Wilbur Chocolates – Cashmere and Bronze Medal

I got a few of squares of Wilbur Chocolates in my free Chocolate Gift Pack from the National Confectioners Association. I’ve never heard of them before, so I was happy to get the chance to try them.

They call their milk chocolate Cashmere, which I find a fitting name, as I associate milk chocolate with a softer, more luxurious melt than that of dark. It was significantly lighter in color than the semisweet, which looks almost black in comparison.

The Cashmere was super thick and amazingly, tongue-coatingingly creamy. Yet it also had a strong snap to it when bitten into, an unusual combination.

Its flavor had strong butterscotch notes with a fruity, sweet finish. I thought it was a delicious milk chocolate treat that would convert any dark chocolate snob. An OM.

Bronze Medal was extra snappy. Its cocoa flavor was genuine, dark, and incredibly deep, with notes of cherry and dried cranberry.

If I could figure out how to buy this, I would reach for it as a great snacking chocolate. I loved its depth of flavor and lingering finish. Another OM.