Most Popular Songs of 2020

Most Popular Songs of 2020

Music is the best way of healing. When 2020 has been nothing but a rollercoaster ride, it’s the magic of the song that is popular which keeps people going. The voices of the great artists have been echoing louder than before despite the lockdown. Live streams, digital concerts, surprise releases, and what not!

So, here we start predicting which songs top the charts according to Betway statisticians who have done an extensive research about the beats per minute that get our bodies moving to the sounds and make their way to the beats of our hearts every time we listen.

  • Waxahatchee – “Lilacs”

The song has a special beauty to it. It leaves hope with a much-needed feeling that everything will get better at the end.

It is worth mentioning that the composition of Dylanesque is amazing. Everyone could relate to the beautiful lines of the song, particularly in the present times.

?I wake up feeling nothing?”

  • Jay Electronica – “A.P.I.D.T.A.”

It is undoubtedly a heart-stealing song. Your heart could feel the deep lyrics. Eyes get heavy as Jay continues singing whilst hitting the chords of our hearts.

“I got numbers on my phone that a never ring again?”

The line that left the biggest impact is, ?The flesh we roam this earth in is a blessing, not a promise?”

How scintillating is the untold truth behind the words, isn’t it? The pain of losing someone and never hearing from that person again ache a part of you. The song is an emotional package. It may even leave you in tears by the end.

  • Fiona Apple – ?Under the Table?

The entire Fiona Apple?s 2020 LP, ‘Fetch the Bolt Cutters’ is praiseworthy. There are determination and strength in the voice which attracts one and all. It is particularly appealing to females.

The line we loved the most is,”…I won’t shudder.”

Believe me, you can’t ignore it and feel to listen over and over again.

  • Bad Bunny – ?Safaera?

It is an incredible song that is popular in itself especially when you wish to listen to something upbeat. Oh, you would love it!?

Bad Bunny is known for being the leading innovators of the time. The way they experiment and bring out the magic is simply wonderful.

You would naturally start grooving on the tunes.

  • Clem Snide – ?Roger Ebert?

Some melodies soothe us deeply. It is one such song that is popular whose lyrics would leave your heart aching and in peace altogether.

“This is all an elaborate hoax.”

How mesmerizing the words of this song are! Clem Snide surely magically reflected the deep things. No wonder, people love the song so much.

  • Jason Isbell – ?Be Afraid?

The music track casts an inspirational spell whenever you listen to it. The message is strong and vividly expressed that it pushes you to break the boundaries of fears and do what you’re truly meant to.?

?Be afraid, be very afraid, but do it anyway?”

Isbell is indeed a genius who speaks to your mind through the song conveying the things you must understand. Well, it’s more relatable in the current scenario.

  • Tame Impala – ?Breathe Deeper?

Written and produced by Kevin Parker, ?Breathe Deeper? is an outstanding track from the Australian music project ‘Tame Impala’. Their latest album ?The Slow Rush?, released on Valentine’s Day.

?Breathe Deeper? shows how to remain calm in stressful situations by breathing deeply and embracing oneself. We can say, the song is a perfect blend of future and past.

You can yourself feel the peace and adrenal rush flowing in the depth of this song.

  • Grimes – ?Delete Forever?

The music creations of Grimes are astonishing and awe-inspiring with a tempo of 95 BPM, the energy of this pop star stuns everyone.

“Lying so awake, things I can’t escape?”

The lyrics as well as music, both are captivating so much so that you’ll be forced to listen on repeat.

  • Little Big Town – ?Next to You?

“Next to you” from the album of Little Big Town, “Nightfall” is a revolutionary song that is popular and that touches you slowly and steadily. It holds a deeper meaning than you could ever decipher.?

“I breathe a little deeper when I’m next to you?” The lyrics depict true love, the power of which we fail to understand at times.?

  • The Lone Bellow ? ?Martingales”

The year 2020 has been longer than the centuries. The beauty “Martingales” contains can’t be described in words.

With the lead singer Zach Williams and other acoustics by his bandmates, everything has been in perfect harmony.

The way Martingales begins with the dream of the life we are stuck in and continues further is superb.

“If yesterday is too heavy, Put it down?”

These were some of the rocking songs of 2020. Apart from the above, a few other tracks ruling everyone’s heart are, “White Boy?, ?People, I?ve Been Sad?, ?Big Conspiracy? and “Neon Skyline?.?

The mentioned tracks have been topping the charts and continuously entertaining one and all. The artists are doing a great job by pouring life into the words and touching hearts with raw emotions.

t would be really great to hear them sing those songs live on their concert night! when you have a chance to attend! don’t forget to?bring these items to a music festival so you could enjoy it much better.

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