love and having sex

What’s the difference between making love and having sex?

Sexologists, bloggers, your friends, all strive to make the difference between making love and having sex. Actor Eddie Murphy said at a time … there is no difference between the two. Immediately it was assumed that he is a man and therefore does not see the difference. 

You are having sex when there are no emotions involved

For example, you want to date escort Roma. You are doing so because you simply want to be sexually satisfied. You don’t want to fall in love and have a romantic relationship. You only want to have sex and satisfy your deepest sexual desires. Of course, you will pay a certain amount of money for these services. Yet, this doesn’t matter because you will be satisfied. This is sex about. You can also have sex with someone you have just met and with whom you don’t want to have anything else than just a sexual act.

Most men have sex

In fact, all men have sex, right? If you were to analyze more closely the definition of the act of lovemaking, respectively sex, you realize that all people have sex. The act of “making love” is not only an expression of elegance but something that occurs with feelings for a partner. When you do not get involved emotionally when having sex, then it is fake! One difference between the two is that when you make love you are also mentally and emotionally connected with that person. 

You certainly won’t feel like that when having sex. Sex is only about physical pleasure and nothing more. Some women try to dispose of sex as an animalistic act when there are feelings for that man. Like when love is a shame to have sex. Erroneously associate the idea that having sex, we take the one next to us as a sexual object. We can not take such behavior with the one you love, right? So any woman in love will say it is love, not sex. Well, no matter how in love you are, when you do not want it to feel deep inside you, you can not reduce sex to make love! 

In addition, it makes no sense to deny what you brought together: physical attraction! You say it is a superficial notion that can not form the basis of a relationship. How many couples do not fall apart after years of pure love because of the missing flame of passion? That magnetic attraction that makes you feel excited, that feeling that makes you want hot and passionate sex? It makes no sense to ignore this aspect of the relationship and turn it into something “profound”. 

It is so amazing to make love

People who are truly inlove know exactly what I am talking about. Feeling your partner’s entire body, his smell and his breathing while enjoying physical pleasure, it is surely something unique and special. You cannot compare having sex with making love. These two are so different, and the emotions they involve are also so different. The desire to have sex, to have your partner’s body, and live the thrills of sexual pleasure is very important in a relationship. 

Because love devoid of physical appearance can not sustain a love relationship. The hottest sexual experiences we enjoy in our serious relationships, not adventures. Just think about who you want to tie you to the bed, a guy met at a party or your boyfriend? Confidence sex partner is a quality engine. Even though men don’t recognize, they also make love with the woman whom they are in love with. They just don’t want to show their vulnerable part, because they think this part is only for women. 

A man is supposed to be strong and not sensitive or emotional. But, a woman must know how to make a man sensitive and emotional. She must discover this part of him and accept it so that the relationship can work. Unfortunately, these days people are cheating quite a lot, instead of investing in their partners and their relationships. They are only looking for intense moments and feelings and not deep connections that could las a lifetime. 

They just want to live the moment, and this is exactly why they are not happy. Because, when that happy moment passes they return inside if them and they notice that there is still an empty place in their hearts. If they would invest time and emotions in a single person, things would be totally different. Things will be stronger and this type of relationship will last forever, and not only a few weeks or months. 

So, people should make love more often and have sex as rarely as possible. Not to mention the fact that making love can highly improve your health, the physical one as well as the mental and emotional one. You will be a happier person who will enjoy life to the fullest. You can be sure of that. So, start changing your life right now and you will have the best satisfaction ever!