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Cadbury Commercial – Now with Ostrich

September 16th, 2010 by Rosa

Here’s another weird Cadbury commercial, via AdFreak.

I’m not sure how good it will be at selling chocolate, but it is sweetly inspirational.

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Kinder Cioccolato

September 15th, 2010 by Rosa

I bought these Kinder Cioccolato bars in Italy, but I’ve seen them at random grocery/convenience stores in the U.S. before. They came 8 mini-bars to a pack, making them ideal for souvenir gift-giving.

It seems like Kinder is trying to play up the pseudo-healthiness of these bars. See that blue square touting more milk, less chocolate?

Each of the eight bars were individually wrapped in paper. They were nicely sized – slightly bigger than a Kit Kat finger – for snacking with portion control.

Each bar was pseudo-divided into 5 segments, and each segment’s top was stamped with a little crown-like decoration.

The bars were milk chocolate on the outside with an off-white, nearly yellow cream filling.

The milk chocolate was thick and creamy. It tasted sweet and slightly nutty, with that classic Kinder chocolate and praline taste.

The center filling brings lovely vanilla dairy notes that float above the rest of the bar.

My friends who got to try this and I all really enjoyed it. It’s a nice simple, sweet, and scrumptious snack – a great little creamy pick-me-up. An OM.

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Creepy Disembodied Hands Sell Cadbury

September 14th, 2010 by Rosa

I swear candy ads are weirder than those of other products (if anyone wants to run the numbers for me, let me know how they turn out). Case in point, these new ads for Cadbury candies, via AdFreak.

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Zitner’s Butter Krak

September 13th, 2010 by Rosa

I got this Butter Krak confection from my friend Laurel. I don’t remember where she bought it. I think she mostly bought it because the name’s hilarious.

Neither the wrapper nor the name gave much indication as to exactly what this was. The ingredients list did list “cocoanut”. Typo or purposeful pun?

It turned out to be a dark chocolate log filled with a coconut and vanilla butter cream.

The dark chocolate that made up the shell had bits of coconut mixed in. It was pretty good on its own: a decent depth of chocolate flavor with a sweetly nutty finish.

Unfortunately for the dark chocolate shell, the center filling was a nuclear sugar bomb. It was so sweet that it burned my throat.

The white filling was basically a butter cream with bits of coconut mixed in. It had a dry, pasty, grainy texture with some chewy coconut flakes mixed in.

There was some nice coconut flavor hidden in there, but the balance was totally wrong. The cloy of the filling totally overwhelmed everything from the coconut to the chocolate shell.

I’m glad Laurel bought this for me. I did eat the whole thing over several sessions and with liberal quantities of water to wash it down, but it’s just too sweet. A .

If you want a second opinion, Candy Addict reviewed this a few years ago.

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Milka Extra Romig

September 10th, 2010 by Rosa

Hot on the heels of Wednesday’s Milka 2 Chocs review comes yet another review of a Milka bar that I picked up in Italy. Today, I’ll cover the Milka Extra Romig – I think that means extra creamy?

The chocolate had a soft break with a thick yet thin melt. Sounds oxymoronic, yes? By thick yet thin, I mean that it melted thickly yet had a cool and fatty mouthfeel.

The texture was similar to that of a mousse – it had been whipped once upon a time but was thoroughly solid.

The chocolate had strong notes of genuine vanilla, along with notes of dairy and cream and a touch of caramel. Finally, there was just a hint of sourness and a bit of throat-burning sweetness to the finish.

The bar had a great milk chocolate flavor, and the once-whipped texture really elevated it to something special. My friends enjoyed it as well. An OM.

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Tempered good news for chocolate and health

September 9th, 2010 by Rosa

Here’s another study showing that chocolate can have a beneficial health effect. In this particular case, 1 to 2 servings of dark chocolate a week was found to correlate with a reduced incidence of heart failure.

BUT the study comes with a key caveats: daily or near daily chocolate consumption suggested no beneficial health effects. As the NY Times write-up said, “too much chocolate can cause weight gain, offsetting its benefits.”

My chocolate consumption is pretty irregular since I tend to taste and photograph a lot in a single day. At least they didn’t report a negative effect of excessive chocolate consumption! Well, aside from weight gain.

