Milka 2 Chocs

Last week, I reviewed the Ritter Sport Chocolate Duo. Today, I’ll review Milka‘s version of a chocolate duo, the Milka 2 Chocs, which I also purchased in Italy.

The bar itself was nice to look at: lightly segmented rectangles, each stamped with the Milka logo, with a pretty cow-splotch white chocolate pattern that went across the whole bar.

The bar was solid with a soft break and an extremely thick melt. Milka is named after the milk that goes into their chocolate, hence the extreme creaminess to the texture.

The milk chocolate component was sweet, with dairy and cocoa flavors, and pretty well mixed with the taste of the white chocolate. The white chocolate brought along nice vanilla notes, so the spots are more than just for show.

Unfortunately, the bar as a whole also tasted throat-burningly sweet, with a burn that lingered through the finish. Way too much sugar for my taste.

While this bar was nice to look at, I found it rather painful to eat. But because I have a lower tolerance for sweet chocolate than most, I’ll leave the rating as an O. It’s not terrible, but it’s definitely not for me.