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Digital Marketing Tips to Help Food Service Businesses Survive Pandemic

Food businesses are the heart of many communities. Restaurants and caterers serve us delicious dishes during ordinary and special occasions. However, many of them were forced to close or even shut down since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fortunately, months into the pandemic, the food business industry is slowly reopening its doors to its customers. Restaurant owners and caterers must think of ways that will help them overcome the challenges. The pandemic has completely changed the marketing battlefield. Going digital is the new reality for the food service industry.

Here are some digital marketing tips to help your food service businesses adjust and survive the new normal:

  • Create a Compelling Blog for Your Website – Writing fresh, engaging, and relevant content is an effective way to boost your marketing efforts, bolster your brand, and capture the attention of your target audience. Your content should not necessarily market your food products. Instead, it should provide value to your readers by addressing their interests and provide solutions to their problems.

Therefore, how do you write compelling content? Here are some ideas to keep in mind:

  • Share behind the scene: Your customers do not simply choose your business because of how delicious your food is. They love you because of the experience you provide them.

Give your audience some of the important events in your business, such as how your business started, your inspiration, and the challenges and triumphs you have faced during the pandemic.

  • Share Recipes, Tutorials, and Live Shows: Even after the reopening of many food service businesses, some customers opt to order online and enjoy their food in the comforts of their homes. So, why not keep them entertained and engaged at home?

Share with your target audience some of your popular recipes. This helps establish your authority in your niche and build equity in your brand. Got the best bacon and mustard roll in town? Publish the recipe along with some great images showing its step-by-step preparation.

  • Focus on Local SEO – Optimizing your website for local search is a powerful tool that will help increase your online presence, especially during the COVID-19 crisis. It allows you to focus your marketing efforts on the audience located near your business. For example, when a potential customer searches for an “event furniture rental in Toronto,” it helps them to find such services within that area on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) quickly.
  • Use Social Media Platforms to Reach New Customers – In addition to SEO, social media marketing is also a proactive way to drive traffic to your website. Millions of your potential customers are on social media.

Digital marketing services without social media are nonsense. Not only does it help increase your online presence but also build a community of followers, providing you with more networking opportunities.

You can also experiment with different social media channels and new features to help you connect with your existing customers and reach new prospects. Use your social media pages to share helpful tips and updates, such as integrating your website with an online ordering system where your customers? orders are processed through a Canadian POS system for example.

  • Encourage Your Customers to Write Reviews – Positive online reviews can influence your potential customers? buying decisions. Giving them a little reassurance from your previous customers will help build trust and authority. Online reviews give prospects a glimpse of the quality of service you provide to your past customers.

The food service industry may still face different challenges as the world continues to transition to the new normal. This may not be the usual breakneck pace you are used to, but a top SEO Agency in Canada, or from other parts of the world, can help you update your digital marketing plan and prepare your customers for a new era of dining.