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What Is the Difference Between Convent and English Medium School?

Deciding on what kind of schooling to provide your children can be tough. It is even more complicated when you have so many options. Almost every parent thinks that an English medium school in Gulshan would be the best option.

But convent schools are also getting much popularity these days. People often categorize convent schools as English medium schools. But there are specific differences between the two.

So, what is the difference between a convent and an English medium school? Let?s find out some key differences between them.

What Is a Convent School?

Before finding out the differences, understanding the definition is significant. The word ?Convent? means to create a community of religious devotion. This means that people come together to form religious associations.

When people devote their lives to religious ways, they are called monks. These monks run the convent school. And they have nuns who act as the teachers at the school.

Parents send their kids to these schools to learn the religious ways of life. And it is common for people to claim them as English medium schools. But there are some key differences.

What Is an English Medium School?

The primary concept of English medium schools is using English as a medium of instruction. You will find these schools in countries where the mother tongue is not English. They follow the British curriculum of teaching.

English medium schools have a different set of books and syllabus.? This allows students to get an international level of education. Their teaching methods are also different. They focus on the overall development of students.

Parents expect their children to get a quality education. And alongside, they develop their mental, emotional, and psychological capacity.

What Is the Difference Between Convent and English Medium School?

Now comes the main part of our discussion here. There can be several differences between the two types of schools. Here are 5 key differences between them.

Religious Views

Convent schools will always follow the religious pathway. This means that their main educational focus is to teach religious knowledge, and they will also teach your children to follow the Catholic way of life.

English medium schools can be religious or non-religious. You will find significant Islamic English medium schools in Dhaka. And then, there are many conventional English medium schools all over Bangladesh.

The Education System

Convent schools follow the Catholic way of teaching. Their primary focus is to devote lives to religion. So, the system only allows students to learn about religion.

English medium schools follow the Cambridge pathway. The British curriculum of education sets this syllabus. Students get education on various subjects, and the parents expect them to gain further knowledge through university education.

The Tuition Fees

People often conceptualize English medium schools as a business sector. The tuition fees in these schools are quite expensive. This causes most of the students to be upper-class citizens.

Convent schools have a more minimal amount of fees. Their main focus is to create a religious devotion to life. So, they have low fees ensuring good quality of education.

Discipline and Moral Values

The main teachings of convent schools are about religious values. They teach students about selflessness, kindness, and honesty. So, these schools are stricter than English medium schools. A common example is the nuns being completely away from social life. They can never get married and have children of their own.

English medium schools are much softer in that sense. There is not much disciplinary focus, but the system allows students to develop their cognitive and emotional health. These schools also arrange different events and sports. They enable students to develop creative and physical capabilities.

Teachers and Students

The nuns act as the teachers at convent schools. They are people who have devoted all their lives to religion. So, they are away from any social connections. This also makes them very kind and generous towards students, and they never shout or scream out of anger. The students also learn the same things from them. Convent school students are well-behaved than other students.

English medium schools? teachers are qualified and skilled. They are certified to teach specific subjects. And they have experience in teaching those subjects with modern findings. The students learn many things from the teachers. But they are often considered a bit ruder than convent school students.


So, what is the difference between the convent and English medium school? The fundamental difference is the schooling systems of the two schools.

Convent schools are more religious. They focus more on religious knowledge. And this allows students to devote their lives to religious ways of living.

English medium schools are more conventional, and they follow the British curriculum of teaching. They focus on education on a variety of subjects.