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Milka 2 Chocs

September 8th, 2010 by Rosa

Last week, I reviewed the Ritter Sport Chocolate Duo. Today, I’ll review Milka‘s version of a chocolate duo, the Milka 2 Chocs, which I also purchased in Italy.

The bar itself was nice to look at: lightly segmented rectangles, each stamped with the Milka logo, with a pretty cow-splotch white chocolate pattern that went across the whole bar.

The bar was solid with a soft break and an extremely thick melt. Milka is named after the milk that goes into their chocolate, hence the extreme creaminess to the texture.

The milk chocolate component was sweet, with dairy and cocoa flavors, and pretty well mixed with the taste of the white chocolate. The white chocolate brought along nice vanilla notes, so the spots are more than just for show.

Unfortunately, the bar as a whole also tasted throat-burningly sweet, with a burn that lingered through the finish. Way too much sugar for my taste.

While this bar was nice to look at, I found it rather painful to eat. But because I have a lower tolerance for sweet chocolate than most, I’ll leave the rating as an O. It’s not terrible, but it’s definitely not for me.

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Candy Filled Modern Love

September 7th, 2010 by Rosa

Last weekend’s NY Times Magazine Modern Love column was a poignant and candy-filled memoir. If only I could write like that!

I think I may consume too much candy to have such strong memory ties to specific sweets. But I do have plenty of memories where loved ones and candy intersect:

I have thoughtful friends who have lived and traveled all over the world who bring me/mail me candies that they come across and think I’d like. I always feel guilty that they go to such trouble and expense, but I also feel loved.

I had an ex-boyfriend who was sweet enough to haul what must’ve been a 20 pound bag of loot from Economy Candy all around New York City because I wanted to go there first and couldn’t resist filling my shopping basket. I don’t think he even got to eat much, if any of it, as I insisted that they remained untouched until I could photograph them.

My current boyfriend let me drag him into every convenience store, grocery store, and candy store that we passed on a 10-day trip through France and Spain. And he only rolled his eyes at me a little when I chose to snack on truffles and Haribo instead of tapas and baguettes. He didn’t eat any of the candy either because he was on an absurd no-candy-or-desserts kick.

Here’s to hoping that there are no candy + divorce lawyer memories in my future!

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Labor Day Vacation

September 6th, 2010 by Rosa

Today is a U.S. holiday that more or less marks the end of summer. I’ll be spending the day in the office (got to get cracking to my grad school applications!), but I’m taking the day off from candy blogging.

I hope that most of you American readers will be too busy enjoying the holiday to be on your computers anyway. Have a great Labor Day, and I’ll be back tomorrow!

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Hi-Chew – soda flavors

September 3rd, 2010 by Rosa

These soda flavored Morinaga Hi-Chews came as free samples from Look at the lovely effervescence on those wrappers!

They came in three flavors: lemon soda, cola, and white soda. If you’ve never had them before, Hi-Chews are individually wrapped, rectangularly shaped chews that are usually fruit flavored.

Their chew is bouncy and mostly not sticky, except when you get to the end. Then they can get really sticky and worm their way into the nooks and crannies of your teeth.

The three flavors were easy to visually distinguish. Cola was an unappetizing shade of brown with just a tinge of booger-green.

Fortunately, its flavor was spot on. It tasted genuinely of cola, with notes of lemon and caramel.

Lemon soda was the pale but vaguely psychedelic color of lemon meringue. It had a supremely zesty bite with a hint of pithiness.

That light bitterness was nicely ameliorated by the taste of brightly sour lemonade. I really appreciated its complexity and the fact that it didn’t coddle your tastebuds.

White soda was the one that was most foreign to my tastebuds. When I tasted it (not consulting my helpful translation notes from, I was expecting ramune flavor, which is citrusy.

Instead, it initially tasted neutrally sweet with a faint strawberry fruitiness. Then, it transitioned to carrying a hint of liquid sour yogurt, which is a yogurt-flavored drink that you can buy in Asian grocery stores (the name’s literal translation from Chinese is “sour milk”). It was nothing like ramune!

Turns out white soda is yogurt flavored. Who woulda thunk it?

Cola and lemon soda get OMs for their tasty flavor complexity. White soda gets an O for being sort of weird but at least interesting!

These guys made me wish that American mass produced candy could be as adventurous as Japan’s sweets.

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