to generate the best football betting advice on the Web.

8. Todd Fuhrman

Fuhrman is the co-owner of the Bet the Board Podcast and is a top race and sports analyst. His credentials include working as a lead gambling expert for Caesars Palace and CBS Sports. He decided to take the Twitter plunge in 2011 (@ToddFuhrman) and now regularly tweets his NFL picks to his one hundred and fifty followers. Many CBS viewers have stated that Fuhrman does a terrific job of bringing an oddsmaker perspective to the NFL conversation, introducing complex handicapping terms to laypeople.

9. Marc Stein

Aside from Peter King, who claims the number one spot on this list, American sports reporter Marc Stein, an NBA staple who has written for the New York Times and ESPN, has the most Twitter followers. One million and four hundred thousand people observe @TheSteinLine, an account that Marc Stein established in June 2009. It primarily posts NBA news but often offers unique perspectives on games, winning odds, and insider tips.

10. Brian Burke

@BBURKEESPN on Twitter is the ideal tool for those craving statistics to guide their betting choices. Brian Burke founded Advanced Football Analytics and now works as an analyst for ESPN. He publicly started posting his advice on Twitter in 2010. His follower count is thirty-three thousand sports fans who cling to his statistical insight to make educated bets. He will not only tell you the best NFL betting sites you can sign up for but also rattle off the wisest wagers to lay down.