Sexual life and Health

Sexual life and Health

Sex is part of individual wellbeing and healthy life. Sex and health are intrinsically connected, and healthy sexual life impacts overall wellbeing and health. Good sex embodies physical, psychological, and emotional benefits as it reduces anxiety and stress, improves self-esteem, reduces the risk of heart disease while increasing joy.

Though the health benefits associated with good sex can be achieved through other pleasurable practices such as exercising, playing games, getting enough sleep, and eating right, sex is one of the most natural ways to improve the quality of life. Taking time to have sex relieves an individual from psychological turbulences while increasing the level of happiness.

It is important to know that sexual health is beyond the avoidance of unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases but is a great source of pleasure and intimacy. Sexual health recognizes sex and sexuality as an integral part of human life and survival.

The Health Benefits of Sex

Assists in keeping the immune system strong ? people who have sex frequently have higher immunity levels that help protect the body against viruses and germs. Sexually active individuals have higher specific antibody levels than those who are not sexually active.

Enhances bladder control in women ? good sex is key to strengthening the pelvic floor muscles to avoid incontinence. Orgasm causes contractions of pelvic floor muscles, which make them stronger.

Lowers the risk of heart attack ? a great sex life keeps heart disease afar as it balances the level of testosterone maintains a level of estrogen while raising the heart rate. Having sex quite often is medicinal.

Reduces stress and anxiety ? sex boosts happiness and self-esteem. Closeness to sexual partners drives away anxiety while caressing releases hormones that keep the body feeling good. Sexual arousal intensifies human pleasure.

Reduces body pain ? orgasm can prevent pain from being severe due to hormone that increases the pain bar higher.

Lowers individual?s blood pressure ? there is a direct link between sex and lowered blood pressure as studies show that sexual intercourse lowers systolic blood pressure.

Enhancing the level of libido ? well-planned sexual life would improve sex performance by raising libido level.Use libido gummies click here for  can libido gummies work.

Improves sleep ? after sex, a person sleeps so soon because, after orgasm, the hormone responsible for sleepiness is released, and it is called the hormone prolactin. Better sleep usually contributes to a longer lifespan, having more energy during the day, and a stronger immune system.

?Benefits of sex to your mental health

Good sex boosts mental health by:

  • ? ? ? ? Increasing levels of intimacy in relationships
  • ? ? ? ? Increasing level of love in relationships
  • ? ? ? ? Increasing level of trust in relationships
  • ? ? ? ? Increasing sexual satisfaction that enhances mutualism
  • ? ? ? ? Improving the ability to observe, identify, and show out emotions
  • ? ? ? ? Reducing or eliminating psychological defense mechanisms
  • ? ? ? ? Reducing emotional conflicts
  • ? ? ? ? Boosting confidence in relationships.

Ways to improve your sex life

Improving your sex life is now much easier than ever, and professional sex therapists and appropriate medications are at your disposal. These are some of the tips you can use to improve your sexual health:

Self-learning ? there are several learning materials on sex and sexual health which you can use to learn more about sex and better sexual life. There are even online and digital learning tools you can explore.

Use of lubrication ? if you are experiencing vaginal and penile dryness, use lubricating gels and liquids to avoid painful sex. You cannot enjoy painful sex. If the lubricant is not working, consult a medical doctor for further guidance.

Practice Kegal exercises ? exercising pelvic floor muscles enhance sexual fitness, and both men and women can do the exercise. Daily exercises are recommendable for great results.

Consistent physical affection ? engage in continuous romantic exercises such as cuddling, touching, massaging, and kissing for the psychological, emotional, and physical bond. Even if you feel tired, give it a trial almost daily.

Explore different sex positions ? trying different sex positions might help solve a problem you could have with a given style. It also increases interest between partners.

Eat right ? eating the right diet will help improve your sexual stamina. Have a healthy meal plan to enhance romantic encounters and exploration with your beloved partner.

Before a sex session with your partner, always relax, engage in an activity that soothes your psychological and emotional wellbeing. You can try yoga, taking a cool rest, or having a relaxation session.

Embracing a vibrator ? women can try using a vibrator. The vibrator assists women in learning about the response to sexual activity and gives them time to practice what she loves most, which they can share with the partner for actual actions.

Always seek a solution if you are experiencing any sexual problems. Try several proven medications. See your doctor. Do not lose hope. There is the solution to your sexual challenge. Explore any available recommended solution

What are the benefits of masturbation?

Based on science, masturbation is regarded as very safe with few health risks linked to it. When a person does masturbation alone, risks such as sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy are zero. It is said to be increasing the mental wellbeing of a person with no mental instability linked to it.

Like sex, masturbation can offer several benefits such as increased sexual satisfaction, boosted self-esteem, enhanced sex between partners, and increased ability for orgasms.


?Besides reproduction, sex provides numerous benefits to all the dimensions of life: physical, intellectual, emotional, psychological, and social. Sex is an integral part of human health and wellbeing.