Benefits of Liver Supplements

The Top Unknown Benefits of Liver Supplements

The liver is one of the most important organs in the human body. It is responsible for many essential functions like cleaning the blood, synthesizing proteins, producing hormones, and aiding digestion.?Therefore, it is extremely important to take care of this vital organ with benefits of liver supplements . You can do this by eating a balanced diet, exercising consistently, practicing good hygiene, and avoiding harmful habits like smoking or drug use. In this blog, you will know The Top Unknown Benefits of Liver Supplements.

However, you can also support your liver by taking liver supplements. Today, there are countless supplements you can take to keep your liver healthy. Though the liver is a detoxification and filtration system in itself, it still needs to be maintained.?

In this article, we?ll be discussing the top unknown benefits of liver supplements. We?ll also be talking about what liver supplements are made of and how to safely take them. To learn more, keep reading below!?

Top Benefits

The benefits of liver supplements will vary from brand to brand, but in general, you can expect these supplements to detoxify the liver and kidneys, promote overall liver health, optimize liver function, protect liver cells from inflammation, promote the production of bile, increase metabolism and promote weight loss, and support respiratory and immune system function.?

Milk Thistle

One of the most common supplements for the liver in the United States is milk thistle. This herbal medicine, also known as silymarin, is made from approximately 50% silibinin which is the active ingredient in silymarin.

Silibinin is considered an antioxidant, which helps fight off free radicals that contribute to inflammation. If you suffer from chronic inflammation, it can help significantly to incorporate milk thistle into your diet.?

One 2013 study found that 7 grams per day of a food supplement containing silymarin, vitamin E, and amino acids, greatly lowered the levels of enzymes linked to liver damage.

In a 2015 clinical trial, researchers found that 420 milligrams of silymarin taken daily for a month decreased the risk of drug-induced liver injury by 28% for people taking anti-tuberculosis medications.


Zinc is an important trace element that controls cell division, DNA synthesis, and immune function. It is also a common ingredient in many liver supplements.?

ZInc deficiency is just one of the many symptoms of chronic liver disease. For those who suffer from this condition, it is wise to incorporate some zinc into your diet. Zinc can be found in meats, nuts, seeds, dairy, eggs, and more.?

One 2012 study suggests that zinc supplementation can help protect the liver from oxidative stress from hepatitis C viral infections. However, more research is needed before confirming this claim.?

Licorice Root

Last but not least, you?re more than likely going to find licorice root in your liver supplements. Licorice root contains an active compound called glycyrrhizic acid, which can help relieve inflammation in the liver and regenerate damaged liver cells.

According to a 2016 study on rats, researchers discovered that raw licorice root extract reversed effects of alcohol-induced inflammation and fat accumulation in the liver.?

In a 2012 phase III clinical trial, involving 379 people with chronic hepatitis C, researchers found that administering glycyrrhizic injections three to five times a week significantly reduced symptoms in patients.?

As of right now, the amount of evidence on licorice root and its benefits to the liver are limited. Therefore, these supplements should not be used exclusively to treat or prevent any liver conditions.?

Signs of an Unhealthy Liver

Sometimes, the health of your liver can get overlooked. However, it is imperative to know the risks of an unhealthy liver.?

If your liver is damaged, diseased, or malfunctioning, it can lead to dangerous, even fatal consequences. One of the most common conditions suffered from an unhealthy liver is hepatitis.?

This condition is usually caused by a viral infection. Yet, it can also be caused by alcohol use, exposure to toxins, drug use, and fat deposits in the liver.?

If you believe you may be at risk of developing hepatitis or any other diseases of the liver, contact your health provider immediately for a check-up. Symptoms of a malfunctioning liver include fatigue, weakness, loss of appetite, weight loss, nausea, vomiting, dark yellow urine, gray stool, and pain or discomfort in the upper right region of the abdomen.

Be Cautious When Supplementing

When used correctly and with professional guidance, liver supplements can drastically improve the quality of your life. However, when used incorrectly, you can end up doing more harm to yourself than good.?

Some herbal dietary supplements can cause severe liver injuries. Keep in mind that the Food and Drug Administration regulates supplements much less strictly than pharmaceutical medications.?

Always check the ingredients of any supplement you?re taking. Always check with your health provider before starting a new supplement.?