Need a Tortilla Press

5 Reasons Why You Need a Tortilla Press in Your Kitchen

If you love cooking Mexican dishes, especially tortillas, a tortilla press can be your best friend. It will help you make tortillas faster with little kitchen mess. Even if you are not a fan of Mexican food, a tortilla press is good for your kitchen. 

A “tortilladora,” as it is called in Mexico, is a simple, inexpensive tool usually made of cast iron or wood. Although they are inexpensive it is important that you buy from sellers who understand that weight and its distribution are vital to turning out perfectly pressed tortillas. 

Choosing the right tortilla press

Can’t decide between a cast iron or wooden tortilla presses? The advantage of using cast iron is the weight and leverage, which makes pressing easier. You will realize this when making a lot of tortillas over some time.

Common wooden presses are made of pine, which will not withstand continuous use for a long time. Sturdier ones are made of hardwood, usually oak or mesquite. There are tortilla presses manufactured elsewhere that are made of aluminum and plastic. But for longer use, get a reliable cast iron tortilla press like the ones at

Is a tortilla press necessary?

If you plan on making very many tortillas the short answer is, yes! It takes a lot of time and effort to individually roll out tortillas and it is almost impossible to make sure they are all the same shape and size when doing it by hand.

If you wind up in a pinch, a rolling pin may be the best alternative to the traditional tortilla presses. If you do not have a rolling pin, you can use your hands and banana leaf to flatten the dough. 

In DIY fashion, you can also use a skillet, a flat-bottomed casserole dish, or whatever kitchen equipment you have to replicate a tortilla press. But while a tortilla press may not be a common kitchen appliance, it’s worth having in your kitchen.

What can you use a tortilla press for?

One thing for sure, they’re not just for making tortillas. We’ll share with you five reasons why you need a tortilladora in your kitchen.

  1. Can’t get enough tortillas

If you make tortillas regularly or in large quantities, you need a tortilla press. It will help you create uniform, round, flat thin disks for that perfect tortilla. If you make more than what you need for the day, recycle them to make some chips or a quick snack.

  1. Homemade is better

Homemade tortillas made with your reliable tortilla press are easier to cook. Depending on what you put into your tortilla mix, you can also prepare a healthier option. Use your tortilla press to prepare corn tortillas. They have lower carbs, calories, and fat compared to the classic flour tortillas. Aside from tortillas, you can also make tasty arepas, empanadas, pupusas.

  1. Other cuisines

Not craving tortillas today? Use your tortilla presses to make homemade dumpling wrappers, pita bread, and whole flatbread. The tortilla presses are great to experiment with Indian food, a tortilla press can be used for making chapati, roti, and other Indian breads. 

  1. Have a thin crust pizza

Try something else and make homemade tortilla pizza. You can use your tortilla presses to flatten the pizza dough. Then lavish the pizza crust with your choice of toppings!

  1. Help the environment

If you are like most people that love Mexican inspired dishes you have probably been buying your tortillas in a plastic bag of 8-10. We have even seen them being sold wrapped individually! That is a lot of plastic.

But we get it. We know how hard it is to roll out your own tortillas. It is time-consuming and difficult, but a tortilla press is the ultimate solution. You don’t have to buy tortillas wrapped in plastic and you can make your own without all the hassle and work of rolling them out! 

How do you keep tortillas from sticking to the press?

When preparing to press your tortillas, cut wax paper into squares to cover the plate’s base to prevent the tortillas from sticking. You can also use parchment paper

Little maintenance needed

Unlike other kitchen utensils that require constant upkeep, a tortilla press is simple to use and easy to clean. Just wipe the press down with a dry cloth and put a little oil before storing it to prevent rust. 

Prepare healthy meals using your tortilla press. The best part about preparing your meal is that you can choose your ingredients. You don’t have to stick to the original recipe. Make your healthy version of just about any dish with the help of your tortilla press.