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Some Of The Best Places To Visit In Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is quite the proud state, given its history. Known as the Keystone State, PA is where the Declaration of Independence was signed, as well as where the U.S Constitution was drafted. Visit In Pennsylvania-

There are also plenty of attractions visitors could check out, ranging from some of the most popular spots pertaining to American history to places one could simply have fun.

We have some of the best listed right below to Visit In Pennsylvania.

Independence National Park and the Liberty Bell to Visit In Pennsylvania

Independence Park, home to the Liberty Bell, is one of the most famous historic locations in the United States and is a national treasure. The chief attraction therein is the Independence Hall, which is where the Declaration of Independence was signed and where the Constitution was written up. 

The Liberty Bell is right across from it and is surrounded by several exhibits explaining its history.

There’s also Independence Mall, which was laid out in 1948 and stretches out north to make up the rest of the park. It consists of other historic structures such as the Ben Franklin Museum and the National Museum of American Jewish History.

Gettysburg National Military Park

The Gettysburg National Military Park on Baltimore Pike, Gettysburg, is the site of the Gettysburg Battlefield, which is where the Civil War took 51,000 lives in 1863 during a three-day span. 

There are now hundreds of markers and monuments therein, with Seminary Ridge one of the important highlights. This was the main Confederate position west of Gettysburg for the second and third days of the war. 

There is also Cemetery Ridge, where the Union Lines were positioned the last two days, as well as the spot where the battle began at Oak Ridge.

The Park Museum and Visitor Center have lots of exhibits on display, such as the Rosensteel collection, which is one of the biggest collections of Civil War weapons, uniforms, and other personal effects. 

Wells Fargo Center 

The Wells Fargo Center is the home of the Philadelphia 76ers. It’s where you could encounter one of the toughest basketball crowds in the NBA. Known for their passion, Philly fans love their Sixers and appreciate nothing more than to see a player put his heart on his sleeve, whether he wins or not. Allen Iverson never did manage to bring a championship to Philadelphia but he is a legend over there simply because he gave his all in every game.

This year, though, the 76ers have a chance to win a title. Now led by Joel Embiid and James Harden, there’s some real potential. The bookmakers have placed 13/1 odds on the team as it pertains to their championship prospects and you could totally snag a chance at that. If you’re more into games, BetMGM sportsbook Pennsylvania has got you covered on that front.

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The 76ers will have to get through a very formidable Miami Heat team to keep their championship dreams alive. They were waiting on the start of their Eastern Conference semis at the time of writing.

Hershey Park

The town of Hershey is synonymous with chocolate, for very obvious reasons. The town also offers a famous amusement park with countless rides and other forms of entertainment for both kids and adults.

The park has been around since 1906. It was constructed as a recreational area for Hershey workers but ended up being expanded in order to attract visitors. It has kept on expanding, with new offerings being made available. 

Folks are invited to enjoy kiddie rides, bumper cars, a carousel, train, and Ferris Wheel. There are also a number of water rides for the hot summer days, as well as over a dozen roller coasters. 

That still isn’t all; Hershey Park has two large arcades and, right next to it is ZooAmerica, which a visit to is also included in your admission fee. You could skip the park altogether and visit the zoo for a cheaper rate.

ZooAmerica has over 200 animals from North American habitats such as bald eagles, mountain lions, and roadrunners. Available too is a guided tour for a behind-the-scenes look at the zoo’s operations.