Types of Sandwich and Fillings You Must Try Making for Quick Breakfast

Whether you’re in a hurry or in a mood to relax, sandwiches can be one of the best foods you can try your hands-on. It is such a versatile food that you can just try out any types of sandwich fillings for any meal you have. Sandwiches come in so many different types with the use of breads and fillings, that you can never get bored with them. So, if sandwiches top the list of your favorites, keep your eyes on this blog. We’re going to cover everything about them and also some common types of sandwich and its’s fillings too.

Apart from a plain sandwich, you can have layers of different fillings too. You can try out veggies, cheese, fish, meat and so much more. Also, sandwich fillings can come on the top or in between slices of your favorite bread. Moreover, you can always have them according to what suits your palate perfectly. Now, let us check out the different types of sandwich.  

Types of sandwiches recipes

Here we have got for you a list of all the different types of sandwich and how different they are from each other.

1. Open-Faced or Open Sandwich

When you choose an open-faced sandwich, you must expect it to have just one slice of bread with a filling on the top. You may find them cut in several shapes too like- rounds, squares, or triangles. Usually, these sandwiches are served with a layer of butter, some cheese slices and filled with meat or veggies. You may find the garnishing to be done with pickles, raisins or carrots at times. Open-faced sandwiches are very close to the French hors d’oeuvre, canapes sandwich.

2. Plain Sandwich

You will find a plain sandwich to be usually consisting of two slices of bread. At times they are toasted and sometimes they aren’t. More so, even the crusts are removed only if you prefer them to be done like that. You must know that a thin or thick layer of butter and mayonnaise is put on the bread to create a barrier between the fillings and bread. Wondering why? Well, the fillings, usually have moisture and heavy water-content in it. So, the layer of mayonnaise or butter prevents the bread from becoming moist and soggy.

3. Pinwheel Sandwich

You will find the pinwheel sandwiches to be a lot like swiss rolls with a sandwich filling. The bread used to make these sandwiches are flat, like lavash bread or tortillas. It is cut in long lengthwise for around 3/8 inches thick. You will find people preferring fresh bread, as it is easy to roll and it doesn’t crack. Also, you’ll have to trim up the crusts and also try flattening each slice using a rolling pin. You will find spreads like marmalades, cream cheese, jams, jellies, peanut butter, cheese pimiento, or soft butter or margarines to be used in pinwheels. Basically, you require a very soft, smooth spread, so you can easily roll them up.

Even the filling should be nice and smooth and should be any chunk of meat. You can use salamis and meat that can be evenly spread all over the bread. For garnishing, or giving the sandwiches a pickling flavor, you can use thin slices of olives or some sweet pickles too. Once you’re done, roll up the entire sandwich.

Then cut it into about ½ inch rolls. Keep it in the refrigerator for a few hours and serve cold. But remember to use a sharp knife to give even cuts to your sandwiches.

Pinwheel Sandwich

4. Closed Tea Sandwich

Closed tea sandwiches are among the types of sandwiches that need to be made well before time. It has to be frozen and served immediately after taking it out from the freezer.

To make these, you need bread slices that are a day old. With the help of cookie cutters, you can make them into different types of shapes and sizes. But you must remember to remove the crusts before you do that. You can always make cute shapes like oblong, rectangles or squares too. Remember to save the crusts to make crumbs later. When you make each sandwich, you need to evenly spread out the butter one side of the bread slice. And you need to spread out the fillings on the other bread slice. Then gently place the other bread slice and press it a little. Use a wax paper or a damp clean towel and wrap up the sandwiches. You can then put them in an airtight container and freeze the sandwiches.

5. Ribbon Sandwich

You can easily say that the ribbon sandwiches are the multi-tiered sandwiches. It can easily have different types of sandwich fillings in them. You can have a layer of bread, with a bed of meat spread and cheese. Again, a layer of bread, then a spread of meat or veg and finally a slice of bread. You can easily categorize it as the best example of a layering sandwich. But again, the ribbon sandwiches are made by removing the crusts and cut into small 1inch by 1inch squares.

Since it is tall and has multiple layers, try out different colors of bread for these sandwiches. You can alternatively place green or pink slices of bread for the sandwich. For these types of sandwiches, veg or non-veg fillings are a great choice. You can store them in the freezer for hours before you serve them.

6. Checkerboard or Mosaic Sandwich

You need to make the mosaic or checkboard sandwich using two types of sandwiches. What you need to do is, remove the crust of the first one and cut it into small equal-sized squares. Then you need to place them in a way that it looks much like a checkerboard. You can try this using all different kinds of bread that come in several colors, to make it look appealing. Here we have made you a step-wise list for you to easily make them at home.

You will find the first steps quite similar to the ribbon sandwiches. Follow the steps below to make yourself mosaic sandwiches.

Step 1: You need to first stack up the bread slices and cut off the crusts.

Step 2: Then wrap them separately for a few hours.

Step 3: You need to then cut out the slices into squares, which will be around ½ inch in width.

