What Makes a Website Attractive

What Makes a Website Attractive?

For any business, first impressions can make or break an opportunity. They are a crucial component of business success because they last way beyond that moment. They influence perception and go a long way in building a relationship and establishing credibility and trust with your target audience, especially online.

Design is by far the most important factor for website credibility, with 46% of site visitors citing it as the critical factor in determining the credibility of a website. Attractive websites are vital in establishing a positive and potent first impression on your audience.

4 Key Elements of Engaging Websites

You may have the best idea, content, product, or brand, but if your site doesn’t capture the eye of your visitors, or they don’t get what you’re saying, you cannot succeed. There are four critical elements to making a website attractive:

Design and color

Human beings process visual cues over 60,000 times faster than text. It means about half of your site visitors trust you not by what you say but by what they see. Color catches your eye first and instantly makes an impression about what you’re viewing. Colors resonate with different feelings and can incite various responses.

A good design speaks to credibility, care and competency. Color grabs people’s attention; design keeps it long enough for them to see what else you have to offer. The color scheme and design should be consistent throughout your website.

A clean design layout with a compelling color scheme that’s easy to read and easy on the eyes inspires confidence. It keeps the visitors on your site longer and increases your chances for conversions.

Images and Graphics

Excellent photographs and quality graphics instantly attract attention and convey class and quality. Original, clear, and composed photos and images communicate authenticity and leave a lasting first impression. The better the images, the better the appearance, the more impactful that first impression will be.


The layout of an attractive website is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Functionality should take precedence over flair – the simpler, the better. Simplicity in design makes a site intuitive and usable, making navigation and exploration enjoyable for your visitors.

A usable website should have:

  • Its intent and purpose presented in a welcoming and straightforward tone.
  • A menu that’s easy to understand and navigate, with pages arranged in order of priority.
  • A search bar, contact page, or contact details at the header or footer of every page to make communication easier. Live support chat is a bonus.
  • Enough detail and information to enable visitors to understand the value you offer to them quickly.


Consistency is often underrated, especially by designers. Our minds love creating and working with patterns. Consistency in design lets our minds focus on the message without distractions. Inconsistency in layout forces our minds to stop and reset before refocusing on what brought you to the website in the first place.

Final Thoughts

Applying these elements will make your website more attractive, but traffic bots are the way to go if you want to take it to the next level. It doesn’t matter what type of site you run – there is a traffic bot for any use. In short, an attractive website plus increased bot traffic equals more conversions and tremendous success!