Milka Extra Romig

Hot on the heels of Wednesday’s Milka 2 Chocs review comes yet another review of a Milka bar that I picked up in Italy. Today, I’ll cover the Milka Extra Romig – I think that means extra creamy?

The chocolate had a soft break with a thick yet thin melt. Sounds oxymoronic, yes? By thick yet thin, I mean that it melted thickly yet had a cool and fatty mouthfeel.

The texture was similar to that of a mousse – it had been whipped once upon a time but was thoroughly solid.

The chocolate had strong notes of genuine vanilla, along with notes of dairy and cream and a touch of caramel. Finally, there was just a hint of sourness and a bit of throat-burning sweetness to the finish.

The bar had a great milk chocolate flavor, and the once-whipped texture really elevated it to something special. My friends enjoyed it as well. An OM.