Candy Filled Modern Love

Last weekend’s NY Times Magazine Modern Love column was a poignant and candy-filled memoir. If only I could write like that!

I think I may consume too much candy to have such strong memory ties to specific sweets. But I do have plenty of memories where loved ones and candy intersect:

I have thoughtful friends who have lived and traveled all over the world who bring me/mail me candies that they come across and think I’d like. I always feel guilty that they go to such trouble and expense, but I also feel loved.

I had an ex-boyfriend who was sweet enough to haul what must’ve been a 20 pound bag of loot from Economy Candy all around New York City because I wanted to go there first and couldn’t resist filling my shopping basket. I don’t think he even got to eat much, if any of it, as I insisted that they remained untouched until I could photograph them.

My current boyfriend let me drag him into every convenience store, grocery store, and candy store that we passed on a 10-day trip through France and Spain. And he only rolled his eyes at me a little when I chose to snack on truffles and Haribo instead of tapas and baguettes. He didn’t eat any of the candy either because he was on an absurd no-candy-or-desserts kick.

Here’s to hoping that there are no candy + divorce lawyer memories in my future!