Step 4: Then evenly spread out the cut ribbon sides with your favorite fillings.

Step 5: You need to then stack around 3 ribbon sandwiches alternatively, so that the pinks and greens contrast with each other. Wrap up the sandwiches and allow it to chill for a few hours.

Step 6: Then slice them up around ½ inch thick into a mosaic sandwich. But remember to do it just as you bring it out from the freezer.

You generally call these sandwiches checkerboard for the alternating colors it has. 

Types of Sandwich Fillings

Just as we finish covering all the different types of sandwiches, we thought of giving you some easy sandwich recipes. It is true that the recipes are endless, but we’ve got for you some of the best ones. You can try them out at home, as they are easy to make and extremely yummy to taste.

So, without wasting any time let’s check out some of the best types of sandwich fillings below:

Chicken Sandwiches

You can choose sandwiches for breakfast, as it is very easy to make and very filling too. A filling with boiled or deep-fried chicken with some mayonnaise or cheese makes it scrumptious. You can even pop in some veggies in them too. Be it, adults or kids, chicken sandwiches are always a favorite for all.

Egg Sandwiches

Eggs are high in protein and just to give your taste-buds a stir, you can try out egg sandwiches. They can be easily made with boiled eggs or fried eggs. It is very tasty and is also healthy for you. You can have them with some steamed veggies and soup for supper.

Fish Sandwiches

Fishes can be a great filling for sandwiches. It is high in vitamins and proteins too. You can easily grill, bake, fry or simply boil fishes to make your sandwich fillings. Add in some spices, cheese and mayonnaise to give it that scrumptious taste. Salmon can one of the best choices in this type of sandwich filling.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

You just simply cannot deny there is hardly anyone who doesn’t like cheese. If you are wondering about calories, then try out the low-fat cheese. In fact, some amount of healthy cheese is good for you. Also, you can add in some steamed veggies to make it even more healthy. It can be a great choice for breakfast or lunch boxes as well.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Ham Sandwiches

Ham fillings also turn out to be a favorite filling for many people. It can be assembled with the chicken spread and also with a layer of ham in it too. You can easily fry the ham to enhance the flavor of your sandwiches.

Ice Cream Sandwiches

Are you thinking how can sandwiches be sweet? Well, apart from the grilled, fried, baked and cheesy filling, you can choose sandwiches as dessert. An ice cream filling usually is filled with a lot of dry and fresh fruits too, that gives it an amazing texture and taste. If you haven’t tried it out till now, go ahead and give it a shot. You will surely love it!

Olive Sandwiches

Olives are very good for you. They can easily be your choice for pickling but you can have as a plain sandwich olive filling too. It will be very tasty and healthy for you. With a dash of cheese and butter, you can just bring out the best in these sandwiches.

Prawn Sandwiches

As a fish filling, apart from salmon, you can also choose prawns. It is highly nutritious and tastes amazing as well. When you’re making a prawn sandwich, you don’t really need to put in too much of spices or cheese. Simply grill the prawns and put in a dash of pepper and salt, to give yourself a treat.

Veggie Sandwiches

Veggies are very healthy and nutritious too. It is a great way to give your body the appropriate amounts of nutrients. But not many are fond of having veggies. However, it is important for you to include them in your diet. So, having veggie sandwiches are the best way to give your body the exact nutrients. You must give these sandwiches a try and you can be sure it will turn out to be your favorite.

Some Quick Tips to Make the Best Sandwiches

As we come to the end of some best sandwich filling recipes, here are some tips to make the best sandwiches. You keep these simple and easy tips handy to make wonderful sandwiches at home.

Some of the quick tips to make sandwiches are:

  • You must remember to stack bread slices evenly. It should fit well together, to avoid cutting them off unevenly.
  • When you are planning to apply margarine, butter or any spread remember to take it out from the freezer. It is important to do so, to avoid the bread tearing. Even more an even spread out gives your bread a wonderful taste. Also, remember to spread it out very thin and evenly on the bread.
  • You must keep in mind or consider the diet you are in. As, chicken, beef, sausages, ham affect the calorie intake and the pricing too. Whereas, plain sandwiches like cheese, egg or tuna fillings are less expensive.
  •  If you are making a club sandwich, try using multiple fillings to enhance the flavors of your sandwich. You can try each layer of bread with a different spread out.
  • You can also try out the different colored breads to give your ribbon or checkerboard bread an appealing look. It makes your sandwiches look wonderful. Even more you can try out cookie cutters to give it different shapes too.
  • You must remember to mix the filling evenly and avoid using big chunks of cucumber or meat filling. Also, you need to ensure this to avoid your slices of bread from becoming soggy.
  • You can easily try out a variety of fillings and shapes, to different types of sandwiches. A variety always increases the cravings to eat.

Types of sandwich

Final Thoughts

As we bring you to the end of our blog, don’t you have abundant sandwich types and recipes to try out? You even have some easy tips you can keep in mind while making sandwiches. Do try out all these recipes and leave us a feedback below.