World Market Strawberry and Champagne Dark Chocolate

This week, I’ll be reviewing a bunch of chocolate bars from Cost Plus World Market’s in-house brand, World Market. Today, I’ll start with the most indulgent sounding of the bunch, Strawberry and Champagne Dark Chocolate. The big bar was lightly scored into squares, each imprinted with the World Market logo. The back of the bar…

Climate Change and Cocoa

Via my friend Ali, bad news for cocoa farmers from Marion Nestle: current climate change predictions indicate that by 2050, temperatures will be too high for cacao to be grown in Ghana and Cote D’Ivoire – two regions that currently produce about half the world’s cocoa.

Incredible Candy-Themed Cakes

I love cake decorating shows. Whenever I have access to cable on JetBlue or in a hotel, I always stop my channel surfing on Ace of Cakes (never forget!) or Cake Boss. And while Cake Wrecks’ daily wrecks are hilarious, my favorite posts are the breathtaking works of cake art that are posted on Sundays….

Jelly Bean Factory – 12 Flavor Gift Box

I received a generous assortment of free samples from the Jelly Bean Factory, sent all the way from Ireland. In the U.S., they’re sold under the name Jelly Bean Planet. I’m under the impression that they’re the Jelly Belly of the U.K. I actually gave the Jelly Bean Factory a brief review when I bought a tube…

Vosges Black Salt Caramel Bar

I picked up this Vosges Black Salt Caramel Bar at Cost Plus World Market, one of my favorite new candy sources. It contained “black Hawaiian sea salt, burnt sugar caramel”, and a 70% dark chocolate. Like their Blood Orange Caramel Bar, the caramel here was oozy and runny. It definitely made the bar messier, but…