Full Mouth Reconstruction

What to Expect From a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Sometimes, you simply cannot expect a filling to resolve your dental issues. This is where a full mouth reconstruction procedure comes into place. It helps fix all your problems. If you want to correct your teeth and take preventative care, it is the only procedure that you need. Although the idea of getting a full mouth reconstruction might sound scary, it will help ensure that you have a healthier mouth. This post will help explain everything that you can expect from the procedure.

What Is A Full Mouth Reconstruction Procedure?

A full mouth reconstruction procedure is a procedure that is performed for treating a variety of issues that might result in long-term issues if left untreated. In the simplest of words, a full mouth reconstruction procedure is a procedure that helps treat all your teeth in one way or another. According to My Dentist San Francisco, there are various reasons behind why you should undergo a full mouth reconstruction as mentioned below.

  • Decay
  • Collateral Damage Caused by Trauma
  • Dentinogenisis
  • Ectodermal Dysplasia
  • Ameliogenesis
  • Oral Cancer

Different treatment options would be included by the dentist depending on the depth of the dental issues. You might require dental bridges, implants, or a combination of the procedures. It is important to note that the procedures are not the same as the ones performed for aesthetic purposes. Their main goal is to improve the efficiency of your mouth so that you can easily bite, chew, and tear. Hence, undergoing full mouth reconstruction is a huge decision. Hence, you must consult with your dentist.??

Preparation for a Full Mouth Reconstruction

There are certain steps that you can take before getting a full mouth reconstruction. There are different options available and each option has its conditions. Some of the conditions that will determine if you require the procedure are mentioned below.

  1. Condition of the Teeth

One of the most important considerations that you cannot afford to overlook when determining whether the procedure is the right fit for you or not is evaluating the condition of your teeth. The level of the decay in the teeth would direct your decision.

  1. Condition of the Gums

Next, the condition of your gums also needs to be considered. It is the gum line that requires help. Some of the conditions which affect your gums include dental decay and oral cancer. The location of the teeth that have rotted out also needs to be taken into account. You might even require root planing and scaling. The procedure is necessary if you have periodontal disease, bone density irregularities, and deep pockets.?

  1. Aesthetics

In addition to the above, you also have to consider things from the view of aesthetics. Although aesthetics is something that you should be least worried about, you cannot overlook it either. The coloring, the shape of the mouth, the proportion of the teeth, and the size of the teeth will influence your decision. These factors determine the amount of work required. Your medical history along with extensive x-rays would also be required to identify the treatment plan.

Procedures for Reconstruction

There are a few different procedures that may be included in the treatment plan. The dentist would only include those procedures which are the best fit for you. It is important that you learn more about each individual procedure to ensure that you are prepared. The following are some of the procedures that you can expect from a full mouth reconstruction.

  • Reductions/ preparations of the natural teeth structure
  • Permanent restoration
  • Braces/ Limestone Hills Orthodontics 
  • Soft tissue or bone grafting
  • Temporary restoration of the new teeth

An important factor that you cannot ignore when getting a full mouth reconstruction is that it is not a simple process. It can take more than a year for the procedure to be completed. Besides this, you also have to account for the recovery period. A common misconception that some people have is thinking that a full mouth reconstruction is similar to a smile makeover. It could not be further from the truth. Even though the two procedures might use similar techniques, they are entirely different.?


Now that you know what to expect from a full mouth reconstruction, you will be better prepared to meet with your local dentist to discuss the best course of action. The dentist will work out a plan that suits your requirements. It is important that you mention all your concerns during the initial consultations to ensure that the best treatment plan is created.