Foods You Didn’t Know Were Good for Your Skin

6 Foods You Didn’t Know Were Good for Your Skin

You?re probably already aware of the foods that are bad for your skin. Sugar, refined carbohydrates, anything deep-fried – all of the same foods that should be avoided for your general health are also known for being damaging to the skin.

However, rather than focusing on what to avoid, turn your attention to the following six foods. Although some may be unexpected, each one is extremely beneficial to your skin in its own unique way, making it worth adding more of them to your diet.

Dark Chocolate

Since dark chocolate contains a small amount of sugar, it would be easy to assume that this treat isn?t going to do your skin any favors. However, while there?s no denying that sugar leads to everything from acne to wrinkles, the cocoa flavanols in dark chocolate more than make up for this.

These give dark chocolate more antioxidant activity than any fruit or vegetable out there. Of course, in addition to being packed with antioxidants, dark chocolate is also high in calories. So, to reap maximum skin benefits without any of the sugar or weight-gain downsides, eat your dark chocolate in moderation. One or two squares a day of a 70% (or higher) cocoa content product is all you need for a skin boost.


Probiotics are revered for how they improve gut health, but did you know that they can help your skin too? Balanced gut bacteria means less inflammation in the body, resulting in fewer skin sensitivities, increased barrier function, and a reduction in acne and rosacea.

Whether you go for kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut, or anything else, consuming probiotics is a great way to soothe your skin. However, consider adding topical probiotics to your skincare routine too. This allows all of that good bacteria to be delivered directly to your skin cells, rather than having to make their way through your body first.

There are now several probiotic skincare brands out there, and some are much better than others. To make sure that you?re investing in something that actually works, check out some of the products and reviews on Pierre Michel Beauty | Get The Skin Of Your Dreams.

Red Wine

While you shouldn?t use this as an excuse to start drinking more, rest assured that the next time you?re sipping on a glass of red wine, your skin will be benefiting.

Just like dark chocolate, red wine is a potent source of antioxidants. It contains compounds from the skins of red grapes that can?t be found in white wine. Resveratrol, flavonoids, and more all help to rebuild the skin?s collagen and elastin fibers, giving you a smoother and firmer finish.

Red wine is also a source of natural alpha-hydroxy acids. Combined with its anti-inflammatory properties, this gives red wine the potential to keep the pores clear and prevent acne breakouts.

Chia Seeds

A superfood that has been gaining in popularity, chia seeds are bursting with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. When these two healthy fats come together in the skin, they?re able to support and strengthen the skin?s natural barrier. This keeps your skin better hydrated, while reducing sensitivities.

Just like all of the other foods on this list, chia seeds are also a fantastic source of antioxidants. This makes them a must for anyone looking to fight the visible signs of skin aging.


Oysters are known for being low in calories yet high in micronutrients. One of these micronutrients is zinc, a mineral that?s essential when it comes to collagen and elastin production. Adding more zinc to your diet, especially in the bioavailable form that oysters provide, can help with everything from firmness and elasticity to inflammation and breakouts.

You?ll also find plenty of copper in oysters. This isn?t an ingredient that you hear much about when it comes to skincare, but it?s another mineral that?s been shown to have huge anti-aging potential.


Turmeric is one of those ingredients that?s capable of doing just about everything. It has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties, enabling it to brighten and rejuvenate the complexion while preventing breakouts and flare-ups of eczema and psoriasis.

This is all mostly due to an active compound in turmeric known as curcumin. Although curcumin is readily available as an oral supplement, consuming it in its whole form is so much more beneficial for the skin.


Your diet is directly linked to the health and appearance of your skin. While you should ideally be aiming for a diet that?s as healthy and balanced as possible, increasing your consumption of the foods listed above will give your skin an extra boost, keeping it looking and feeling its very best.Your diet is directly linked to the health and appearance of your skin. While you should ideally be aiming for a diet that?s as healthy and balanced as possible