best Guinness records

These are the best Guinness records in sports

The human capacity to surpass its own limits has allowed us to witness historical moments in the world of sports and best Guinness records.

One of the most remembered moments in any sports discipline is when athletes break records and impose new marks that seemed unattainable before.

Worldwide sporting events such as the Olympic Games or FIFA World Cups are marked in red in the calendars of athletes and many of them prepare physically even months and years before these events. 

Breaking records in the biggest stages means that the repercussions are bigger as well, and many athletes can opt for better commercial contracts and sponsorships. At the same time, many industries take advantage of the sudden surge of interest by fans in sports: The case of online gambling brands in markets like Thailand is an example of businesses that thrive in offering the best deals to fans that look to enhance their sports-watching experiences. New clients can even find generous welcome bonuses when registering for the first time. Many of these platforms offer a large array of betting markets in multiple sports disciplines. And betting in markets like world records can be highly lucrative for bettors as not every day a world record is broken, so betting on one that indeed ends up happening can return big prizes.

Experts say that in about 40 years, the human being could reach a threshold of unbreakable records. So, what a better moment to get to know some of the records that seem already unattainable in our days, best Guinness records.

The fastest man ever- best Guinness records

Usain Bolt’s feats are known to every person on this planet, be it a sports fan or not.

The Jamaican is the most famous runner of our times. He broke the 100 meters-dash record for the first time in the 2008 Olympic Games when he crossed the line in 9,69 seconds.

And as if it wasn’t good enough, he surpassed his record in the World Championships of 2009 with a mark of 9,58 seconds.

Plus, 8 Olympic medals in between to make him the most successful runner of all time.

Most Olympic Games medals

And talking about Olympic Medals, there’s a serial collector of them: United States swimmer, Michael Phelps.

28 Olympic Medals makes him the athlete with the most awards in the biggest sporting event. 23 of them are in gold, 3 silver medals, and 2 bronze medals. On top of that, he is the sportsman with the most medals in one single edition, having won 8 medals in the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008.

The longest tennis match ever

One of the most extraordinary and unusual records in sports history.

Frenchman Nicolas Mahut and fellow American John Isner played for a total of 11 hours and 6 minutes during a Wimbledon matchup. The game’s last set ended 70-68 to Isner. The match had to be stopped the first day due to a lack of sunlight and they had to come back the next morning to finish it.

Wimbledon’s rules changed after this game to prevent such a contingency to happen again.

Most Grand Slams titles

Grand Slams are the biggest tennis tournaments in the professional circuit.

The all-time record-holder is Margaret Court, who has 24 Grand Slam titles in her career. Not even Roger Federer, with 20, or Serena Williams, with 23, have yet been able to surpass the Australian woman feat standing since 1973.

Most goals in a Football World Cup

As Grand Slams for tennis, the FIFA World Cup is the biggest event in the world of football. Records at this stage are the ones that set players on legendary status.

And it was the French attacker Just Fontaine that still holds the record of most goals scored in a single World Cup since 1958. 13 goals in the tournament held in Sweden where he helped his nation reach third place.

The players that were the closest to ever reaching Fontaine’s record were the German Gerd Müller with 10 goals in 1970 and the Brazilian Ronaldo with 8 goals in 2002.

Most points in a basketball match

This is another amazing record that stands unmatched since 1962.

It was a time when the NBA competed against college basketball in terms of popularity. And Wilt Chamberlain became one of the first stars in the history of this league by scoring 100 points in a single game for the Philadelphia Warriors.

The player that was the closest to getting to this mark was the NBA legend Kobe Bryant who scored 81 points with the Lakers in 2006.