Detox Mouthwash

Detox Mouthwash: The Ultimate Savior from a Saliva Drug Test

After marijuana was legalized in several American states, it is imperative to pass the saliva drug test and avoid getting caught off-guard. Oftentimes, employers decide to randomly conduct the mandatory drug test to check the status of employees and their compliance with the regulations of the company.?

Saliva Drug Test

As the name suggests, it is saliva, or mouth swab test. The saliva sample is collected from your mouth to check for traces of banned or hard drugs. Also called oral fluid test, the mouth swab drug test is a relatively cheaper method that does not violate the privacy and rights of an employee.

This is also a new type of screening for drugs, which is popular. The drug test is non-inclusive, does not require a specialist or doctor, is easily administered on-site, and anybody can conduct this test.?

While people are mostly tensed during this test, it is the simplest one to pass, especially for weed smokers. Unless you take hard drugs like cocaine or ecstasy that stay in your system for long, it is easier to test negative.?

How Is the Saliva Drug Test Done?

If you are wondering how this test is conducted, it?s relatively simpler. Of course, there is science behind the test that determines whether a person passes or fails this test. Even though the test entails saliva sample collection, other steps are also involved.?

In the case of blood and urine tests, the test looks for metabolites and not the traces of the drug. If there are metabolites present in the sample, and it surpasses the limits of the test, a positive result is evident. However, if they don?t, you shall get a negative result.?

Testing for metabolites also has a purpose. After eating or smoking weed, it enters the bloodstream post digestion. Thereafter, it passes through our liver where it metabolizes and wastes are excreted from the body through urine. Thus, a urine test or a blood test shall detect the presence of drugs in the body.?

When metabolized, hard drugs change the chemical structure ? alcohol becomes acetaldehyde, THC becomes THC-COOH and Heroin becomes 6-MAM Morphine.?

Whereas other types of drug tests detect the presence of metabolites, the saliva drug test is relatively different because it tests for traces of drugs.?

Which Drugs Can Be Detected through Saliva Test?

Saliva drug test commonly detects THC. However, it is one of the four methods used to test the presence of drugs, including blood tests, hair tests, and urine tests. The only reason employers prefer to use the oral method is because it is convenient, affordable, and reliable.?

Besides THC, the saliva drug test can also detect oxycodone, cocaine, opiates, methadone, heroin, amphetamines, benzodiazepines, tobacco, methamphetamines, barbiturates, and buprenorphine.


How Does a Detox Mouthwash Help?

As stated earlier, a saliva drug test measures psychoactive elements of the drug taken within a few hours or days. Considering that it has a high rate of detection, the test requires users to take immediate action instead of preparing much.?

As a result, one of the surefire ways to pass the saliva drug test is to flush your mouth with a reliable detox mouthwash and wipe out traces of the drug from your saliva. Detox mouthwash is relatively safe, effective, cheap, and easy to use. Stinger Detox Mouthwash is one of the finest detox mouthwashes you can find in the market. It contains safe and effective ingredients and some natural items that make it a relatively better option than the other mouthwashes available in the market. To learn about Stinger Detox Mouthwash, read more.?

Tips to Pass Saliva Drug Test

Since marijuana is legalized in America and its states, an alarming number of drug users are detected all over. As a result, most employers, higher education institutions, and organizations made it mandatory to conduct saliva drug tests to qualify for employment.?

The test determines your failure or success in securing a position. Thus, it is best advised to stay sober for the entire week to pass the drug test. Besides, check these handy tips ready:

  • Stay Away from Drugs: The first and foremost step is to stay away from drugs for 72 hours before the test. Saliva self-cleans itself. So, your chance of passing the test is much higher if you abstain for at least 3 days.?

  • Maintain Oral Hygiene: It is absolutely imperative to maintain oral hygiene and brush your teeth daily. To pass the saliva drug test, brush your teeth 4 times a day and remove any lingering molecules of THC from the mouth. During drug tests, saliva is picked from the tongue, gums, and cheeks. Hence, make sure these areas are cleaned before you go for the test.?

  • Eat Fatty Foods: Nutritional experts reveal that eating fatty foods allows users to dodge the oral test for drugs. Here?s an explanation ? a fat-soluble drug, THC gets easily absorbed in the body and metabolizes into THC-COOH. So, if you eat fatty foods, the process happens much faster. As a result, you can pass the test easily.?

  • Chew Ice: If the drug test is conducted without prior intimation, chew ice before the test. Ice dehydrates the mouth and dilutes traces of the drug in saliva much below the level of tests.?

  • Neutralize Saliva: Chew gums or mint before the test. It stimulates the production of saliva and neutralizes THC levels. You may even chew cinnamon gums or chewing gums containing hydrogen peroxide. To make it fail-proof, use any detox mouthwash.?

Why should you use Detox Mouthwash?

  • If you use detox mouthwash, you can still take marijuana for medical purposes or recreation. You would not lose your job. Just keep a detox mouthwash and use it before a sudden test.

  • Detox mouthwashes are alcohol-free. Hence, you would not feel an unpleasant taste, smell, dryness, or burning sensation inside the mouth.

  • The mouth remains undetected. It does not even have any foul odor. Hence, there are no chances of being accused of trying to tamper with the result.

  • You can purchase and use the mouthwash. It is safe and devoid of side effects.


Instead of taking the risk of losing your job, buy a safe detox mouthwash and use it when you need it. Do not be aggressive or act confused, or try to prove that you are innocent. Be confident.?