bizarre bans

The 12 most bizarre bans around the world

Every country has its laws and must respect them. When traveling in a foreign country, you must therefore follow the rules.  To leave informed is always the best thing to avoid incurring heavy penalties. That is why we selected the most absurd but funny prohibitions of some countries that, if not respected, can also cost you dearly and ruin your vacation with bizarre bans.


In Switzerland, it is forbidden to flush the toilet after 10 p.m, so you have to hold your needs until the following day or opt for a different solution to clean your bathroom. It is also forbidden for men to urinate standing up at night. But, of course, you must not flush the toilet after 10 p.m. because the noise could disturb the neighbors.


Singapore is one of the cleanest countries globally, and when the government realized in 1992 that it could save a lot of money on cleaning the streets, often soiled by sticky chewing gum, it decided to ban the sale and consumption of chewing gum. 

Since 2004 the law has been revised and softened, allowing chewing gum for those with a specific prescription. For example, chewing gum can be used by those who want to quit smoking or those who have digestive problems.


Although Dubai has become a top-rated honeymoon destination, newlyweds must be very careful and remember not to exchange effusions in public. They cannot even kiss in the street because it is considered illegal, behavior that doesn’t fit the strict moral standards of the local culture. The government has published a specific pamphlet for foreigners with all the rules of behavior that they are encouraged to follow after the increasing cases of couples arrested in the country.

Among other rules are prohibitions on drinking alcohol in public and getting drunk, dancing in the street, expressing feelings in public by holding hands, taking drugs, swearing or cursing, spitting, and even visiting and playing in a land-based casino.

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In some countries, people take karaoke very seriously, and there is a whole culture behind this form of entertainment. So much so that, in the past, there have been serious incidents due to the misinterpretation of certain songs. 

In the Philippines, the famous song “My Way,” sung by Frank Sinatra, was banned in 2010 because it was considered connected to a series of murders. Since 2000, there have been at least a dozen murders involving people accused of singing a distorted version of the song. 

Although it could not be proven that the song was behind those deaths, the press spoke of “My Way murders”, fueling a national psychosis to the point that many karaoke parlors decided to remove the song from their repertoire.


During the civil war that ravaged Burundi from 1993 to 2008, citizens used to run in groups to ease tension and protect themselves from militia attacks. However, in March 2014, President Pierre Nkurunziza, banned running in groups, claiming that that activity was a cover for planning subversive activities against the government. The law is so strict that you can end up in jail, but it only applies to groups. On your own, you can run safely.


Maybe it’s not your case, but it’s still interesting to know that in Turkmenistan you either sing live or you don’t sing. In 2005, the government banned performers from lip-synching during television shows and cultural events to preserve the country’s authentic culture.

In addition, opera and ballet are banned, branded as useless.

United States

In the United States, the famous Kinder surprise is banned outright for fear that children will choke on the surprises hidden inside, enclosed in a plastic container. The law, passed in 1938, prohibits any food containing toys. In addition, importing the little egg into the country can cost a fine of 2,300 euros.

The United States is the country with the most absurd driving laws and bizarre bans.

For example, in Alabama, it is forbidden to drive with one’s eyes closed, but it is allowed to go on the wrong side of a one-way street with a lighted lantern in front of the vehicle. In Waynesboro, Virginia, it is still illegal for a woman to drive down a major road. And in Tennesee, women can only drive a car if a man is running or walking in front.

Also, in California, a driver is prohibited from jumping out of a car if it exceeds 65 miles per hour (105 km/h) or driving while wearing a robe. In Denver, it is forbidden to drive a black car on Sundays, while in Georgia, you cannot spit from moving cars or buses: only truck drivers can do so. 


Did you know that “Back to the Future”, “Terminator” and “Army of the 12 Monkeys” movies are banned in China and are bizarre bans?

It sounds like science fiction, but it is true: movies and TV series dealing with time travel are banned in China. The country’s ruling Communist Party argues that movies should not contain characters who travel back in time and rewrite history, because it goes against the respect of Chinese tradition.

North Korea bizarre bans

North Korea banned people from wearing jeans and having piercings, a new restrictive measure against the fashion of Western countries that Pyongyang accuses of influencing North Korean society and its values too much. Citizens are controlled by the youth militia loyal to Kim Jong-un; their mission is to prevent the corruption of public morals and identify capitalist trends in clothing, such as the length of skirts, the height of shoe heels, and haircuts.

Great Britain bizarre bans

British law prohibits dying in Parliament because it has the status of a Royal Family Palace, so a person who died in it would have the right to be buried with full crown honors with a state funeral. Therefore, in case of sudden fainting or illness, the ushers will take care of immediately taking the unfortunate person out. In addition, if it had occurred to anyone, it is also strictly forbidden to enter it wearing armor.


Even in Italy, there are several curious prohibitions. In Eraclea, for example, whose beaches are crowded with travelers fleeing the chaos of Venice, it is useless to bring a bucket and shovel because it is forbidden to make sandcastles on the seashore. In Eboli, on the other hand, they are more concerned about driving safety and try to prohibit all behaviors that could distract you while you are behind the wheel. It is also forbidden to kiss your partner in the car, under penalty of a fine of up to 500 euros. 

In Capri, those who walk making too much noise get a fine because the most prominent concern is that residents stay quiet, without any noise. This is a concern that is understood worldwide, but here it has gone to the extreme: two tourists who were particularly annoying with flip-flops got arrested for breaking the new ban against “noisy shoes”.